Jayson Waller Net Worth 2024: Success with Clean Energy

Have you heard of the story of the trailer park boy turned multimillionaire entrepreneur? That’s Jayson Waller, founding CEO of Powerhome Solar. Curious how he accumulated the current Jayson Waller net worth? Read on. 

Everyone loves a rags-to-riches story. Jayson Waller’s story is as inspiring as it is commendable. He has also been spreading the secrets of his success through his widely-followed podcasts and books. 

His solar panel company, now named Pink Energy, also reflects his social responsibility as a “proud sponsor of planet Earth” and a proponent of clean energy. 

These achievements continue to be socially recognized, as seen from his numerous awards and citations. Not bad for this underdog, who was a high school dropout and teen father. His life’s twists and turns make for a compelling read. Let’s learn from his success story.

Jayson Waller Net Worth

Jayson Waller has a total net worth of $8 million. He is an entrepreneur, podcaster, author, and TV personality

Jayson is the founder and current CEO of Powerhome Solar. He is also hosting his own podcast “TrueUnderdog.” Most of his income comes from his solar panel installation company and YouTube channel.

Jayson Waller’s Short Bio

  • Jayson was born on 5th December 1979 in Glendale, Arizona, USA. He is currently 43 years old. 
  • He has an estimated height of 5 feet 8 inches.
  • Jayson launched his solar panel company in 2014.
  • He has published a book titled “Own Your Power.”
  • He has also appeared as a Judge on “2-minute Drill” by David Meltzer.

Early Life

Jayson’s early life was filled with hardships and struggles. He grew up in a trailer park with no specific path to success to follow. He spent his younger years in Glendale, Arizona. At the age of 14, he moved to North Carolina.

Jayson never went to school or college to build his basic skills, but he never used his situation as an excuse. He became a father at 17. The responsibilities were asking way more than he could offer, but Jayson used them as an opportunity to build three mind-blowing businesses. One is Powerhome Solar, which he believes to be the best of the three. 

Jayson had to sell his house to cover the expenses to make such a huge project work. After passing all the hurdles along the way, he finally successfully launched his solar panel company in 2014.

Jayson Waller’s Career

Jayson’s Powerhome Solar has more than 2,200 employees and more than $600 million in annual revenue. Jayson believes that the key to his success is not driven by money and accolades. He says that the better you do to others, the better will come to you. 

Powerhome Solar has become a fast-rising brand. In 2020, it was ranked 7th by the Solar Power World magazine in its Top Solar Contractors list.

Jayson has worked well on the marketing of his company. He has partnered with 5 professional football franchises to improve his overall reach. These include Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers, and Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Jayson has partnered with two more sports franchises, North Carolina State Athletics and Cleveland Indians, to further strengthen the company’s base. 

He has a YouTube channel named True Underdog Podcast- Jayson Waller with 21k subscribers and more than 513 videos. The podcast’s content is related to business and life. 

Guests include motivational speakers, athletes, and influencers. Hosts of “Shark Tank,” a reality show where new entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to industry bigwigs, are also regular guests in his shows. 


Jayson has won many awards. Achieving such greatness in the competitive business world without any support is quite exceptional. Here are the awards that Jayson has won over the last decade.

  • 4 times winner of Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • 7-Globee Awards for professional business and Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • DM-2019 Champion of the New Economy.
  • CBJ-Business Leader of the Year.
  • 13-Stevie awards CEO of the Year.
  • Southeast EY Entrepreneur of the year (2019)
  • Best Place to Work (Powerhome Solar) (2018, 2019, and 2020)
  • 5 times’ inclusion in Inc Top 5,000 Companies List
  • The 2020s Most Admired CEO

Jayson Waller’s Famous Quotes

  • “No climb to the top is ever easy, that’s why they call it a climb. But it’s attainable, especially if you take the stairs, climbing step by step to reach your ultimate goal.”
  • “Working with people from all backgrounds helps give you a more nuanced perspective and enables you to understand different ideas and schools of thought… A diverse team with diverse schools of thought only sharpens your company and sets you apart from the rest.”
  • “Choose the best person for the job, regardless of other factors…The best person for the job may not have a college degree, but as long as they are all in, they’re going to make a difference for the company. Everyone has superpowers. Everyone has the ability to overcome barriers. All they need is training.”
  • “You must believe and have a “why” that is bigger than the job. (At Powerhouse Solar), we have that mission to change the way people power their homes, to get them to embrace the use of clean energy instead of solely relying the big power companies and their fossil-fueled sources. Our team gets to be part of the mission of providing a better environment for all.”
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Jayson Waller’s Steps to Success

Jayson has listed 5 steps to attain a successful life.

  1. Making your own map: Create your path to success by building a map using your own ideas.
  2. Scared money doesn’t make money: Never be afraid to take risks.
  3. Love your Haters: Never let your haters and critics let you down.
  4. Team out: Gather people to build a team.
  5. Focus on Play-by-play: Step-by-step execution of the goal by breaking the end goal into small tasks.

Jayson Waller’s Personal Life

Jayson hasn’t shared much about his life. Sources confirm that he is married to Elizabeth Waller. 

The couple became parents during their teenage years. They currently have 4 children. 

Social Media Presence

Jayson Waller is quite active on most social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Following are the number of followers he has on different social media accounts.

  • 400k on the official Instagram account named Jaysonwallerbam.
  • 161k on the official Facebook page.
  • 802 on his verified Twitter account.
Jayson Waller on TED Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: Jayson Waller on TED

Jayson Waller Net Worth  – Frequently Asked Questions

What Made Jayson Waller Famous?

Jason Waller became famous after the launch of his solar power company known as “Powerhome Solar.” He is the founder and CEO of this company, established in 2014.

How Much is Jayson Waller Net Worth?

As of the current year, Jayson Waller has a total net worth of $8 million.

How Did Jayson Waller Become Rich?

Jayson Waller became rich by providing a new way of powering your homes. He provides solar panels and their installation services. His company currently generates over $600 million in annual revenue.

Conclusion – Jayson Waller Net Worth 

Building a socially-responsible company with over a billion dollars in revenues and a net worth of $8 million is no mean feat. But through grit and hard work, Jayson Waller did it. 

His early struggles as a trailer park underdog have eventually borne their fruits, and he now generously shares the lessons from his inspiring story with aspiring entrepreneurs. Your success all starts with you: as Jayson said, “Don’t doubt yourself and don’t go into this world having no confidence. 

If you’re not going to bet on yourself, no one’s going to bet on you.”

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