Scarface Rapper Net Worth 2024: The Elite Of 80s Classic Hip Hop

He is one of the most influential personalities of rap and hip hop. Read more about this old-school icon’s career and Scarface Rapper net worth.

The 50-year-old big daddy of the industry is famous for unflinching lyrics and music skills that could make Don Shirley and Rick Cox proud. And just like these icons, Scarface wanted to become one of the best at what he does. That is more important than money to him. 

His passion just happened to make him wealthy in the process. For this year, Scarface Rapper net worth was estimated at $100,000. He is looked upon as a legend of classic hip hop.

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Scarface Rapper – Short Bio

Brad Terrence Jordan, known as Scarface and Face Mob, was born in Huston, Texas, on the 9th of November, 1970. Jordan had a troubled youth as a result of having a tough life. He dropped out of high school and sold drugs just so he could survive.

Jordan is often heard saying how he came from nothing. It’s easy to tell that he never had much hope or dreams and was meant to live as a menace to society. But later on, his experiences would play an essential part in his rise to fame.


The Geto Boys

Jordan entered the scene as a solo artist using the stage name DJ Akshen. After signing a deal with Rap-A-Lot records in 1988, the company’s honcho decided that Jordan would be part of version 2.0 of the Ghetto Boys. Prince threw in Willie D and DJ Ready Red, along with Brad Jordan, to replace two of the original members who left the promising hip hop group.

Revamped as the Geto Boys, the group became famous for their music, addressing social issues like corruption, poverty, race discrimination, addiction, and gang violence. They were described as Southern rap pioneers who paved the way for future Southern hip-hop acts.

The Geto Boys ranked 10th on’s list, Greatest Hip Hop Groups of All Time, with Wu-Tang Clan taking the top spot and Run DMC only placing 3rd.

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Mr. Scarface Is Back

His fame as a solo artist started to take off after his album Mr. Scarface Is Back turned out to be a hit. And with his growing popularity, Jordan eventually outshone the rest of the Geto Boys. He had the opportunity to strike out as a solo act, but Jordan chose to stay with the group.

Jordan had many successful solo albums that either turned platinum or gold status. His 1991 debut album, Mr. Scarface Is Back, sold 500,000 copies and peaked at No.51 on the US Billboard 200 in 1991. By 1993, the Recording Industry Association of America promoted it to gold.

In 2000, Jordan was named coordinator and president of Def Jam South Recordings after the company’s founder, Russell Simmons, recruited him to be the head of the label. Amongst his achievements during his tenure was signing artists like Ludacris.

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Scarface Rapper Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Scarface Rapper Net Worth?

For this year, Scarface Rapper net worth was quoted at $100,000. Brad Terrence Jordan is regarded as a legend in the world of hip hop, entering the scene in the early 80s as a member of the pioneering band Geto Boys, and has been in the music business for over three decades.

What was Scarface Net Worth?

In 2020, Scarface Rapper net worth was estimated at no less than $200 000. His plans for the year were paused due to a sudden health crisis, he was two months in recovery by June, but his health took a turn for the worst come October. His son came to his rescue by donating one of his kidneys to Jordan. He is now well on his way to recovery.

Where did Scarface Rapper Get His Name?

Brad Jordan adopted the stage name from the 1983 remake Scarface starring Al Pacino. The movie was originally a film from 1932, directed by Howard Hawks, dubbed as the greatest American director by the respected and highly acclaimed critic Leonard Maltin.   

Scarface Rapper Net Worth
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Scarface Rapper Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Brad Terrence Jordan is now 50 years old. He proved to himself that there is nothing in life that can hold a person back from greatness aside from one’s determination to succeed. 

He had a recent health scare that brought him to the brink of death, that led him to reflect on his life. He would have no regrets, because he managed to achieve his life’s ultimate goal of becoming a legendary artist.

Scarface rapper net worth may be less than what he honestly deserves. If you ask the billionaire superstars of the hip hop industry like Jay-Z, Jordan’s name is definitely in his top five list of the best and most iconic figures to ever set foot in the world of music, rap, and hip hop.

Before his health scare, Scarface spent his days content, more laid back but still performing and making music, giving back to the community, and enjoying his most recent obsession – golf. He recently received a second chance to live via his son donating a kidney. Jordan’s family, friends, and fans worldwide are in full support and hopeful that he will be making a full recovery.

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