Jesse Ventura Net Worth 2024: Legendary WWF Star Becomes the 38th Governor of Minnesota

Jesse Ventura is a former WWF superstar who became governor of Minnesota. Other than showmanship, why are people drawn towards him? Read more about the American icon and Jesse Ventura net worth. 

Wrestling is the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing Jesse Ventura’s name. He was inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2004, before Steve Borden

Still, the federation kept him around as a commentator because of his infectious energy, showmanship, and the vast crowd that follows him. Even after Jesse opted for a ring-side career.

People who heard of his name but were not very keen on the sport were probably shocked when Ventura entered politics. Even more so when he rose above more experienced candidates and won the elections, he served as governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003.

From entertainment to politics? People have taken that leap in the past, but no one is safe from being stereotyped regardless of a person’s achievements. Based on his flashy background and Eddie Hall physique, many assumed that Ventura had no business being in politics. 

Today we know that Jesse Ventura net worth is estimated at $5 million. He has long retired from wrestling and politics, but his opinions are still greatly valued, and often quoted by the media

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Jesse Ventura – Short Bio

James George Janos was born on July 16, 1951, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He comes from a family of patriots. Ventura’s parents were World War II veterans, while his older brother fought in the Vietnam war. He, in turn, enlisted for the US Navy and earned his SEAL status in 1970.

Jesse Ventura Military Service

There were implications that Ventura lied about his military background. But columnist and former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb debunked the allegations saying that only the times have changed, but the terms Underwater Demolitions Team (UDT) and SEAL are the same.

Jesse Ventura was in the military until the end of the Vietnam war in 1975, he was fortunate enough not to have seen combat during his time, but he was still recognized for his service. 

Jesse Ventura Professional Wrestling

After leaving the Navy, Ventura became interested in big bikes and rode around San Diego with his motorcycle club. He left the group for Minnesota to attend North Hennepin Community College in the mid-70s. He became interested in weightlifting, which led to wrestling during the same time when he worked as a bodyguard for a famous English rock band, The Rolling Stones.

In 1975, Jesse “The Great” Ventura made his debut, for promoter Don Owen, in the Central States territory before moving to the Pacific Northwest. He won two title matches against the Dutch Savage and Jimmy Snuka and five tag team belts with Bull Ramos, Buddy Rose, and Jerry Oates. He later returned to Minnesota and joined the American Wrestling Association (AWA).

Verne Gagne nicknamed Jesse as “the Body” for his bodybuilder-gimmick. On top of the stage name Ventura, which the wrestler picked to match the mean, beach-blonde persona he was going for. He stood in the ring with Adrian Adonis as the team “East-West Connection.” 

The duo soon moved to WWF (now WWE), where they rose as solo contenders. And we all know that pro-wrestling follows a script. But only those who can draw huge crowds are given the best promotion like features, title matches, and shots to championship belts.

Ventura and Adonis rose as single title contenders. They were given several shots to the World Heavyweight Championship belt against the two-time champion and WWE Hall of Famer, Bob Buckland, who made history as the man who held the second-longest title reign in WWF / WWE.

He took a break from wrestling in 1984 after consecutive losses against Hulk Hogan. Ventura’s career was cut short after learning he had blood clots in his lungs from his time in Vietnam and exposure to Rainbow Herbicides, or toxic weed-killers used by the United States military.

After failing to make a comeback, Ventura joined WWE owner Vince McMahon as co-commentator on the ring-side.To everyone’s surprise, Ventura drew even more crowds. He applied his bully-ish persona that fans found hilarious and perfect for the show.

Jesse Ventura Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Jesse Ventura Biography

Pro-Wrestling to Hollywood

Ventura walked away from wrestling after the company released him in 1990. The root was Hogan, Jesse’s close friend. He told WWE owner Vince McMahon that Ventura was trying to convince other wrestlers about forming a labor union so they could have better health benefits.

He found a way around his target by pursuing an acting career. Ventura had a good start, first playing a role in the film Predator, which led to a second project, personally offered by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Today, he’s still receiving benefits years after retiring from acting.

Jesse Ventura has 95 credits as an actor. His most notable role was in Predator, where he’s remembered as the steeled soldier who uttered the famous line “I ain’t got time to bleed.”

Jesse Ventura Entering Politics

Before he ran as governor, Ventura served as mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, after heeding a former high school teacher’s advice. After defeating a twenty-five-year incumbent mayor, he took the seat and served the city on the west bank, Mississippi, from 1990 until 1995.

He ran for governor in 1998, first under a reform party and later switching to the Independence Party of Minnesota. His campaign approach consisted of aggressive grassroots movements and fun television advertisements with the underlying message “Don’t vote for politics as usual.”

The former wrestling superstar turned actor defeated Norm Coleman and Hubert H. Humphrey III, who both had far more extensive experience than Ventura. The election that cost Jesse under $300,000, an amount far less than the seasoned politicians he was up against.

Jesse Ventura was in office as the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. His win was described as a narrow victory that shocked the world. Oppositions tried to destroy his image with the usual shenanigans like mishandling funds and petty to extreme scandals.

Ventura stated that he would never stand for the country’s anthem again after experiencing the betrayal of the people he and his family fought for. And despite the ire he received from a few sectors, Jesse Ventura permanently gained the respect of the ordinary people of America.

People saw and heard how the former governor fought for the betterment of his constituents, raising brave questions, and refusing to go along with political schemes that failed the people so many times over.

Courtesy of YouTube: Ventura Wins Defamation Suit for American Sniper

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Jesse Ventura Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Jesse Ventura Net Worth?

For the current year, Jesse Ventura net worth is estimated at $5 million. He found success as a professional wrestler for the WWF / WWE, and he is also an accomplished actor with 95 credits to his name.

Did Jesse Ventura Serve in Vietnam?

Jesse Ventura was deployed to Vietnam but fortunately didn’t see combat during his time. The war ended in 1995. Shortly after, Ventura retired from service.

Was Jesse Ventura a Real Navy SEAL?

Former Navy Seal and columnist Brandon Webb, Ventura, was assigned to the UDT Team after completing the required training. UDT is part of the current Basic Underwater Demolition or SEAL training. Anyone who disagrees can try and discredit the heroism of WWII UDT veterans who swam ahead of the landing crafts on D-Day to execute the initial assault on enemy territory.

Is Jesse Ventura Married?

Jesse Ventura married Theresa Larson Mathers in 1975. The couple has two children, the American journalist, director, and film actor Tyrel Ventura and daughter, Jade Ventura.

Jesse Ventura Net Worth – Final Thoughts

On top of what he made as an actor and professional wrestler, Jesse Ventura net worth also floats from the royalties from the books he published starting in the year 2000. Interviewers are always amused and thrilled to have Ventura as a guest because he always has much to say.

And becoming an author is the fastest way he can share his thoughts and “old-man” the new generation through his string of books available in stores worldwide.

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