Eckhart Tolle Net Worth 2023: A Spiritual Teacher Recommended by Oprah?

Surely you have heard of Eckhart Tolle? The well-known spiritual author’s self-help books have made him a household name, and people are wondering about Eckhart Tolle net worth. 

With the endorsement of hugely influential media icon Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle and his books on finding one’s spiritual path landed on bestseller lists everywhere. 

Eckhart Tolle has since ventured into different media and platforms to share his teachings about spiritual transformation. Let’s learn more about this man and his successful spiritual insights and lucrative business ventures.

Eckhart Tolle Net Worth

Eckhart Tolle net worth is estimated at $80 million. He is a spiritual teacher and author. His books are his main source of income. 

He has earned a lot of money through his writing, events, guiding people, and advertisements. To reach more people, he also branched out to different platforms and formats, such as his website, webinars, CDs/DVDs, speaking at events, merchandising, and consultancies. 

Tolle also has a YouTube channel where he uploads videos related to spirituality.

Eckhart Tolle – Short Bio

Eckhart Tolle is also known as Ulrich Leonard. Ulrich was born on 16th February 1948 in Lünen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. As of the moment of writing, he is 74 years old. 

Tolle has an overall height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m). He weighs 154 lbs (70 kg). He is currently living in Vancouver, Canada. 

Early Life

Eckhart’s childhood was filled with anxiety and depression as his parents weren’t doing well together. They fought quite often, which affected the mental health of their child. 

He was very young when his parents got divorced. Eckhart moved with his mother after separation. 

Eckhart lived in post-war Germany, which resulted in a very hostile atmosphere at his school. It was the main reason that he could not complete his formal education. In 1961, Eckhart moved to Spain to live with his father. He didn’t want to continue schooling, so he studied astronomy and literature at home. 

In 1967, he moved from Spain to London, UK, and started teaching languages such as German and Spanish. He also continued his education by getting admission to the University of London to study psychology, philosophy, and literature. 

After graduating, Eckhart got a scholarship to Cambridge University. He started studying there but soon dropped out due to some personal reasons. All this time, he was struggling with depression.

Eckhart Tolle’s Career and Achievements

Tolle has influenced and helped countless people because of his writings. His bestselling books, social media followers, and sold-out events attest to this. 

Translated into more than 50 languages, his books continue to spread the message of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Tolle’s biggest achievement would be Eckhart Teachings. He also made a website known as Eckhart Tolle TV. His website has all the spiritual and meditation videos with step-by-step guidance to achieve perfection. 

Let us look at his successful career and achievements, both tangible and intangible.


Eckhart’s career started when he moved to Canada in 1995 and wrote his first book. In 1997, after two years of writing his masterpiece, Eckhart released the book “The Power of Now.” He sold all 3,000 copies of the book that he published.

He later printed more copies, considering the high demand in the market. 

In 2000, Oprah Winfrey, the world-famous media personality, endorsed Tolle’s book in her popular “O” magazine. She later made it a recommendation to the influential Oprah’s Book Club, describing “The Power of Now” as the most important book she’s ever chosen. 

Shortly, with that endorsement from the hugely-influential Winfrey, the book landed on the New York Times bestselling books list. 

Eckhart published his second book in 2003, titled “Stillness Speaks.” The series continued with more books released with a few years’ gaps. His book, “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose,” got the top spot in the New York Times’ list of best sellers.

In 2008, he collaborated with talk show host Oprah Winfrey on a series of 10 live online webinars that featured discussions, silent meditations, and audience interaction about the book “New Earth.” 

The third webinar reportedly attracted more than 11 million participants worldwide, with the series seeing a total attendance of 35 million people.

In 2009, his two famous books, “The Power of Now” (1997) and “A New Earth” (2005), reached a combined sales of 8 million copies. In the same year, Tolle came out with another book “Guardians of Being,” illustrated by Patrick McDonnell, creator of the Mutts comics and a long-time Tolle book fan.

Notable Achievements 

Later in 2008, Eckhart was regarded as “the most popular spiritual author in the United States.” By New York Times. Two years later, he landed first place in the “100 most spiritually influential people” list. 

His success continued to rise, as he was placed fourth in the award for the same category in 2020’s magazine. He was behind Pope Francis, Greta Thunberg, and the Dalai Lama.

In 2008, Tolle came out with “Music to Quiet the Mind,” a music album. The album includes works by the Beatles, Claude Debussy, Erik Satie, and music by artists such as Jeff Johnson, Steve Roach, and Deva Premal. 

He continued to collaborate with and be associated with globally popular figures in his effort to spread his beliefs and teachings. In June 2009, along with Jim Carrey, Tolle was a keynote speaker at the first conference of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE).

In September 2009, he joined the Dalai Lama and other speakers at the Vancouver Peace Summit. 

Eckhart Tolle’s Teachings

Tolle reportedly identifies with no established religion. He allegedly combines teachings from the Christian Bible, Zen Buddhism, Sufism, and Hinduism. 

He was quoted as saying that he feels that his work comes from “a collection of ‘doctrinal currents,’ if you want to call them that, from Jiddu Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharshi.”.

Eckhart believes that to create a successful life, we must live with a foot in two worlds: learning to reconcile the ordinary with the transcendent. In one of his podcasts, he said we should consciously manifest our aims and aspirations while also practicing presence.

He says the most important part of living in this world is bringing those two together.

Here are some other excerpts of Eckhart Tolle’s popular teachings that have found their way into the hearts and consciousness of his millions of readers and students.

  • “Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally. If you want to take responsibility for your life, you must choose one of those three options, and you must choose now. Then accept the consequences.” 
  • “Time isn’t precious at all, because it is an illusion. What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious indeed. The more you are focused on time—past and future—the more you miss the Now, the most precious thing there is.”
  • “Anything that you resent and strongly react to in another is also in you…. Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.”
  • “Humanity is now faced with a stark choice: Evolve or die. … If the structures of the human mind remain unchanged, we will always end up re-creating the same world, the same evils, the same dysfunction.”

Eckhart Tolle’s Personal Life

Eckhart Tolle’s wife, Kim Eng, shares the same profession. She is an amazing spiritual teacher and the founder of a practice to increase mindfulness with the help of body movements. The practice is called Presence Through Movement. 

The couple does not have any offspring yet. 

In 2009, the New York Times published an article that stated that Eckhart identifies himself without a religion. Although he frequently mentions texts from many religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity, he does not identify as part of one.

Eckhart Tolle’s Books

Eckhart has produced some of the most scintillating books of all time. We have listed down some of them for you to read. 

  • “The Power of Now” (1997) 
  • “Practicing the Power of Now” (1999) 
  • “Stillness Speaks” (2003) 
  • “The New Earth Awakening” (2005) 
  • “Oneness With All Life” (2009) 
  • “Guardians of Being” (2009) 
  • “Finding Your Life’s Purpose” (2010) 
  • “Breaking the Habit of Negative Thinking and Self-Talk” (2022) 

Social Media Presence

Eckhart’s social media presence is worth noticing. In January 2008, Eckhart created his YouTube channel. He has 1.51 million subscribers, with 448 videos on his channel. 

He is also present on all mainstream social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He has the most followers on his Facebook page. He has a total of 2.3 million followers. His Instagram and Twitter accounts are not far behind, with 1.8 million and 741.2k followers.

Eckhart Tolle Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Eckhart Tolle Do?

Eckhart Tolle is considered one of the best spiritual teachers of current times. His books, “A New Earth” and “The Power of Now,” have been translated into 52 languages. They are one of the best-selling books of all time.

Which Eckhart Tolle Book Should I Start With?

Eckhart Tolle has written some amazing books, but we recommend you start with his three best-selling books, which he wrote earlier in his career. These include “Stillness Speaks,” “A New Earth,” and “The Power of Now.”

Is Eckhart Tolle a Billionaire?

No, Eckhart Tolle is not a billionaire. He is a millionaire with a total estimated net worth of 80 million dollars. He earns most of his money through teaching and writing.

How Did Eckhart Tolle Get Famous?

Oprah Winfrey played a major role in Eckhart Tolle’s success. After she recommended Eckhart’s book in her magazine, the sales of his book skyrocketed to make it in the list of New York Times bestsellers published in 2000.

Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey on SuperSoul Sunday OWN Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: SuperSoul Sunday OWN

Conclusion – Eckhart Tolle Net Worth

Wanting to share his message of spiritual enlightenment to as many people as possible, Tolle benefits from influential media, savvy marketing, and modern technology tools. Those increased his net worth to its current $80 million estimate. 

Some people criticize Tolle for his money-making ventures, which seem to say that spiritual teachers and authors should live on the Word alone. 

He is not the first inspirational author or spiritual leader who has made money out of spirituality, and he won’t be the last: that’s just how the world turns nowadays. The important thing is how his teachings positively impact his audience/readers and help make our collective spiritual evolution a success.

To end with a quote from “New Earth”: “acknowledging the good you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” May our gratitude for what we have–including having such a helpful teacher in our midst–make our spiritual and financial lives better.

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