Tony Bobulinski Net Worth 2024: Blowing the Whistle On America’s First Son

Is Tony Bobulinski a real whistleblower, a disgruntled business partner, or just a political pawn to discredit the then-US presidential candidate Joe Biden? Most importantly, where is he now, and how’s the current Tony Bobulinski net worth after that controversy? Let’s find out. 

Tony Bobulinski had his 15 minutes of fame in 2020 when he accused the son of the current US President Joe Biden of being involved in a murky Chinese business deal.  Was there any truth to his claims? 

Before he became infamous for joining the list of many American millionaires who got caught in a political mess, Tony was a proud athlete, soldier, and self-made businessman.

Tony Bobulinski Net Worth 

Tony Bobulinski is a wealthy businessman who was an associate to Hunter Biden, the current US President’s son. Tony has an estimated net worth of $7 million. 

He made his fortune and earned most of his income from his company Sinohawk Holdings, where he is the company’s current CEO. 

Tony Bobulinski’s Short Bio 

Tony Bobulinski was born in Pennsylvania in 1981 and came from a family of proud soldiers. His grandfather was an Army Intelligence Officer who served for over thirty years. Tony’s brother is also in the service and is currently stationed in the Marine Aviation Department.

Tony Bobulinski- Early Life

Tony graduated from Kempsville High School, which is located in his hometown. He applied and was accepted at Penn State University. Tony proceeded to join the navy after his graduation.

He attracted unwanted attention after being accused of accepting bribes from China and other foreign countries. To everybody’s surprise, Hunter responded by leaking emails, audio recordings, and text messages to expose Hunter’s involvement with Chinese firms. 

Tony Bobulinski’s Career 

As a Wrestler 

Tony started his career as a wrestler. He wrestled for his university for 5 years. His wrestling career lasted from 1990 to 1995. After graduating from Penn State University, he joined the US Navy. 

As a Navy Lieutenant 

Tony served in the US Navy as a CTO for Naval Nuclear power. He followed the footsteps of his father and grandfather, who also spent most of their lives with the US Defense. 

As a Businessman

Tony Bobulinski net worth can tell you that he is a successful businessman. He had the knack for picking the best investments to give him high returns. This success led him to become business partners with Hunter Biden and James Gilliar. He was eventually named CEO of Sinohawk Holdings.

Controversy with Biden Family

At least half the world can’t help but think that the whole issue with the Bidens was a politically motivated ploy by the opposition against US president Joe Biden. 

Republican presidential candidate Trump is known for his viciousness as a politician. And being one of the wealthiest people in the country is rocket fuel to Trump’s confidence in his race to the White House.

The Obama administration witnessed how the famous billionaire entered politics with almost extreme claims against his opponents. 

News Reports

An article by the Washington Post mentioned that the former Senator of Delaware had addressed his son, Hunter’s rocky background. It wasn’t a surprise when Trump, with Bodulinski in tow, used Hunter to rattle Joe Biden’s presidential run along with the Democratic Party. 

The pre-event of the Presidential debate was relayed in an article by ABC News on October 24, 2020. Trump’s unrelenting attacks were centered on the rumors of Biden’s alleged knowledge and involvement in his son’s overseas dealings with China.

Trump declared that what the father and son did was wrong despite the lack of evidence.

Trump stirred the media even more with his supposed conversation with the new Ukrainian president during the 2019 UN General Assembly. Trump told the media that the foreign leader asked him to investigate Hunter Biden’s actions when he was a Ukrainian gas company board member. 

NBC News also posted about how a few news organizations like Fox News and Wall Street Journal had access to key documents. Upon seeing the supposed evidence of the Biden family’s corruption, these news organizations could only attest that Joe Biden was not involved in his son’s dealings.

And despite the threat of a political scandal, reporters failed to ask Joe Biden about Tony Bobulinski.

The Democrat and His Son

Until Tony Bobulinski’s big reveal, Joe Biden was known for his no less than 40 years of loyalty and service to the American government. He tops the list of senators with the longest service, counting 36 years and 12 days from January 1973 to January 2009. He recently held the second most powerful seat in the country as VP to former President Trump.

Joe Biden’s philanthropic efforts and support for charitable foundations have earned many votes. On Charity Navigator, the Biden Foundation held a perfect encompass score of 100 until its operations were suspended in 2019, shortly before Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the 2020 Presidential Elections.

The presidential election concluded with Joe Biden winning as 46th President of the United States.

While the Biden family ran a campaign to discredit Tony’s revelations to the media, Bobulinski stood by his statements backed up with what he believed to be solid evidence. But despite all the shared information, official investigations could not prove Tony’s claims.

The Chinese Connection

Tony revealed that James Gilliar, sent him a text on Christmas Eve in 2015. The English businessman urged him to join the supposed China deal in which the Biden family was involved. In May 2017, Tony accepted Gilliar’s offer and took part in the deal. He has met Hunter Biden numerous times after that.

He inadvertently became a middle person between the Chinese conglomerate and the Bidens.

Tony narrated to Fox News host Tucker Carlson that Gilliar, alongside a man named Rob Walker, worked with China’s largest private energy company under the First Son’s discretion. Hunter was the one who pursued a “profitable relationship” with CEFC China Energy Co that involved others in his family.

The New York Post released a copy of an email that served as proof of the Biden family’s involvement in the scandalous deal. “H” refers to Hunter; there was an RW (Rob Walker) and a Jim, whom we can safely assume as Jim Biden, Hunter’s brother. 

Tony affirmed that there was a $10 million business deal. It will be deposited in an account set up with JPMorgan Chase & Co. He added that $5 million from that payout was meant to be invested in Sinohawk Holdings.

He waited for two months by the payment never came. On July 4th, 2017, the international news revealed that CEFC was buying 14% of Rosneft, a state-owned US-sanctioned energy company in Russia. 

Tony claimed he decided to part ways from the deal after learning of the unexpected update. He said that his loyalty to his family, the military, and the nation were the final deal breakers. 

The last time Tony addressed Hunter Biden about the outcome with CEFC was in a chance meeting in October 2017. He asked the President’s son if he knew why CEFC didn’t follow through with their payment. 

Hunter replied that he was in the area as private counsel for CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, implying that he couldn’t say anything more on the matter. 

The Fox Interview

Since his big revelation involving the most powerful family in the country, Tony Bobulinski has received countless threats. He admitted that his sense of duty got the best of him, and the attention was more than he bargained for. 

But he understood the seriousness of the matter and decided to stand his ground. More than his life, Tony was worried about how the issue could affect the rest of America.

Tony concluded his interview with Fox that the FBI assures his safety. The threats to his life are a sign that his claims bear some weight, though a series of thorough investigations would still be required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Tony Bobulinski Net Worth 

What Does Tony Bobulinski Do? 

Tony Bobulinski is the current CEO of Sinohawk Holdings. He got his place when his business partner Hunter Biden appointed him as the company’s CEO.

How Much Is Tony Bobulinski Net Worth? 

Tony Bobulinski has a total estimated net worth of $7 million. The majority of his wealth came from his association with Sinohawk Holdings. 

What Is Tony Bobulinski Famous For? 

Tony Bobulinski gained unwanted fame after exposing an under-the-table deal that involved a leading company in China and the most powerful family in the United States.

Conclusion – Tony Bobulinski Net Worth 

After the Tony Bobulinski media interviews and press conferences during the last stage of the 2020 US presidential campaign, no updates have been available about the allegations he made against the Biden family. The former US Vice President, Joe Biden, has won the elections and now serves as the 46th US President. 

A federal investigation is still ongoing about Hunter Biden’s business dealings. 

On Tony Bobulinski, he seemed to have disappeared into thin air with no news about his whereabouts or activities. Pending the FBI investigation on his alleged business partner Hunter Biden, the public’s curiosity will have to remain unsatisfied. 

Or perhaps this case can be filed under the numerous political controversies swept under the rug? Let’s wait and see. 

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