Edgardo Franco Net Worth 2024: The Great El General Of The 90s

Edgardo Franco became a multi-awarded artist by adding simple twists on the beat he loved. How did he earn his money? Read more about El General and Edgardo Franco net worth.

Pop was the rising genre during the 90s, a colorful decade full of musical reinventions from the oldies like jazz, rhythm & blues, original tunes by fresh artists, and one-hit-wonders. 

Regardless of the musical preferences of listeners, the unique sound of reggae always managed to climb billboard charts.

One song was all it took for El General to break through the music industry. He immediately became an iconic figure from the way he wrote his songs, stage performances, and the outfit that identifies him over the unique sound and brand of reggae he created.

El General’s albums achieved gold status 32 times and platinum 17 times as a composer and performer. Edgardo Franco net worth was estimated at $1.9 million, and though already retired, he remains a striking figure of the 90s era and the pioneer of Reggaeton.

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Short Bio On Edgardo Franco

Life In Panama

Edgardo Armando Franco was born in Rio Abajo, City of Panama, on September 27, 1969. Franco belongs to a family with roots from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, and Panama. 

What do these countries have in common? They are all known for their festive culture and deep ties with music.

Due to poverty, his mother left for the United States to seek better opportunities for their family when Franco was only six years old. While his mother went to the US, he and the rest of the family stayed in Panama.

Despite being so young, Franco understood their situation. He helped his family by shining shoes, washing cars, and selling sodas on the streets.

Early Signs Of Talent

At 12 years old, Franco was already writing songs. His inspiration came from the things that happened around him, like events in their community that affected his everyday life. 

Franco would record his songs and give away tapes of his recordings to public transportation drivers. They were more than happy to play the young boy’s music while driving around the city.

He was reunited with his mother in 1985, after migrating to the United States himself. There, he attended New York’s School of the Performing Arts Erasmus Hall, located in Brooklyn. 

He served as a math tutor and President of the Latin Club. After two years, he graduated.

Edgardo Franco  – El General

His persona as El General was born after receiving a uniform from a friend who served in the Navy. With the encouragement of their family, Franco pursued his music. Together with a few of his friends, El General used Panama’s transportation system to spread their music.

Musical Style

Franco successfully combined his creativity with the different sounds of his roots. The Latin culture, Trinidad’s calypso music, and Jamaica’s signature beat are all present. 

He added cheeky lyrics written in Spanish and flashy performances. 

Armed with his unique style, Franco’s first single was an immediate hit in Panama. Not much later, El General went international.


It was correct to say that El General’s music was made for the dance floor. The fun element made his songs a staple in clubs, block and street parties, celebrations, and other events.

His single, “Te Ves Buena,” conquered three markets at once; it held top five positions on the Power 100, US Latin, and Jamaican Reggae charts. His songs also brought success to other artists after being featured on their album.

Awards and Achievements

  • Muevelo, his third single with RCA, was awarded MTV’s International Latin Video of the Year. El General was one of the first Latin artists to receive the award.
  • He was awarded Billboard’s first-ever award for Best Latin Rap Artist.
  • He was presented with the prestigious award from Premios A.C.E. (Association of Chronicle Events) for Best Latin Artist.
  • The album he produced with C+C Music Factory won against Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for the band’s breakthrough career, in the most-played category.
  • El General’s career strung 32 gold albums and 17 platinum albums.

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Edgardo Franco Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Edgardo Franco Known For?

Edgardo Franco is best known as El General, the 90s icon that popularized Spanish reggae from the Latin coast and all the way to the international market. His music paved the way to achieving 37 gold albums and 17 platinum albums.

What Is Reggaeton?

Reggaeton is a musical form of the original Jamaican beat and a fusion of Latin rhythms, dancehall, and hip-hop or rap. Its popularity came to rise during the 80s and 90s through performers like El General, aka Edgardo Franco.

How Did Reggaeton Start?

Reggaeton originated in Puerto Rico in the 1980s and was greatly popularized in Panama. Reggaeton was made by fusing Jamaican reggae with the Spanish language and its musical culture.

When Did El General Retire?

El General’s retirement was announced in 2004. He said his proper goodbyes by going on a farewell tour. He represented the Latin people for 16 years in the world of mainstream music.

At first, Franco said that he was switching to a more behind-the-scenes career by focusing more on being a producer, but he faded away from the industry after some time.

In 2008, Franco confessed that he returned to being a devout Jehovah’s Witness. His faith requires him to completely abstain from his music.

What Is Edgardo Franco Net Worth?

Edgardo Franco net worth was estimated at $1.9 million before his retirement as the world-famous performer, El General. He dominated the international mainstream with his music for 16 years and achieved gold and platinum albums throughout his career.

Edgardo Franco Net Worth – Final Thoughts

El General’s career was an impressively straight line that led to international success. He combined his love for music with the sounds that he knew best, added fun into the mix, and shared it with the world, And proudly promoted his creativity every time he was on stage.

He didn’t hold back in terms of creativity or cultural boundaries.

The fame he received was just as addictive as his songs. His music had the potential to evolve along with a more modern beat as the years went on. But El General chose to step away from fame when he was given that choice.

Aside from Edgardo Franco net worth, he was equipped with immaterial resources that supported a life dedicated to his faith and philanthropy. But regardless of how far Franco sets himself apart from his past, El General’s legacy continues to evolve with the rest of the world.

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