Trinidad James Net Worth 2024: How Did He Do It?

What made Trinidad James click and achieve worldwide fame and fortune? Let’s walk through the life of Trinidad James, how he got where he is today, and what Trinidad James net worth is. 

Trinidad James rose to fame after releasing his debut single, “All Gold Everything,” in 2012. That same year, he signed a contract with Def Jam Records. His music drew listeners from ‘round the world, and their support granted James a glittering promise of fame and wealth.

While the world knows him as a promising talent today, many would still like to know Trinidad James and where he came from. Get to know a bit more about our favorite artist, the passion and drive that fuels his success, and of course, Trinidad James net worth.

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Trinidad James – Short Bio

He was born Nicholaus Joseph Williams. Trinidad James, or TJ for short, is a popular Trinidadian-American rapper-songwriter. He fell in love with music at age eleven, and he adopted Trinidad and took it as part of his stage name as a proud reference to his ancestral roots. 

TJ was born on 24th September 1987 in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, but he grew up in Bronx, New York. He is 34 years old, his height is 6’2, and his weight is 75 kg. 

Trinidad James Net Worth

Trinidad James net worth is $4.5 million. His songs went viral because he is a gifted songwriter and a talented performer.

His income has also increased from various brand endorsements, sponsorships, hosting the “Full-size Run” YouTube show, and participating in the 2019 movie “Uncut Gems,” top-billed by Adam Sandler. 

As an artist, Trinidad James’s estimated monthly income was $25,000, while his annual income is around $300,000. 

Nicholaus Joseph Williams’ Early Life

Williams was born in Trinidad and Tobago, but his family moved to Canada and then Florida. They later settled in the Bronx, New York, where young James spent most of his childhood.

He suffered a head injury at seven, causing him to lose much of his childhood memory. From what little is known, Williams attended a Catholic school in seventh grade. Afterward, the family, once again, relocated and settled in Atlanta, where James was able to continue his schooling.

While at school, James enjoyed basketball. Then, he developed an interest in music when he listened to songs by famous rappers, including Young Jeezy, Cameron, Jay-Z, and TI. The inspiration from these prominent artists led Trinidad James to pursue a career in music. 

Career Beginnings as Trinidad James

Regarded as one of the best rappers in the US, Trinidad James’ fan base worldwide is in the millions. His followers have held him in high regard since the release of his first-ever song in 2012. Currently, he has over 660K supporters on Instagram. 

It all started with “All Gold Everything,” Trinidad James’ first recording. His debut single was a part of his mixtape titled “Don’t Be Safe,” which he released in July 2012. The song was an instant hit as it landed in the Top 40 US Billboard Hot 100. 

Trinidad James signed up with Def Jam Records in December of that year. The contract was a significant milestone in the early stage of his career as it brought him $2 million. 

After signing up with Def Jam Records, Trinidad re-released his debut mixtape on iTunes. He introduced a remix of his debut song “All Gold Everything” in the mixtape, featuring other famous musicians, including Young Jeezy, Chainz, and TI. 

His contract with Def Jam did not last a very long time. Trinidad James had announced in August 2013 that he would be releasing his next mixtape titled 10 PC Mild in a few days. However, he did not release any new music after that for an extended period, and finally, Def Jam ended the contract and let Trinidad James go in August 2014. 

Trinidad James’ Career Achievements 

James’ career was unscathed after leaving Def Jam, and he took it as an opportunity to rise in the music industry as an independent artist. In 2016, Trinidad James came out with the famous single “Just a Lil’ Thick.” He also released the mixtape “The Wakeup 2.” 

TJ’s recent release includes “Jame$ Woo Woo,” which was in circulation in February 2020, and the single “Tobago Ba$$,” which hit the market in early 2021. 

In addition to making his music, Trinidad James has also been playing as the host of a weekly YouTube talk show titled “Full-size Run.” Airing since 2018, this talk show, co-hosted by Matt Welty and Brendan Dunn, includes discussions about fashion and shoes. 

Trinidad James is also an eagerly sought-after celebrity by various brands for sponsorships and endorsements. For instance, in November 2021, TJ partnered with Saucony for the release of limited-edition sneakers as a part of his new brand Homework. 

Nicholaus Williams’ Personal Life

Not much is known about Trinidad James’ family. At present, Trinidad James is believed to be single. 

In 2013, rumors flew that he was dating Niykee Heaton, an American model, singer, and songwriter, but both individuals never confirmed being in a relationship. 

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Trinidad James Net Worth -Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Trinidad James?

Trinidad James (Nicholaus Joseph Williams or TJ) is a Trinidadian-American rapper and songwriter. He is also the co-host of a YouTube talk show and a social media celebrity. 

What Does Trinidad James Do Now?

Trinidad is famous for his rap songs and has been creating rap music since 2012. His latest hit songs include “James Woo Woo” (2020) and “Tobago Bass” (2021). Since 2019, he also has been working as the co-host of “Full-Size Run,” a popular YouTube talk show about fashion and shoes. 

What is Trinidad James’ Salary?

The current net worth of Trinidad James is $4.5 million. His estimated monthly salary is $25,000, while his annual income is $300,000. His earnings come from his music, multiple sponsorships and brand endorsements, and gig as the co-host of “Full-Size Run.” 

Trinidad James Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: iJameS Vol 1

Trinidad James Net Worth – Final Thoughts

On his way to achieving his dreams, Trinidad James didn’t get fazed by being dropped by the major recording label Def Jam. Instead, he continued making his influential rap music while pursuing his different other passions, which were also money-making occupations. 

Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone! Just like his reputation as one of the music industry’s top rap artists, no wonder his net worth continues to soar. Let’s learn from his success story and keep our eyes on our financial goals.

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