Don Benjamin Net Worth 2023: You Know His Face, Now Listen to His Music

Donald Benjamin is a budding model, rapper, and actor. He is a social media and entertainment industry star from America. Ever wondered about the beginnings of this up-and-coming superstar? Read more about his life, career, and Don Benjamin net worth.

Don Benjamin landed on the stairs of popularity after he was featured in Ariana Grande’s music video. The clip received over 890 million views on YouTube, making it one of the most viewed song lists. On top of the occasional music videos, Don has also appeared in TV shows and films.

Don is the winner of the first season of the horror reality TV show called Scared Famous. His Vlogs and other videos on YouTube have played a huge role in building wealth.

Don Benjamin net worth is estimated at $20 million. He turned many heads in 2013 after participating in America’s Top Model.

Don Benjamin Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Don Benjamin Photoshoot with Rocawear

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Don Benjamin – Short Bio

He was born Donald Benjamin Walls, on 5th May 1987, currently 35 years old. His music career began in 2013, and currently has millions of followers on different social media platforms.

Don stands at 6.1 feet tall and weighs 76 kgs. And like many famous rappers, Don is fascinated with the art of tattoos. He has a few interesting designs etched on his body that represent his passion for music and rap.

Don Benjamin’s Early Life

Don Benjamin is the son of African-American actor Don Walls. His mother’s identity is yet to be revealed in public. The rumor is that she is a beautiful Irish-American woman. And if the said rumor is true, it would certainly explain many of Don Benjamin’s distinct features.

Don spent his early life in Chicago but later moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his mother and sister named Brooke. He completed his matriculation from Brooklyn high school but never went to college. He was more interested in sports such as basketball than studying. 

He struggled as a student, and would often be judged as incompetent by certain people because of bad grades. Instead of offering the young Don encouragement or support, he was deemed incorrigible and people readily assumed that the boy was destined to fail as an adult. 

But honestly, what’s the value of being good in academics if you fail as a human being?

Don was blessed with enough wisdom despite his young age. Instead of taking all the slander to be heard, the boy opted to leave town and moved to Los Angeles. And as luck (or reward) would have it, Don Benjamin soon landed his first modeling gig that led to more opportunities.

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Don Benjamin’s Career and Achievements

Aside from being a talented music creator, Don Benjamin found his way on television. While building his music career, Don was given the opportunity to be part of America’s Top Model cycle 20, in 2013. Though he failed to win the season, Don instantly became a sought-after model.

He appeared in the music video of one of the most popular singers of the current generation, Ariana Grande. The song “Into You,” released in 2016, received over 890 million views on YouTube. The success of the video rewarded Don, with another great wave of opportunities.

Don Benjamin released a single in which he collaborated with Photronique called “Across the Sky”. The song received so much praise that he decided to create a YouTube channel which he named, Forever US. He uploaded an EP of his debut song on his channel in 2018.

“Forever US” has a steadily rising number of followers, currently logged at 198,000 subs.

And though schools and education may not be that interested in him, Don continues to amaze the people around him with his relentless drive to accomplish new things. He took up his pen and wrote the book, My Truth, published in 2020. And of course, he also wrote a second book called My Time is Now.

Don Benjamin’s Personal Life

Don’s significant other is the American model and singer, Liane Valenzuela. The two met in 2015 and started collaborating on the app called Musical.Ly (now TikTok). The couple made their relationship official in 2017 and finally married on the 24th of August, 2021.

Liane Valenzuela is also quite famous on Instagram, with more than 4.5 million followers. Early in her singing career, received an offer, and signed with Brand X. She has also appeared in a few movies like Missing Heart and Bad Escorts.

Don Benjamin Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is Don Benjamin famous?

Don Benjamin is quite famous because of his music and style. His relationship is also a key item in his life that attracted a lot of media attention. His presence on social media is quite good, with 2 million followers on Instagram. 

Another thing that made Benjamin famous is his appearance in Ariana Grande’s music video “Into You”. The song became so popular that it made Don Benjamin’s name stuck in the minds of music lovers. 

What does Don Benjamin do For a Living?

Don Benjamin produces exceptional music and vlogs on YouTube. He has made a channel with his girlfriend, Liane Valenzuela. The channel has more than 200,000 subscribers with 8 million views, all videos combined. 

How Much is Don Benjamin Net Worth?

Don Benjamin net worth is estimated at $20 million. The musician turned actor, rapper, model, and author took a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles in the early 2010s to start a career in music.

How old is Don Benjamin?

Don Benjamin was born on 5th May 1987. He is currently 35 years old, but his style and personality make him look a lot younger. He has transformed himself into one of the most attractive men in the world through hard work and motivation. 

Is Don Benjamin Still a Model?

Yes, Don Benjamin is still an actor, model, and musician. He has proved himself in various professions and is still working hard to show his various talents in multiple fields.

Don Benjamin with Filipina Girlfriend, Liane Valenzuela Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: Don Benjamin with Liane V – Leaning Tagalog

Don Benjamin Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Don Benjamin is a real success story. He may not be super famous, but he has so much potential to grow. 

From virtually nothing, Don built himself up to the potential superstar he is today. We can all take his career as another example that everyone has equal access to dreams. We are all entitled to it.

But the thing that makes the difference is what people do with those dreams. It’s up to us if we wish to either keep it locked away in the depths of imagination, or use it like a carrot tied to a stick and chase it.

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