You’re Doing It All Wrong: The Abs Workout You Need, According to a Physical Therapist

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Since the dawn of advertising, there has been some new trend or gimmick guaranteed to get you rock-hard abs like all the people in magazines. We all remember the ab rocker from the 90s that every stay-at-home mom had in their basement. It was an impulse buy they hoped would help redefine their waistlines. But … Read more

Does Stress Cause Hair Loss? How To Relax and Promote New Hair Growth!

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Are you feeling stressed? At this point in human history, we can all agree stress impacts our bodies. Although we might have different responses to stress, each one of us has a somatic (body) stress response. Unfortunately, for some folks, this means losing hair. Stress-related hair loss is common, but it can be incredibly upsetting. … Read more

What Is an Ectopic Pregnancy? How To Notice the Signs and Get Help

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An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants itself outside the uterus, usually in one of the fallopian tubes. This type of pregnancy is not viable and can be life-threatening for the mother if left untreated. Thus, early diagnosis and treatment are essential to prevent serious complications, even death. What Is an Ectopic Pregnancy? … Read more

Understanding Parenting Styles: The Strategy and Science Behind It All

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Have you ever wondered why some parents are strict disciplinarians while others are more laid-back? Or why do some parental figures hover, acting out the part of helicopter parents, while others appear more relaxed, giving their kids free rein?  Let’s investigate different parenting styles, from positive parenting to stricter approaches, to understand the strategy and … Read more

How To Stop Overthinking: 10 Proven Tactics for a Clearer, Calmer Mind

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Do you ever struggle with overthinking? Do your thoughts seem stuck in an endless loop, constantly circling the same worries and anxieties? Everyone overthinks sometimes, and breaking out of this cycle and finding peace can be challenging. But don’t worry. With some simple techniques, you can train your brain to let go of those obsessive … Read more