Megan Batoon Net Worth 2023: Famous Social Media Influencers

You’ve probably heard of Megan Batoon if YouTube is one of your favorite pastimes. Where does she come from, and how did she become famous? Read more about her career and Megan Batoon net worth.

Megan Batoon is a super successful YouTuber, content creator, and actress. She regularly publishes D.IY and choreography videos on her channel. Batoon’s trademark style has been to explore different niches, which has been a significant hit online. So much so that Nike endorsed her.

The 30-year old YouTube sensation is a dancer, actress, creator, and Instagram influencer. She’s been featured in many popular shows, including Most Amazing Vacation Rental on Netflix.

Megan Batoon net worth amassed a $2 million fortune, and from the looks of it, she is bound to become a much bigger star as her presence continues to grow in the online space. Aside from YouTube and Instagram, Batoon has profited from several opportunities due to her fame.

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Megan Batoon – Short Bio

Megan Alicia Batoon is a 30-year-old actress and YouTuber born on March 29, 1991. She is 5.4ft and weighs 53 kgs. 

The actress is American with Filipino, Polish and Irish ancestry. She created her YouTube channel on December 14, 2010, and today, she has over 1 million subscribers and almost 400 uploaded videos. The influencer also has close to 800,00 followers on Instagram.

Megan Batoon is an online media sensation and a YouTuber known for her choreographic videos. She is also an actress who has appeared in several movies, including:

  • Date-A-Max (2012)
  • Ladies of Rap (2012)
  • Anthony Ma Presents (2013)
  • Dark Horse (2013)

She has also hosted the “World of Dance Weekly” and was the first person selected by Ford as an agent for their “First Movement.” She also runs a podcast called “Tip with Megan Batoon.”

Megan Batoon – Early Life

Megan was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but she currently lives in Los Angeles, California. There’s no mention of her father, but her mother’s name is Michele DePompeo. Megan has a sister Nicole Lee. The sisters are of multi-racial background, namely Irish, Polish and Filipino. 

She was fascinated with Filipino culture from an early age and embraced her Asian background with joy. Being a fan of Filipino food, she has published videos where she is seen cooking famous Filipino delicacies. Her love for Filipino culture has attracted a vast Filipino audience.

Megan Batoon Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Megan In Manila

Megan Batoon – Career & Achievements

Megan Batoon has been very successful with her online career, making her financially successful. Megan Batoon net worth is $2 million, which she earned from different income sources. Because of her popularity, the influencer received offers to act in a few movies.

She has featured in a significant number of films which include:

  • Step Up Revolution Dancer (2012)
  • Ladies of Rap Pocahontas (2016)
  • Everything Before Us Meg (2015)

While her acting gigs have mainly been part-time, she makes a consistent income from her YouTube channel. Her fame opened doors to brand endorsements on the platform. 

In addition to YouTube, Megan also has a massive following on Instagram with close to a million followers. 

Megan Batoon’s rise to stardom in the mainstream media started from her appearance in Netflix’s World’s Amazing Vacation Rental in the first season. The show opened many opportunities for the influencer from product sponsorships to movie projects.

Megan Batoon – Personal Life

Megan Batoon is currently single based on her information on social media. She once dated Ian Eastwood, a fellow Youtuber from 2014-2016, but nothing else is known about her love life. 

Her mother is Michele DePompeo, and she has a sister, Nicole Lee. Nothing is known about her father or personal life beyond the little details she has shared with the world.

She appears to be a highly educated woman, but she doesn’t share details about her education. However, there are rumors that she attended a graphic design school. 

Batoon leads a very private life when she is not working online or onset. Aside from what she shares on her chosen platforms, Megan Batoon prefers to keep her personal life separate from work.

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Megan Batoon Net Worth -Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Megan Batoon?

Megan Batoon is a YouTuber, writer, actress, and choreographer. She is pretty popular online and has appeared in many TV shows. The 30-year-old American is of Filipino and Irish descent.

How Much Is Megan Batoon Net Worth?

Megan Batoon’s net worth is $2 million. She has a YouTube channel with a large following where she publishes DIY, choreography, and cooking videos. Most of the videos are available on Instagram, where she has more than 800,000 followers. 

Aside from her presence on social media, Megan is also an amateur actress who appeared in a few movies.

How Did Megan Batoon Become Famous?

Megan Batoon first rose to online fame via YouTube and Instagram, where she constantly releases videos. She entered the international spotlight after appearing in the first season of Netflix’s “World Amazing Vacation Rental,” bringing her a wide range of opportunities. 

Megan Batoon is also an accomplished actress, appearing in several movies, namely Step Up Revolution, Ladies of Rap, and Date-A-Max.

Courtesy of YouTube

Megan Batoon Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Megan Batoon is one of those influencers who promote positive content. She embraces her multi-racial culture and shares her discoveries with her viewers, especially highlighting her Filipino side. Megan’s content promotes practicality, fun, and good health. 

It’s always good to hear that there are still many influencers out there who make an effort to put out quality content rather than random clips for attention.

Until a few years ago, the internet icon was a regular person who simply started sharing things she enjoys and stuff she’s passionate about. Now, Megan Batoon net worth amounts to $2 million, and it’s not a very far-fetched dream for anyone who wants to succeed in the same manner.

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