Lil Flip Net Worth 2024: The Legendary Freestyler

After years of success, Weston aka Lil Flip is now pursuing a goal outside of the music industry as an entrepreneur. Read about his career and Lil Flip net worth.

Great artists like Scarface Rapper of the famous 80s group Geto Boys, are instrumental figures in the explosive popularity of rap and hip hop. According to USA Today, rap has practically overtaken rock as the most famous music genre based on worldwide audience reception.

Lil Flip net worth of $4 million for this year is not at all surprising; artists like Ludacris amassed six times the amount currently. Half of their success is due to the immense demand from the industry, but it remains a heavily competitive world for the passionate and the unafraid.

Despite earning a place amongst great talents, the latest on Lil Flip net worth is largely the fruits of his endeavors as an entrepreneur. But before we take a peek at his new career focus, let’s look back from before he was a famous rapper to the time he stepped away from the spotlight.

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Lil Flip – Short Bio

Lil Flip’s real name is Wesley Eric Weston Jr. He was born on the 3rd of March 1981, in Cloverland, Houston, Texas. There is no mention of what became of Weston’s mother and father. But he was living with his grandparents while he attended high school.

It is also uncertain if Weston pursued a college education after graduating from Worthing High School. He signed his first record deal at 18 years old in 1999 with Houston-based label Suckafree Records. His debut came the following year, in 2000, after releasing his first album.

Freestyle King

Lil Flip’s debut album, The Leprechaun, immediately drew the attention of Robert Earl Davis Jr, a famous hip hop DJ, and leader of the American hip hop collective, Screwed Up Click. Davis, also known as DJ Screw, added Lil Flip into the group, introducing him as the King of Freestyle. 

Before Weston signed with Suckafree Records, he made waves as a newcomer who was barely out of his teens. He impressed the crowd as a battle rapper, armed with mad freestyling skills, hence the roots of the title DJ Screw dubbed Lil Flip, which he lived up to throughout his career.

Columbia Records

In 2002, Weston accepted a contract from Columbia Records along with a distribution deal for the studio. Suckafree Records was already doing great work on their own, but their partnership with Columbia Records provided them with bigger opportunities and more exposure.

Lil Flip released his second album entitled Undaground Legend in August of the same year. By December of 2002, the album officially reached platinum status in just four short months. It stayed on the Billboard charts for 26 weeks and peaked at the 12th spot in September of 2002.

The success was followed in 2004 after releasing his third album, U Gotta Feel Me, which is noted as his most successful release to date. By August of 2004, the second single, Sunshine, turned platinum. It hovered on the charts for 22 weeks and peaked at the 2nd spot in August 2004.

Through the years he stayed with Columbia Records and Sony Entertainment, Lil Flip was able to work with many of the biggest names in the music scene, like doing a track with Ludacris, appearing in Beyonce’s Naughty Girl remix, and being featured on Chingy’s Powerballin’ remix.

Clover G Records And Going Independent

But despite all the great opportunities he found with one of the biggest labels in the world, Lil Flip left Columbia Records in 2007 and founded Clover G Records. He also signed a deal with Asylum and Warner Records Inc. He made it official by releasing his third chart-topping album.

In 2009, Weston took a step forward into becoming a more independent artist by releasing Undaground Legend 2 to promote the song, Ahead of My Time, which would be included in his fourth independent release in 2010. All of which were distributed through Clover G Records.

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Officially Stepping Away From Music

In 2020, Lil Flip was first heard saying that he was planning on shifting his focus from music to his business ventures outside of the entertainment industry. That it has been a dream of his to thrive outside his comfort zone, remembering his father’s words about hard and earnest work.

At an interview, Weston mused that it’s not that he loved money, but he enjoyed learning the technical side of making a profit and securing a comfortable future for his family in the process. 

Business Ventures

We already know that Lil Flip established Clover G Records in early 2000, but what many don’t know is that Weston also released an official fashion brand off his record label. He started with Clover Footwear in 2004 then added a fashion line which he called Clover G Clothing.

Among Weston’s many ventures was co-owning the soda brand, Exotic Pop and opening a jewelry store in Austin, Texas. He also had a stint as an author with a book he released in 2014.

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Lil Flip Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Lil Flip Net Worth?

Lil Flip net worth is estimated at $4 million. The rapper known as the King of Freestyle debuted in the late 90s and became one of the most talented hip-hop artists. But as of late, the famous rapper decided to step away from music and focus on outside ventures. 

What Happened To Lil Flip?

Lil Flip’s talent was real; he truly deserved the record deal that Columbia Records and Sony Music offered him in early 2000. But despite his obvious potential, Lil Flip’s career didn’t soar like it could have if he managed to stay with the world-famous music label. But despite the falling out, Weston has yet to retire from the industry and has made the most out of his career.

What Is Lil Flip Doing Now?

In 2020, Lil Flip said he plans to step back from the music business to focus more on his entrepreneurial ventures outside the entertainment scene. Weston co-owns a popular soda brand called Exotic Pop aside from his line of Glover G fashion and footwear.

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Lil Flip Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Wesley Eric Weston Jr. truly had the potential to be amongst the brightest stars in the world of music and hip hop. But regardless of the outcome of his entertainment career, Lil Flip managed to carry himself as an independent artist and became a self-made success in the industry. 

 But what’s even more impressive is the fact that despite experiencing the highs of being a music celebrity, Lil Flip is one of the few open-minded artists who are not afraid of a career change. It certainly seems to be a wise choice, with Lil Flip net worth of $4 million.

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