Tim Dillon Net Worth 2023: How Rich Is Your Favorite Comedian?

Can a career shift bring millions? Bouncing from a crisis into a new career opportunity: that’s part of this comedian’s success story. Now, just how much is Tim Dillon net worth after that lucrative transition?

A former subprime mortgage marketer, his realty career halted during a housing crisis, leaving him in huge debt. He eventually followed his calling as a stand-up comic and became a popular podcaster. Let’s find out just how rich your favorite comedian Tim Dillon is. Read on.

Tim Dillon Net Worth

Tim Dillon is a well-known American comedian, actor, and podcaster. He has a total net worth of $4 million. 

Most of Tim’s money comes from podcasts; the rest comes from hostings, shows and appearances in TV and movies, and touring gigs in different venues, bringing his hilarious comedy across the country. His podcasts alone are worth millions. “The Tim Dillon Show” has earned him a good reputation and multiple streams of steady income. 

Tim Dillon – Short Bio

On January 22, 1985, Tim was born in Island Park, New York. He belongs to an Irish-American family living in New York. Tim completed his basic education at a school in his local town. However, he became a bright student of Nassau Community college later on. 

Tim likes to keep his personal life private, so there isn’t much to talk about his family. However, He revealed his sexual interests quite publicly. Tim told his audience that he is homosexual. Currently, he is single, but the list of his past relationships isn’t short. 

Early Life

Dillon belongs to an Irish Catholic family. He went through the hardships of life alone, as his parents split up when he was very young. His mother was a schizophrenia patient, making the whole scenario worse for Tim. 

Tim went out into the world at a young age to try acting. In 1994, he was cast in a few Sesame Street appearances, one of which involved a polka dance with Mr. Snuffleupagus. As he grew up, he realized that his passion was in performing. His humor was good enough to make him one of the funniest stand-up comedians. 

His career took a break when he got stuck in a housing crisis. In 2008, he sold himself a home with a subprime mortgage and fell into a huge debt at 22. 

Tim Dillon’s Career and Achievements

Tim never lost hope. He continued working hard to hone his comedic talent and eventually beat all the hurdles life put on his way to success. Tim hung out at Lisa’s Lounge, a local Baldwin, NY bar. In one of his Tumblr posts, he credited the bar for the experience and ideas that inspired his future work.

Tim appeared in a movie called “Boston Psychiatric” in 2009, which brought him back into the limelight. This was the beginning of his professional career. Tim moved to the comic industry soon after his first film was released. 

The next year, while working his day job as a New York City tour guide, he started to perform standup comedy at Caroline’s Comedy Club and hosted his podcast “Tim Dillon is Going to Hell” on the GaS Digital Network. Soon, he was seen in many different comedy shows doing his comedy routine. 

He is also credited for his work in the movie “Timing” where he co-starred with fellow comics. His hard work and desire to become one of the bests in his profession subsequently paid off well. 

Tim’s performance in the Montreal comedy festival “Just for Laughs” gained him good reviews. He was named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the “10 Comedians You Need To Know” in 2017.

He has also appeared and executive produced the Netflix show “The Comedy Lineup” (2018). In 2020, Tim was also a co-host of the “Real Ass Podcast” spin-off entitled “Bastard Radio.”

His success story started moving on the fast track as he was consistently performing in many television shows and keeping his audience laughing with his jokes and punchlines. Some of his most admired TV comedy show credits include “Thanksgiving” and “Dollar Store Therapist.”

Social Media Presence

Since Tim’s got talent and marketing savvy, he became a YouTube star and quite famous on social media. Producing some amazing content that earns him a good amount of money, he has 418,000 subscribers on YouTube. He has 618k Twitter followers and 537k on Instagram.

Furthermore, he earns a lot from Patreon, a digital platform for artists to earn money. His account has two membership options: one of 5 dollars and the other of 20 dollars every month. Currently, he has more than 39,000 patrons. Do the math, and it’s obvious how he makes around 2.5 million dollars from his patrons.

Tim Dillon’s Personal Life

Tim is currently staying in Los Angeles. Tim revealed that he was homosexual when he was 25 years old, but he doesn’t have any known relationship right now. 

There is also no information about Tim’s family. He has not even shared the name of his parents and siblings. So, finding the family where Tim grew up is difficult. However, multiple sources claim that he belongs to an Irish Catholic family, but apart from that, their true identity could not be revealed.

Tim Dillon Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Tim Dillon Do For a Living?

Tim is a multi-talented guy. He is an actor, podcaster, and comedian. Tim makes most of the money through an online platform for artists to earn money called Patreon. He has over 39,000 patrons to his account. His social media presence isn’t far behind either, as he makes a good amount from YouTube and Instagram. 

How Much Does Tim Dillon Earn?

Tim Dillon has multiple sources of income. He earns around 2.5 million dollars per year from Patreon. Tim is one of the highest-paid people on the platform. At the end of 2020, Tim earned around 14,000 dollars per month, which increased drastically next year to a whopping $180,000 by the end of 2021.

What Is Tim Dillon Net Worth?

Tim Dillon net worth is estimated at $4 million in 2022. His Patreon account and social media presence, along with his podcasts, makes him a lot of money. He was listed among the richest podcasters in 2021. His last reported monthly income from Patreon was around 129,417 dollars, which only increased with time. 

How Much Does Tim Dillon Make From Patreon?

Tim Dillon makes around 2.5 million dollars from Patreon alone. He is an amazing artist who offers two subscription packages: one for 5 dollars per month, and the other costs $20 per month. He has over 39,000 patrons right now.

Courtesy of YouTube: Stand-Up Performance at Whitney Cummings’ Party

Final Thoughts – Tim Dillon Net Worth

With a net worth of 4 million dollars and a show with his own name, this kid from New York’s streets has become a stand-up comedy king and an amazing actor. All this is because of his hard work and dedication to his goals.

May Tim’s diligence, ambition, and creativity inspire us to find our own successful niches despite initial hardships.

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