Mica Hughes Net Worth 2023: Famous Reality TV Stars

Mica Hughes is one of the most explosive characters on Bravo’s hit reality TV series, Blood Sweat and Heels. Learn more about her career and Mica Hughes net worth.

Mica Hughes’ glamorous life is one of the highlights of Bravo’s famous reality television series, Blood Sweat and Heels. But before she had had a camera following her daily life, Hughes started as a model like Greg Sestero, who eventually transitioned into acting.

She is seen as the perfect image of beauty and brains. Mica Hughes net worth is estimated at $1.5 million for 2022, mainly accumulated from her business ventures that have been successful over the years. 

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Hughes may not have as many television appearances now, but her exposure to reality television was a positive factor that helped her succeed as an entrepreneur.

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Mica Hughes – Short Bio

Hughes has lived in New York most of her life aside from her years in Europe, where she worked as a model and when she attended the University of Maryland College Park, where she finished a degree in Communications. After graduation, her first job was in front of a camera.

Following her original goal, she became a news reporter until she attracted the attention of a modeling scout, and shifted her career.

Modeling Career

Wilhelmina Modeling is one of the leading modeling and talent agencies in the world. To be added to their roster almost assures a long, successful career. Their list included names like Hollywood actress Kim Basinger and tv personality Martha Stewart. 

Aside from the $191 hourly rate, models are offered to work with big fashion brands and fortune 500 companies. 

Mica Hughes was working as a neighborhood news reporter when she caught the eye of a talent scout from the renowned agency. And because she was intelligent, poised, and hard-working, Hughes became one of the top models of the agency. 

For over twenty years, Hughes worked with Wilhelmina and Ford models. She was also involved with modeling brands like Yves, Saint Laurent, Channel, and Oscar de la Renta. 

Hughes took more than wealth and fame from her experience as a model. She learned the business and started her own talent agency.

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Mica Hughes’ first acting appearance was in multi-award-winning director Spike Lee’s 1996 film, Girl. Hughes played a minor role with British model Naomi Campbell. After the movie, she focused her attention on her business ventures and continuing her modeling career. 

Blood Sweat and Heels

Hughes established herself as a successful New York-based entrepreneur with solid connections in the fashion and entertainment world. Her steadily rising status made her the perfect candidate to be a cast member on Bravo TV’s City Sisters and Blood Sweat and Heels.

For two seasons, Blood Sweat and Heels followed the daily lives of four of New York’s elites in the real estate, fashion, and media industries. The reality series became an instant hit in the US. The audience anticipated moments where the stars show rare sides of themselves, like clashing opinions with each other and going through real-life situations.

Bravo Cancels Blood Sweat and Heels

The show entered its second season on March 29, 2015. The whole cast and crew were very optimistic because of the outstanding audience reception of the show from the previous year. 

But the show documented a significant event on one of the stars of the show. A makeup artist pointed to the discoloring on Daisy Lewellyn’s eye, and it was later found as a sign of bile duct cancer.

The actress was not aware of any illness until that time. The second season documented her battle with cancer and even celebrated the completion of her radiation treatment on the show’s season finale. Unfortunately, Daisy Lewellyn passed away on April 8, 2016. She stayed optimistic throughout, and many hoped that she would make a triumphant return for the third season.

Bravo TV officially announced the cancellation of the show. According to Page Six, the production team found it challenging to pick up from Lewellyn’s death, but they probably could work something out. The other factor that may have killed off any hopes of a third season were the lawsuits filed by two of the stars against each other.


  • Girl 6 – 1996 Film, Directed by Spike Lee.
  • City Sisters – Reality-TV 2014
  • Fashion News Live – 2015 Feature
  • Blood Sweat and Heels – Reality-TV 2014 to 2015
  • A Luv Tale: The series – 2018 mini-series. 
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Mica Hughes Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Mica Hughes Net Worth?

Mica Hughes net worth is estimated at $1.5 million for 2022. She continues to rise as a business and fashion entrepreneur with a firm influence in the media industry.

Who Is Mica Hughes Husband?

Mica Hughes is not married but has been in a steady relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Terry Lyon, who works as a professional financial advisor for Equitable.

Why Was Blood Sweat and Heels Cancelled?

Blood Sweat and Heels ran for two seasons and was hopeful for a third run. But Daisy Lewellyn’s death and the lawsuits filed by co-stars Geneva Thomas and Melyssa Ford against each other in 2014 made it difficult for Bravo to push for another season.

What is Mica Hughes Doing Now?

Aside from the minor roles she played in 2018 on a few rare television appearances and A Luv Tale: The series, there is no recent news of Hughes being part of any production. It’s safe to say that her time is focused on her talent agency business and enjoying her glamorous lifestyle.

Mica Hughes Net Worth
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Mica Hughes Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Mica Hughes is a poster girl on what it means to be a successful modern woman. She took her time to learn everything about her passion, then worked hard to turn all of it into a profitable business venture. All that’s left was to enjoy her life’s achievements.

Through TV, people got to know that Hughes has many imperfections, just like everyone else. And vice versa, it meant that success is just as possible for everyone.

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