KRS One Net Worth 2023: Famous Figures of 80s Rap and R&B

Do you want to learn more about KRS One? A famous and wealthy artist, yet socially conscious and politically active, giving back to the community more than just music. Learn more about his life and KRS One net worth. 

Like the legendary El General, KRS One is a famous American rapper known for his Jamaican rapping style and association with the pioneering band Boogie Down Productions. In addition to rap, KRS One is also a recording artist, producer, and advocate for anti-violence and hip-hop culture. 

The hip-hop star has been active since 1984 and is one of the most notable figures in the music industry.

Curious to find out more? Please continue reading to find out KRS One net worth, how he started his career, what he is up to nowadays, and some snippets of his personal life.

KRS One Net Worth
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KRS One Net Worth

This year, KRS One net worth is estimated to be $8 million. It is easy to see how he amassed his wealth. Lawrence Kris Parker’s groundbreaking music has turned him into one of the most popular rap artists of our time. He earned the unofficial title of hip-hop guru for his groundbreaking music. 

KRS One continues to expand its reach in the music industry while providing opportunities to young artists to flourish in the business.

KRS One – Short Bio

KRS One was born Lawrence “Kris” Parker on August 20, 1965. He grew up in the streets of America’s largest Co-Op city and home of the famous Yankees, Bronx, New York. He never mentioned a father, but his mother raised him. Today, The 56-year-old rapper also goes by “Teacha.”

Lawrence Kris Parker was married twice. His first wife was Ramona Parker, a.k.a Ms. Melodie, from 1987-to 1992, and he later married his second wife, Simone Parker. 

Early Life

Little is known about his education, but KRS One once revealed that he dropped out of high school in an interview. According to Parker, he had no interest in getting higher education at the time.

KRS One was fascinated by music from a very young age, so he decided to make a career. He initially followed the path of an MC, but Parker was homeless from age thirteen to twenty. It was tough to make something out of the empty streets, but his ambition kept him moving forward.

Parker spent most of that time in the South Bronx. As a youth, he was inspired by Hare Krishna and dubbed Krishna because of his curiosity about religion. He was inspired by graffiti and decided to adopt the stage name KRS One, which stood for Knowledge Reigns Supreme over Nearly Everyone.

When KRS One met Scott Sterling (LaRock), things finally began to turn. KRS One and DJ Scott La Rock shared the same dream and decided to make something out of it. With D-Nice Jones, the two decided to create the groundbreaking hip hop group Boogie Down Productions (BDP).

KRS One – Career, Achievements, & Legacy

Especially during the early years of his band BDP, KRS One’s influence was not only through his popular records but also his politics and advocacies for hip-hop culture and the black community. KRS One also reportedly influenced prominent rappers like Eminem and 2Pac. 

Early Beginnings

The Boogie Down Productions started performing at small live events. It got a setback when DJ Radio rejected them, but KRS got back at them and made a diss track about him later. 

They released their first track titled “Success is the Word.” However, the track failed to make an impression and didn’t bring any commercial success. 

In 1987, the band released their first album, “Criminal Minded,” bringing international fame. 

Unfortunately, after the release of Criminal-Minded, Scott LaRock was shot and passed away while trying to mediate a dispute between BDP member D-Nice and local hoodlums. 

After that incident, KRS decided to run the band independently and started recording solo. As a member of the Boogie Down Production, KRS One released six studio albums, the popular ones being “Sex and Violence” and “Edutainment.”

Lawrence Parker’s Achievements as KRS One

  • Since the beginning of Parker’s solo career in 1993, KRS One has released 14 studio albums. “Kristyles,” “I Got Next,” and “Keep Right” were his most popular hip hop songs. 
  • In 2013, Parker came out with his album “Never Forget EP.” KRS One’s production work on the album “Criminal Minded” is one of his best and most famous works. 
  • Aside from making music, KRS one is also a known author. He has written four books, which have also added to his income. 
  • KRS One is the recipient of multiple awards for his contribution to the music industry. These include two Urban Music Awards (2001 and 2009), two Bet Hip Hop Awards (2007), and a VH1 Hip Hop Honors Award (2004).

KRS One Legacy

KRS One brought Jamaican style into hip hop music with his first band Boogie Down Productions, pioneering the fusion of rap and reggae. BDP gave voice to the harsh reality of life in the South Bronx, which contributed to the birth of the gangsta rap movement. 

KRS One has always actively participated in politics and is very vocal about social issues reflected in his songs. After Scott’s death and in response to violence, KRS One started the Stop the Violence Movement, bringing hip hop artists together. 

He also founded The Temple of Hip Hop to maintain and promote hip hop culture, and it initiated the celebration of Hip Hop Appreciation Week on the third week of May each year. The Temple encourages MCs, DJs, and radio stations to teach people about hip-hop culture.

KRS One – Personal Life

In 1987, Parker married Ramona Scott, who went by Ms. Melodie’s stage name. Ramona was a famous rapper and KRS One a collaborator. They dated for a few years before deciding to marry. The couple split up in 1992 after five years together. Ramona Parker passed away in 2012.

KRS One’s second wife was Simone G. Parker, also known as singer GSimone. In an interview, KRS revealed being married to her for twenty years. The reason for their separation was never revealed.

Before marrying KRS, Simone had a son named Randy Hubbart Parker, who passed away in 2007 in his Atlanta apartment. KRS One also has another son with Simone Parker, named Kris, a famous DJ with the stage name Predator Prime.

KRS is a long-time social activist and an advocate against violence. A vegetarian by choice, KRS One actively takes part in social causes. Currently, he is busy making songs under the label Jive.

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Frequently Asked Questions – KRS One Net Worth

Who Is KRS One?

KRS One is a famous US-based African American rapper, producer, and recording artist. He is known for his Jamaican rapping style and is associated with the pioneering band Boogie Down Productions. 

How Did KRS One Make His Money?

KRS One has made his money from his rap and hip-hop music. KRS One is a recording artist, producer, anti-violence advocate, and hip-hop culture advocate. He has also authored four books which have also added to his income. 

How old is KRS One?

KRS One was born in August 1965 and is currently 56 years old.

Courtesy of YouTube: Lawrence Parker on Freestyle Basics

KRS One Net Worth – Final thoughts

While KRS One net worth runs into the millions, $8 million to be exact, he also garnered his fame using the artistry of his hip hop music and the power of his political advocacies against violence and for culture. But his best contribution yet is the opportunities he shares with young artists.

KRS One is recognized as one of the notable figures in the hip-hop community, and his contributions continue to influence artists of younger generations. The future of rap is bright with icons like Parker, who continue to preach the value of music and inspire his listeners to chase their dreams.

May his tribe increase as we all find inspiration in his life journey.

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