Young Chop Net Worth 2023: What is Up with the Controversial Artist?

What turns a child’s hobby into a resounding success? Making beats had been Young Chop’s hobby since he was young. Let’s look briefly into the life of this famous rapper-producer and find out Young Chop net worth, personal life, and career details.

Young Chop first came to fame after producing hits for Chief Keef’s, mixed tape “Back from the Dead.” The collection included “I Don’t Like”, “Love Sosa”, and “3Hunna.  On top  of his most notable collaboration, Young Chop also released five studio albums of his own music.

Pittman is also an entrepreneur. He runs an e-commerce website called The said website is an online retail music production website that serves as a platform for engineers and producers to buy products that are related to audio engineering and music production.

With a promising career as a producer, artist, and a businessman, Young Chop net worth accumulated $3 million in wealth in just a few short years.

Young Chop Net Worth
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Young Chop – Short Bio 

Originally named Tyree Lamar Pittman, Young Chop is the stage name of a famous American rapper, producer, songwriter, and record executive. The 28-year-old rapper is 1.69 m tall and weighs 95kg. 

A Chicago, Illinois native, Young Chop, was born on November 14, 1993. Rhonda and Tom Hart are his parents, and his younger brother Johnny May Cash also became a popular Chicago rap artist.

Young Chop originally came into the limelight as a producer, recognized for his work with his high school friend Keith Cozart (famously known as Chief Keef). The young artist and entrepreneur later released five albums of his music, did a few movie soundtracks then established his record label.  

Early Life as Tyree Lamar Pittman

Young Chop spent his childhood and early part of his youth on the south side of Chicago. While the place he grew up in was notorious for gang fights, which did not bother him, he considered himself lucky to be living in such an inspiring place. 

Young Chop was only 11 when he started rhyming, making beats, and writing his first song. It is undoubtedly hard to make a name for oneself in such a concentrated and competitive field. 

However, Young Chop had the good fortune to be helped by his older cousin, who helped him gain some experience in the field. His brother Johnny May Cash also encouraged and assisted him a lot in the early phase of his career. 

Soon he was able to make a name for himself in the field as he continued rapping and making new hip hop songs. In high school, he befriended hip hop artist Keith Cozart, who later became a renowned rapper named Chief Keef. Later, they reconnected on Facebook, and he eventually produced Keef’s breakthrough mixtape called “Back from the Dead.”

Young Chop’s Career 

Currently, Young Chop net worth is estimated at $3 million. Most of his wealth comes from his work as a producer and success as an artist. In 2015, Young Chop founded his independent label, Chop Squad. He is also in league with EMPIRE, Glo Gang, and E1, As his career as an artist, Young Chop has been producing music and records since 2013. Some of his projects were soundtracks for films and television series. Pittman also owns and runs the website, where he retails music. His 4-year-old nephew spoke his producer tag.

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How Did Young Chop Begin His Career? 

After that initial success, Young Chop produced more numbers for Chief Keef. He also enjoyed close relationships with Lil Reese and Fredo Santana. The trio belonged to a notorious gang in Chicago called the 3Hunna. 

At the beginning of his career, Young Chop had become a part of a group of producers called Bandcamp. The group’s name is after the group’s CEO; other members included Paris Beuller and an intern named WaldooBeatz. Bandcamp made songs for Chicago rap groups. 

Young Chop’s Top  Achievements?

  • Young Chop formed a duo with King 100 James, naming their collaboration Fat Gang. On September 25, 2015, the two released their debut album, titled after the band name. 
  • In the same year, Young Chop launched a new album called “Finally Rich Too.” The following year saw the release of his albums “King Chop” and “Coppotelli.” Two years later, in 2018, he released “King Chop 2.” 
  • Young Chop has also collaborated with and produced music for various hip hop artists, including Ace Wood, Fredo Santana, King Louie, Gucci Mane, Lil Reese, Rick Ross, and French Montana Birdman. 
  • Included in his production credits are soundtracks for movies like SuperFly (2018), Are We Not Cats (2016), Beats (2019), and the TV series Optimus Gang (2013). 
  • His latest albums are Young Godfather (2020), Intro x Young Godfather (2020), and Under Surveillance (2021). In February 2022, he released two rap numbers: “ParalyzeS” and “Little brother.” 

Young Chop Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Young Chop Net Worth

Young Chop net worth is estimated at $3 million for the current year. The twenty-eight-year-old artist first gained recognition for the hits he produced for rapper and long-time friend, Chief Keef. He is also an established e-commerce entrepreneur with his music retailing business.

What Happened to the Producer, Young Chop?

The artist has been in trouble with the law. Two events that reached the public were his feud with another rapper, famously known as 21 Savage. Pittman was also arrested for violating his probation in April 2020 and was charged with animal cruelty earlier that year, in February 2020.

Does Young Chop Still Mmake Beats?

So far, Young Chop has been active on YouTube and other social media and sharing platforms. He’s been uploading updates of his upcoming releases and previews of completed projects.

Where is Young Chop Now? 

Not much is known about Young Chop’s personal life, and he seems unwilling to divulge much information about it. After he started gaining professional success, Young Chop moved to Hollywood. He now resides in Chicago and continues to make music and share regular updates on Instagram.

While details about his private life are not much known, his life has not been without controversy. He threatened to sue Kanye over the latter’s remixing of his instrumentals in a Chief Keef track. While he has been involved in confrontations with French Montana, Meek Mill, and Drake, his feud with 21 Savage also stayed in the news for quite some time. 

During quarantine in 2020, he took to Instagram to take on many singers and producers. While entertaining, it was also very dangerous as somebody eventually took a shot at Young Chop. Literally. In April 2020, while he was filming himself looking for 21 Savage, he showed proof of how his Uber had been shot at. 

According to Billboard, a few days later, on April 23, 2020, he was arrested for violating his probation in Georgia. He was also charged with animal cruelty for allegedly starving his dog to death in February 2020. 

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Young Chop Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Young Chop may not be as wealthy as Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, or Future, but his story can serve as an inspiration to aspirants in whatever field of dreams. 

Despite the ups and downs in his career and personal life, he is still busy making his beats that increase the Young Chop net worth. As long as he is still following his passion and keeping the edge on his rap game, we can expect more from him in the future. 

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