Bty Youngn Net Worth 2023: Famous Talents From The 17th Ward

Bty Youngn was meant to make it big in the world of rap and hip hop, but he passed away before he could make a name for himself. Read about his life and Bty Youngn net worth.

Desmone Jerome, better known as Bty Young, died on April 29, 2017 at the age of 27. The incident happened at a gas station which he frequented on Airline Highway, New Orleans. His friends and family believe that he got attacked because people were jealous of his steadily rising career. 

Jerome is remembered as a talented young artist that could have been the next big thing in rap and hip hop. He had the same passion as other famous rappers like the 2019 Grammy winner and nominee, Future, who also worked his way up from humble beginnings.

Bty Youngn Net Worth
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At the time of his passing, Bty Youngn net worth was $300,000. And he was about to sign a contract with Bryan “Birdman” Williams under Cash Money, one of the biggest labels in the industry. 

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Bty Youngn – Short Bio

A Troubled Young Life

Desmone Jerome, aka Bty Youngn, was born on December 12, 1989. He was raised in Pigeon Town, located in the 17th Ward of New Orleans. It is a notorious area known for crime and street violence, and Jerome’s young life was exposed to the worst kind of influences that eventually led him astray as a teenager.

From playing pranks on neighbors to stealing bikes as a kid, Jerome’s offenses escalated as he grew older. He was deeply involved in gang activities because he thought he had to be like everyone else to earn respect and have a life in the 17th Ward. 

A Glimmer Of Talent

At the age of 14, Jerome was already expressing himself through rap. It became an outlet for every tough experience he’s been through. And although his style still needed a lot of work, people recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue music. 

At the age of 18, Jerome caught the attention of one of the 17th Ward’s legendary locals, the hip hop artist known as Mr. Meana. He heard the 18-year old Bty Youngn rhyming away to an original composition, at his niece’s birthday party. He introduced Jerome to Juvenile, also a renowned hip hop artist, who started featuring Jerome in his albums.

During his interview with Say Cheese TV, Jerome narrated how surprised he was when Atlantic Records sent him a cheque for $4,000 for just two phrases he provided for Juvenile’s song. He immediately realized that he could make so much money if he started writing his own songs.

Career Setbacks

Jerome’s career was slowly moving towards the path he wanted, but Jerome continued to live off the streets and cause trouble. In 2008, when he was 19, he was sentenced to two years probation for drug possession. And in 2011, he received a reduced prison sentence of five years after being convicted of aggravated battery. 

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After Winfield Correctional

In just a little over three years into his sentence, Jerome was released due to good behavior. Everyone noticed the more matured and mellowed young man who came home. While still inside, he once sent a letter to his friend and supporter, music executive, Geedy P.

Jerome wrote how he understood that he needed to be separated from the streets of Pigeon Town. That he needed time to correct himself before taking the huge opportunity being given to him. And money would have made him worse, if he never got a chance to contemplate on his life. He apologized for all the trouble he caused and sent his regards to all their friends.

The letter ended with Jerome thanking Geedy for his trust and asking him to be his manager.

Jerome was released in 2014. He did his best to leave his troubled past behind and started to take more serious steps towards his career. Due to his efforts, he was recognized as the hottest upcoming talent in the industry. By 2016, he was named Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the Nola Music Awards. He was also approached with a record deal under Cash Money Records, with the backing of the company’s executive, Bryan “Birdman” Williams.

Bty Youngn Dies At 27

On the night of April 29, 2017, Jerome, accompanied by his cousin Glenn Bell, made a stop at a gas station they frequented. Bell left with another friend’s car while Jerome was still at the pump area, refueling his vehicle. He didn’t know that hks attackers were waiting nearby.

But 20 minutes later, Bell received a call that his cousin was attacked. When he returned to the scene, Jerome had already died from his wounds.

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Bty Youngn Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Was Bty Youngn Net Worth?

At the time of his death, Bty Youngn net worth was no less than $300,000. He was recognized as the hottest unsigned talent in the industry of rap and hip hop. Before he died, he was set to meet up with a lawyer to sign the contract he was offered under Cash Money Records.

What Happened To Bty Youngn?

On April 29 of 2017, Bty Youngn was pronounced dead at 11:55 pm. He was gunned down at a Shell gas station while refueling his car. The attack happened just minutes after his cousin, Glenn Bell, left the area.

Who Killed Bty Youngn?

The authorities had two suspects for the shooting and murder of Bty Yougn, Darryl Bannister and Kyron Williams. They were tied to the crime after their DNA was traced from a phone left on the scene. They were both indicted in September 2017 but later on released due to lack of evidence.

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Bty Youngn Net Worth – Closing Thoughts

Desmone Jerome’s life ended in tragedy. He left a two-month-old infant son and a family who wished nothing but happiness and success for him. Jerome was also the pride for so many young people of Pigeon Town; he was remembered for his kindness, especially to children, and generosity to everyone.

That same year, there were over a dozen other gun-related cases in Bty Youngn’s neighborhood. Many who lost their lives were no older than Bty Youngn. 

But the people he left behind continue to promote peaceful change for the better and sincere advice to stay off the streets to succeed in their chosen career path.

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