Andrew Callaghan Net Worth 2024: His Great US Adventure Continues

Andrew Callaghan’s curiosity and craving for adventure catapulted him to wealth and fame. Read more about this young YouTube sensation and Andrew Callaghan net worth.

Andrew Callaghan successfully established himself as a YouTube vlogger after publishing videos of his RV adventures. His popularity is up to par with Demolition Ranch, and throws in a subtle touch of comedy to real-life issues like Tom Segura. Callaghan’s clips were only a few minutes of content, but the stories consistently attracted hundreds of thousands of views.

To date, Callaghan is known for his involvement with two YouTube channels. All Gas No Breaks was created in 2019, the channel attracted 1.6 million subscribers and generates around $3,000 monthly. Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan is his latest channel. It currently has 969,000 subscribers and over 12.6 million views. Plus it generates around $10,000 in monthly earnings.

Courtesy of YouTube Vice Feature No Gas No Breaks

Andrew Callaghan net worth for 2022 was quoted at no less than $250,000. There is news of Callaghan working with Doing Things Media to turn All Gas No Breaks into a television series under Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim’s production company, Abso Lutely Productions.

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Andrew Callaghan Short Bio

Early Life And Education

Andrew Thomas Callaghan was born on April 23, 1997, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His whole family then moved to Seattle, Washington where he was raised and attended school.

Callaghan never really enjoyed school, but he found an interest in journalism when he was in high school. He followed his teacher’s advice to go where his passion led him, taking up journalism at Loyola University in New Orleans.

Quarter Confession Series

Callaghan moved to New Orleans and to study journalism at Loyola University, despite being bored with school life, he was brilliant enough to obtain a scholarship. He supported himself by working as a doorman in the historic French Quarter of the city, the famous Bourbon Street.

But he later quit his job and went around documenting people about their darkest secrets, which was later known as Quarter Confessions. He was attracted to the idea that there has to be a darker side to the bright, energetic front of New Orleans’ famous street.

All Gas No Breaks

All Gas No Breaks started as a self-published memoir. It documented his 70-day cross-country hitchhiking trip when he was 17. He started his All Gas No Breaks YouTube channel, where he uploaded the content he recorded for Quarter Confessions. It immediately attracted subscribers and gained a considerable fanbase that led to a partnership with Doing Things Media.

In 2019, Doing Things Media approached Callaghan with a $45 thousand salary offer plus a twenty percent share from Patreon Donations. They also sponsored the recreational vehicle Callaghan and his companions used for their episode trips, all of their equipment and covered their expenses on the road. This was in exchange for intellectual property rights.

But in 2021, Callaghan announced that he and his crew were no longer part of the YouTube series. According to an article posted by the New York Times, Callaghan had a falling out with the production which led to the early expiration of his contract, originally set for 2022.

Doing Things Media was pressuring Callaghan and his team to focus more on party-oriented content, which couldn’t be further from the hard, political fringe topics that Callaghan and All Gas And No Break were known for. 

Callaghan tried for a short time, and in December of 2020, he asked for a larger portion of the profits. But by early March of 2021, Doing Things Media removed the access of Callaghan and his crew from all All Gas No Breaks accounts. Their split was announced shortly after.

Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan

Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan is a channel he created with Nic Mosher and Evan Gilbert-Katz, in April of 2021. The channel is just a couple of months old, and it already has almost one million subscribers and over 12.6 million video views. It only has eight uploaded content, but the stats show that this new venture is rising in popularity much faster than its predecessor. 

Courtesy of YouTube Andre Callaghan with Chet Hanks

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Andrew Callaghan Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Andrew Callaghan Net Worth?

Andrew Callaghan net worth is estimated at $250,000 for 2022. The 24-year old vlogger started gathering stories by interviewing strangers along the historic Bourbon Street of New Orleans. His curious stories were an instant hit and attracted over a million subscribers.

What happened to Andrew Callaghan?

Andrew Callaghan was the original brains behind All Gas No Breaks. His content that attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers revolved around strange stories, conspiracy theories, and sensitive topics which they chase all over the United States. 

And because Doing Things Media pressured the crew to steer away from such topics, plus Callaghan asking for a bigger percentage of the profits, Callaghan was fired, and their partnership ended.

Who bought All Gas No Brakes?

Andrew Callaghan, the original creator of All Gas No Breaks, signed a contract with Doing Things Media. They offered Callaghan a salary of $45 thousand plus twenty percent of the amount the series receives from donations. This is in exchange for intellectual rights on All Gas No Breaks and sixty percent from donations.

How much does All Gas No Brakes make?

Though the channel doesn’t seem to be as active as when Callaghan was still doing the series, Social Blade estimated its yearly earnings to $42 thousand based on its current activity stats. 

What is the meaning of All Gas No Brakes?

All gas no breaks is a phrase that describes a person who jumps headfirst into an idea. And if, for example, this idea is following a road that’s been separated by a 20-meter ditch, they will find a way to jump over that gap just to continue following the road.

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Andrew Callaghan Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Andrew Callaghan net worth was accumulated from being a self-made success. He pursued topics that most people try to avoid or deemed too bizarre. But he believed that as a journalist, it is part of his mission to shed some light on these stories so people can understand better.

The world is filled with strangeness, and that’s what makes it so interesting. Sweeping anomalies under a rug or pretending they don’t exist doesn’t work. Doing Things Media may not agree on Callaghan’s style of journalism, but the fact that his new channel is growing faster than All Gas No Breaks shows that his adventures are far from over.

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