Struggle Jennings Net Worth 2023: 5 Years of Contemplation and New Rules to Success

Struggle Jennings has been back for a while now, and it sounds like he’s trying to rap his way towards redemption. It does seem like he’s here to stay. Read more about the artist below and Struggle Jennings net worth.

Struggle Jennings net worth is reported at $3 million. The artist made his debut in 2013, and ever since, his unique style and welcoming charisma, has endeared him to his teeming fans. 

Jennings comes from a line of music performers. He is the grandson of legendary musicians Jessi Colter and Duane Eddy, for starters.

The rapper’s primary source of income is his music career and his YouTube channel. His album sales and sold-out shows have contributed a significant chunk to his earnings, while he earns an average of $442,000 annually from YouTube. Jennings sells his branded merchandise via his active online store on social media. 

So for a rapper from a white background to defy all the odds to make it in the rap game, Jennings deserves all the financial windfall he is getting from his musical career.

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Struggle Jennings – Short Bio

Struggle Jennings’ real name is William Harness, and he was born on May 31, 1980. He is an American by nationality and stands at 6ft 0 inches. He has a unique rap style that sets him apart from other emcees in the world of hip hop, attracting a very loyal fan base.

Jennings was practically born into the business with legendary roots starting from his grandparents, country singer Jessi Colter and rock and roll guitarist Duane Eddy. After his grandmother married Waylon Jennings, another legendary country musician, he became an influence on William.

Perhaps Waylon’s influence significantly impacted William Harness’ life because the rapper chose to use the Jennings name as his stage name.

Jennings lost his father at ten years old, and was exposed to the vagaries of life at an early age. While growing up, he had several clashes with the law until he ended up behind bars in 2011, where he remained until 2016 and released Return of the Outlaw under Slumerican.

During the rough times on the street, he found solace in music and eventually became an avid rap fan. He combined rap and country to create his very own music.

Struggle Jennings – Career & Achievements

The rapper made his debut in 2013 on a mixtape with fellow rapper Yelawolf for a song titled “Whyte Dawg.” Then in May of the same year, he released his first studio album titled “I Am Struggle.” 

In 2016, Jennings released Return of the Outlaw on the platform of Slumerican. Between 2017 and 2018, Struggle and his friend Jelly Roll released a series of trilogy albums titled Waylon & Willie.

On December 21, 2018, Jennings released an album with his mother, Jenni Eddy, titled Spiritual Warfare. Following the same family trajectory, he recorded a song with his daughter, Brianna, titled “Sunny Days.” The album was a hit and made it to the number 3 spot on the Billboard Blues Album Charts.

Subsequently, Struggle Jennings left Slumerican to form his own record label, which he called Angels & Outlaws. On this platform, he released the label’s first-ever album, The Widow’s Son.

Not resting on his oars, Jennings recorded another joint EP with Adam Calhoun called Legends. The start of 2021 saw more songs distributed with an LP, “Troubadour of Troubled Souls,” before finishing another LP collaboration with Adam Calhoun on April 30, 2021. Their work, Outlaw Shit, was so famous it peaked at number one on the iTunes rap charts on the day it launched.

Courtesy of YouTube: Struggle Jennings on Parenting

Struggle Jennings – Personal Life

Struggle Jennings is married to Tabitha Harness. They officially married in April 2018, and they were blessed with five kids (three daughters and two sons) Brianna, Innocence, Courtesy, Will, and Sincere.

Struggle Jennings seems to share a very close relationship with his family, and they are a music-loving bunch that support his career. That was made evident when he released an album with his daughter Brianna and a feature collaboration with his mother, Jerri Colter.

Struggle Jennings has become a very famous figure on different social media platforms. 

Jennings’ official YouTube channel has more than 516,000 followers with a record 300 million views to date and counting. As for his Facebook page, the rapper has 588,000 followers and more than 30,000 followers on Twitter. His Instagram page is not doing badly either with 333,000 followers. 

The attention was more than to boost Struggle Jennings net worth. The platforms are avenues to share his passion for music and a part of his life with his fans

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Struggle Jennings Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Struggle Jennings?

Struggle Jennings is a country-style rapper who resides in Nashville, Tennessee. He recorded albums with other artists, his mother, and his daughter. Jenning’s debut was on a track by Yelawolf titled “Whyte Dawg.” 

Who is Struggle Jennings Signed to?

Struggle Jennings was formerly signed to Slumerican, where he released his first series of albums. He set up his own recording company, Angels & Outlaws, after exiting Slumerican. The Widow’s Son is the first album he recorded under his label. 

What Does Struggle Jennings Do For a Living?

Struggle Jennings is a rap artist and a successful YouTuber. He earns from his album sales and music streaming. Jennings’ trade also includes shows and live performances. Struggle has a YouTube channel with more than half a million followers, and on the platform, he earns regular income from his podcasts.

Struggle Jennings Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Struggle Jennings feat. Brianna Harness – Comfortably Lonely

Struggle Jennings Net Worth – Final thoughts

William Haness has come a long way from his troubled life. We see a lot of rap artists that caused problems in their early days, Jennings’s beginning was no different.

Despite his unruly past, many can say that he has grown so much as a person and an artist. Money has always been a driving factor to young talent, but with Struggle Jennings net worth, he’s wealthy because he makes unique music. 

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