Woah Vicky Net Worth 2023: The Youngest and Most Explosive Influencers of our Time

Have you heard about the YouTube personality who looks Caucasian but claims she is black? If you are curious and want to learn more about her, this article will walk you through details like Woah Vicky net worth, career, and other life details. 

The starlet first rose to fame in 2017 after claiming he is black, which outraged many people since it came from a white woman. Today, she has a solid online presence on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Hers is a story of inspiration or a cautionary tale for those seeking wealth and fame.

At present, Woah Vicky net worth is as much as $1 million. Read on and decide whether she is famous or notorious and if it even matters as a celebrity getting rich via social media. 

Courtesy of YouTube: Woah Vicky Prank Calling Celebrities

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Woah Vicky – Short Bio & Early Life

Victoria Rose Waldrip was born on 7th March 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Woah Vicky has a height of 1.63 m and a weight of 54 kg, and she is a US national. Her parents are Steve Waldrip, a real estate agent who later switched his profession to become a home builder, and Carla Johnson, a housewife. 

Woah Vicky spent her childhood in an average middle-class family. Later, she relocated to different places, including Hiram and Marietta. She attended Marietta High School. Waldrip later joined the online program of Penn Foster High School to complete her high school education. 

Woah Vicky Net Worth

In 2013, while she was only 13 years old, she started using Youtube, Instagram, and other social media websites. As of recently, Woah Vicky net worth is approximately $1 million. You might wonder how such a young girl could accumulate such wealth in such a short time. 

Brand advertisers and sponsors are always willing to collaborate with celebrities who have the power to engage and influence millions of individuals. Woah, Vicky’s wealth is based on her earnings through paid posts, partnerships, collaborations, and ads on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. 

Woah Vicky also tries her hand at modeling and rapping, which has added to her income over time. You may not be able to get a detailed breakdown of how much money she makes, but you may have a fair idea by now how she is able to earn around $100K annually.

Woah Vicky – Career & Achievements

The road to fame was not easy for Woah Vicky. Fresh out of high school, the teenager worked multiple jobs to provide financial support for herself while dreaming of becoming famous.

Vicky decided to hop on the social media bandwagon, starting with an Instagram account which gained the attention of many. Her good looks and consistent presence helped build a steady fan base.

Woah Vicky’s Modeling Career.

In Vicky’s early Instagram days, she would dress up in impressive branded outfits and post pictures of herself on her Instagram handle. Her content caught the attention of celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Chief Keef, who were impressed enough to share the rising influencer’s posts.

She has more than 3.1 million followers on her Instagram, where she shares lifestyle content and funny memes and posts. 

Meanwhile, Woah Vicky caught the attention of a modeling scout and was invited for her first formal photoshoot. Her career took off after signing with a prominent modeling agency in Georgia. 

Currently, she is also a much sought-after model and has posed for some of the most famous American magazines, commercials, and ads for numerous clothing brands. On top of a successful career, Woah Vicky is also an entrepreneur who sells her merchandise like most influencers.

Woah Vicky’s Music Career

Woah Vicky also tried to enter the music industry and dove into the realm of rap. Her first song was a diss track released in 2017, titled “The Race,” directed to the influencer, RiceGum. In 2018, she released three songs, including a self-titled single and the first track directed by Bhad Bhabie.

Vicky joined YouTube in 2013 but did not become active on it until mid of 2017. She currently has around 1.2m subscribers, accounting for over 29 million combined content views. She also has 7 million TikTok subscribers, where she shares interesting and funny content and lifehacks.

Woah Vicky’s Controversy as a Marketing Strategy?

Woah Vicky’s life hasn’t been without drama and controversy.

When her controversial confrontations and actual fight with other famous YouTubers like RiceGum and Bhad Bhabie, a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli from the “Cash me out” fame, came to light, they only added to her popularity. And just like what they say in show business, any publicity is good publicity.

Her claims of being of African descent were based on the results of her inquiry with Ancestry.com. Vicky shared the findings as proof that she is twenty-five percent black and went on to wear grills and headgear to exaggerate her lineage. So why are people so triggered about her claims?

For starters, Vicky was very stereotypical with her approach to the matter. Some fair-skinned people are of African lineage. But how many of them would blatantly say that it’s alright for them to use the N-word, an infamous racial slur, regardless of time and place, simply because they are black?

In a similar light, many believe that her outrageous claims and provocative dissing of fellow celebrities are staged gimmicks. Then again, fake fighting is one of the oldest tricks in the social media marketing book. At least half of famous influencers resorted to the same tactics for views. 

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Woah Vicky – Personal Life

Currently unmarried, Woah Vicky is in a relationship with John “Boonk Gang” Gabbana. She announced her relationship publicly on 1st January 2022. 

She has a 34-year-old half-sister Stephanie who works as a fashion designer in New York. Woah Vicky said they are not close because of the age difference.

Frequently Asked Questions – Woah Vicky Net Worth

Does Woah Vicky Have Money?

Woah Vicky is one of the wealthiest social media celebrities and is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million, while her yearly income is estimated to be around $100,000.

Does Woah Vicky Have a Husband?

Woah Vicky is unmarried and does not have a husband. She has been in various relationships in the past, and currently, she is in a relationship with John “Boonk Gang” Gabbana, which she publicly announced on 1st January 2022.

How did Woah Vicky Get Famous?

Woah Vicky first rose to fame through Instagram, from where she started her modeling career. Her controversial fight with “Bhad Bharbie” Diane Bregoli and RiceGum made her popular instantly. She used her popularity to further her career as a model, internet influencer, and rapper.

Woah Vicky Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Woah Vicky Make Up Tut

Conclusion – Woah Vicky’s Road To Fame & Fortune

The young Woah Vicky has been at the center of a few controversies, but her fame and popularity are undeniable. To have a net worth of more than $1 million and such a huge fan following on social media is quite an achievement. 

Whenever she does something shocking or annoying, people talk, and their curiosity leads to more clicks, likes/dislikes, shares, and engagement on her social media accounts. 

This translates to her popularity soaring and her income zooming up. As they say, good or bad publicity is still publicity.

The multi-talented social media star does not seem to be going anywhere and is expected to reach new levels of fame and success in the future. Expect Woah Vicky net worth to continue rising.

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