LaurDIY Net Worth 2024: DIY Master to Business Entrepreneur

“Do-It-Yourself” tutorials have gained popularity in the past years. If you’re one of the millions who’ve come to enjoy these entertainingly put guides, you’ve most likely seen one of Lauren’s videos. Find out more about this social media sensation and LaurDIY net worth.

LaurDIY is a Canadian YouTube personality and social media influencer who gained tremendous attention for her DIY content. She has a total viewership of 8.5 million and has been featured on TV shows. For a relatively successful career, LaurDIY net worth is estimated at around $5 million.

LaurDIY with Rosanna Pansino Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: Cake Decoration with LaurDIY and Rosanna Pansino

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LaurDIY – Short Bio

LaurDIY’s real name is Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki. She was born on 11 August 1993 in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada. She is the only child of Greg, a gentleman of Ukranian-Finnish descent, and mother Gali, a Japanese. She stands 1.64 meters and weighs 55 kg. 

Even as a young girl, Lauren was already really creative, like making a house out of cardboard. Lauren was also quite young when she learned swimming, skating, and piano.

Lauren completed her education at the local hometown school and later took a degree in graphic communications management at Ryerson University. She wanted to do more than what her college could teach or provide in regard to her interest, so she started posting DIY crafts on her website.

In 2011, Lauren started vlogging on YouTube from her dorm room, realizing that the video platform is better for explaining DIY craft tutorials. This was when her success story starts. 

LaurDIY – Career and Achievements

LaurDIY Video Creation 

After studying graphic design at the University of Toronto, Lauren realized that her talent would go to waste if she pursued a white-collar job. Hence, she decided to create more video content to share her creative mind with the world. She was hoping that it would provide better opportunities for her.

The main channel LaurDIY grew to have 8.55 million YouTube subscribers. Channel LaurDIY Vlogs has a total of 343 thousand subscribers and 30 million views on all videos. This YouTube sensation also has her own podcast named Wild Til 9, with over 205 thousand subscribers. 

With an average of 30 million views on her videos on YouTube, she earns around 10 thousand dollars per month from ad-generated revenue. This makes around 120 thousand dollars a year of revenue from YouTube alone. 

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Branding LaurDIY

Lauren showcased her savviness through YouTube marketing, then launched and developed her own brand LaurDIY. As one of the popular DIY content creators on the platform, her initiative opened doors for collaborations with popular advertisers such as Starbucks, Target, Duck Tape, and more. 

Lauren’s online store also offers LaurDIY-branded merchandise items, such as clothes, accessories, and more. One of her future goals is to license and continue developing her product lines. 

Media Sensation

Her main income is generated through sponsorships on her YouTube videos and social media posts. LaurDIY has over 4.4 million followers on Instagram and 5.6 million on Twitter. In 2017, she premiered her web series Served By LaurDIY on Facebook Watch.

LaurDIY’s success has landed her story in several publications, becoming well-known as the Millennial Martha Stewart

She has also appeared on TV and in YouTube premium series such as “Me and My Grandma,” “YouTubers React”, “Escape the Night,” and “Project Mc2.” In 2019, LaurDIY became the host and executive producer of Craftopia, an HBO Max reality craft-making game show.

LaurDIY – Personal Life

Lauren started dating Sebastian Baz Morris in 2010. The relationship lasted for 5 years and ended in 2015, but they remained friends after their breakup until Sebastian passed away in 2020. 

Lauren dated Alexander Burriss, a famous YouTuber who went by the name Alex Wassabi. They became a famous YouTube couple. 

Also, their relationship was well-documented, with Lauren uploading many of their videos on her YouTube channel. Their relationship lasted for more than 3 years, and they announced their separation on social media in September 2018. 

Since 2019, LaurDIY has been with Jeremy Lewis, a singer, and an entrepreneur. Lauren collaborated with her on some YouTube videos.

Fun Facts About LaurDIY 

  • Lauren has a great following on social media. Her charming personality and luxurious life are what people want to see. She has a total of 4.4 million followers on Instagram. 
  • With over 29 million views, the most popular video on her channel is her song “My Side,” which features her ex-boyfriend Alex Wassabi.
  • She won a Shorty award for the “House and Home” category, which she received on her tenth annual presentation. She also received the “Streamy Award”, which was given to her for the Lifestyle category. 
  • Lauren adopted a miniature Bull Terrier in 2017; she named her Moose. 

LaurDIY Net Worth – Frequently Asked Question

How Old is LaurDIY?

LaurDIY was born on 11 August 1993. She is currently 28 years old. Lauren has become a star during college when most people still haven’t decided what to do in life. Her fantastic achievement has come due to her creative mind and hard work.

How Much is LaurDIY Net Worth?

LaurDIY net worth is estimated at $5 million for the current year. The 29-year-old celebrity entrepreneur successfully created a brand that gained considerable attention from her followers and the media. 

What Does LaurDIY Do For a Living?

LaurDIY is an entrepreneur, a YouTube personality, and a social media celebrity with an enormous following. Her main YouTube channel has over 8.55 million subscribers. 

How Much Money Does LaurDIY Make?

LaurDIY is a Canadian YouTuber whose estimated annual earning is $110,000 from her DIY content. Her main channel has more than 8.55 million subscribers and 401 million views. A single video makes around 6 to 7 dollars per thousand views or around 10 thousand dollars per month. 

Most of her YouTube income is generated through ads and sponsors.

LaurDIY Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Personalizing a Luxury Bag

LaurDIY Net Worth – Final Thoughts

LaurDIY’s success stems not just from her creativity and hard work but also from her entrepreneurial vision and marketing savvy. She initially focused on a lucrative DIY niche that reeled in her viewership and persevered in working on her LaurDIY branding through the years.

LaurDIY net worth is something to be admired, and her achievements to aspire for. Time and again, we’ve seen how countless people have succeeded so much after zeroing down on two basic things: having passion and investing a proper amount of effort into the dream.

And for those who are easily intimidated, it’s best to take the first step thinking that there are thousands of people who have chosen the same niche as you. But take a page from Lauren’s book and simply enjoy what you’re doing. Make it scary or strange, so long as it’s fun, others will find it interesting.

But honestly, Lauren bagged a very good niche. How many people can make learning fun? On that note, she is rightfully labeled as the Millennial Martha Stewart.

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