Sharaya J Net Worth 2024: From Dance Crews to Mainstream Stardom

Sharaya J’s talent, passion, and hard work have earned her a spot among the most influential artists in hip-hop today. Her unique style of rap and explosive performances have taken the world by storm, and it’s no surprise that Sharaya J net worth is a testament to her incredible success.

Sharaya J has made a name for herself with her dynamic performances and infectious energy. Her breakout single, “Banji,” caught the attention of none other than Missy Elliott, who signed her to her label, The Goldmind Inc.

The rare opportunity led to a string of successful collaborations, including the hit song “Dope Girls” with Elliott herself. Sharaya J’s greatness has been recognized with many prestigious features, which include BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher, The Steve Harvey Radio Show, and The Cut.

Sharaya J – Net Worth

Sharaya J’s net worth is around $1 to $3 million. Her wealth has been accumulated through her successful music career and her work as a choreographer and performer. 

The American rapper has released several popular singles, collaborated with industry heavyweights, and performed at major events, all contributing to her impressive net worth.

Sharaya J – Short Bio

Sharaya J, a rapper, singer, and choreographer, was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on January 17, 1984. Her real name is Sharaya Howell, and she comes from a musical family. Her mother, Joanne Borgella, was a singer, while her father, Omarosa Manigault Newman, was a drummer.

As a result, Sharaya J grew up surrounded by music of various genres, which played a significant role in shaping her career. Although Sharaya J attended Howard University, where she initially pursued a degree in psychology, her passion for music was too strong to ignore.

Eventually, she dropped out of college to follow her dreams in the music industry. Sharaya J began her career as a dancer and later joined Missy Elliott’s dance crew. This experience was a stepping stone for Sharaya J’s career, eventually leading her to become a successful rapper and singer.

Sharaya J – Career and Achievements

Sharaya J began her career in entertainment as a hip-hop choreographer, touring with French singer Mylene Farmer in 2006. She quickly gained recognition as a talented choreographer, working with industry titans like Diddy and Alicia Keys. 

Signing with Missy Elliott’s label, The Goldmind Inc., in 2013, Sharaya J’s debut single “Banji” led to a breakthrough moment in her career.

Her collaborations with Missy Elliott further solidified Sharaya J’s place in the industry, including joining her on tour. Sharaya J also made a name for herself as a dancer and choreographer, performing at high-profile events like the BET Awards. 

Collaborations with Timbaland, appearances on “The Four: Battle for Stardom,” and her philanthropic efforts promoting breast cancer awareness have helped Sharaya J become a recognized talent in the industry.

As a dance and rap superstar, Sharaya has received numerous accolades for her work:

  • Received a nomination for Best Art Direction at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, making it a finalist on “The Four: Battle for Stardom” in 2018.
  •  Featured on “Empire” with her single “Shut It Down” in 2019. 
  • Reaching #1 on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap chart with her single “Dope Product” in 2020.
  • In 2021, Sharaya J released her single “Shawty” with a music video featuring Missy Elliott and DJ Dahi.

Sharaya J – Personal Life

Sharaya J is quite private about her personal life, and details about her relationships or family are hard to come by. Whether she’s married or has kids is unclear, but what is evident is her passion for philanthropy, particularly in raising awareness about breast cancer. 

Sharaya J loves to dance, compose music, and hang out with her loved ones when she’s not working.

Sharaya J – Social Media

As a rising star in the entertainment industry, Sharaya J has an active presence on social media, engaging with fans and sharing updates on her career. She regularly posts photos and videos showcasing her performances and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life. 

Sharaya J is known for her bold fashion choices and often uses social media to showcase her unique style. She uses her platform to promote her philanthropic efforts and raise awareness for breast cancer.

Twitter – Sharaya J with 25.6K followers.

YouTube – Sharaya J NETWORK with 108K subscribers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Sharaya J Net Worth

Who Is Sharaya J, and What Is Her Background?

Sharaya J is an American rapper, choreographer, and songwriter. She started her career as a hip-hop choreographer, showcasing her skills on tour with French singer Mylene Farmer in 2006. Sharaya J later signed with Missy Elliott’s label, The Goldmind Inc., and released her debut single, “Banji,” in 2013.

What TV Shows Have Sharaya J Appeared On?

Sharaya J has appeared on popular TV shows like “The Four: Battle for Stardom” and “Empire.” She was a finalist on “The Four,” and her single “Shut It Down” was featured on “Empire.”

Who Are Some of the Artists That Sharaya J Has Worked With?

Sharaya J has worked with industry heavyweights like Diddy, Alicia Keys, and Timbaland. She is also known for her collaborations with Missy Elliott, which have been instrumental in her rise to fame.

Conclusion – Sharaya J Net Worth

With her infectious energy and unique style, Sharaya J has amassed fame and a loyal following of fans who appreciate her contributions to the hip-hop genre. Her music and dance performances continue to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. 

As she continues to grow as an artist, we can expect to see even greater things from Sharaya J in the future.

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