Chico Bean Net Worth 2024: Dishing Out The Vicious Comedy

If you’re a fan of the show Wild N Out, then you probably heard of Chico Bean. Ever wondered what happened to the rapper-comedian after the show was canceled? Read more about his career and Chico Bean net worth. 

Chico Bean is an American entertainer who made a name for himself in comedy and music. Currently, the comedian is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million. After years of hard work, it appears that his effort has started paying off in financial terms. 

Bean earned widespread recognition for his work and his talent. He captured the hearts and minds of fans and fellow professionals in the industry. According to unverified reports, Chico earns a monthly income of $45,000 from his stand-up comedy performances. 

Chico Bean’s annual income is close to $400,000, coming in after-tax every year. The comedian earns good money from his endorsement deals and paid promotional work. Ever since his first appearance on the Wild N’ Out Show on MTV in 2017, Bean’s income rose steadily. 

Here is a rough breakdown of his asset value yearly over the last five years.

  • 2017 – $1 million
  • 2018 – $1.5 million
  • 2019 – $2 million
  • 2020 – $3 million
  • 2021 – $4 million

And with more shows and movie appearances lined up for him, it is only likely that his net worth will increase significantly.

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Chico Bean – Short Bio

Chico Bean is the stage name of ace comedian Anthony Jamal Bean. The actor, rapper, and comedian was born on February 20, 1987, and grew up in Washington DC. 

Chico Bean is quite tall with a height of 6.9ftand he weighs 198 lbs. He is of African American descent with black hair and dark brown eyes. From what we know, Chico is of the Christian faith.

Born in Washington DC, US, Chico Bean’s real name is Anthony Jamal Bean. The comedian keeps his private life under wraps, and not much is known about him beyond the information he puts out. Bean once expressed strong personal reasons for keeping his personal life private.

From the little he released to the media, his father was killed alongside six other family members in a tragic street gun violence episode when he was only two years old. 

Chico Bean Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Chico Bean Stand Up Comedy

Chico Bean – Career & Achievements

Chico has come a long way after spending years on the road with his group performing live stand-up comedy shows at colleges and universities. 

While many forgot about him after he appeared on MTV’s Wild N’ Out and shows like Guy Court, Bean actually chose to spend a few years away from the mainstream media. He decided to continue honing his craft before making a big comeback.

Freestyle Comedy Show

Chico Bean is a part of a four-person group that hosts the Freestyle Funny Comedy Show. 

Bean’s first foray into stand-up comedy was when he began to open shows for Chris Wiles. Then he formed a group with Darren Brand and B-Daht, which they called the Freestyle Funny Comedy Show. Each member showcased a different talent that went perfectly into the mix.

From there, he branched off into writing, acting, rapping, and producing. The group went on tour and started performing in different cities.

When asked what inspired him to go into comedy, he credited one of his uncles as his influence. Bean shared his experience as a little boy who often watched his uncles perform in street corners, and he remembers how their tiny neighborhood would light up with excitement.

Chico’s Humble Beginnings and Stage Name

Bean adopted the name Chico given to him by an uncle as his stage name. After performing at clubs, colleges, and universities alongside his friends, he got his big break when he contacted Nick Cannon. While performing in Greensboro, North Carolina, Nick Cannon heard about him and flew him to perform in his “Fresh Faces of Comedy” show at the Gotham Comedy Club in 2011.

Bean’s enthusiasm was short-lived. The show demanded the comedian follow strict rules and avoid the use of curse words that were part of his stagecraft, cutting away much of his creative process. Bean often had to edit his skits on the spot to conform with the show’s rules,

Becoming A Regular at TV’s Wild N’ Out

Not long after, Cannon came to Charlotte, North Carolina, for the Wild N Out audition, where he noticed Chico Bean as one of the contestants. He picked Bean, and other upcoming comedians flew them to New York, where Chico passed the final audition and became a Wild N’ Out Cast member. He became successful on MTV and won the MVP award for Season 9.

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Chico Bean – Personal Life

Chico was raised in humble circumstances and suffered tremendous material deprivations as a child. His mother had to work hard to put food on the table. Young Chico never knew his father because he was killed when he was barely two years old from gun-related violence. 

We do know that Chico Bean has a daughter named Pierce Chanel. He is often seen on social media with the child but refuses to reveal any details of Chanel’s mother or if he’s married.

Bean leads a very quiet life away from the stage and provides little about his personal affairs, so little is known about him.

Chico Bean Net Worth Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is Chico Bean?

Chico Bean is a professional stand-up comedian, actor, rapper, and writer who was a regular cast member in MTV’s Wild N’ Out Show. Bean’s career began in 2007, performing at the local clubs of Greensboro, North Carolina.

How Much Chico Bean Net Worth?

Chico Bean net worth is $4 million for the current year. His earnings come from plenty of entertainment ventures, and Bean is rumored to have an income of no less than $400,000 annually.

What Is Chico Bean Known For?

To date, Chico Bean’s most notable highlight was his residence as a regular cast member on MTV’s Wild N Out improv comedy series. Though Bean was unable to express the whole of his talent during his stay, the show’s enormous stage and wide fanbase did function as a live training ground for new acts like Bean.

Courtesy of YouTube: Chico Bean Stand Up Comedy

Chico Bean Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Chico Bean is probably one of the fastest-rising talents of 2000. It only took him six years to break through mainstream and land gigs that some acts had to wait decades for. 

Chico Bean first made a name as one of the three gentlemen who reinvented comedy and meld it with music and hip hop. Bean is also notable for dominating freestyle rap battles against the best.

Chico Bean net worth is a statement of his continuously rising fame. He currently has big projects lined up, including performance tours, endorsements, and a comedy series.

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