Wanda Smith Net Worth 2024: The Famous Ex-Host Of V-103

She was a host for Atlanta’s WVEE radio station until 2012. What caused her sudden exit from the station? Read about her career and Wanda Smith net worth. 

Wanda Smith hosted the highest-rated morning show in Atlanta for over a decade, alongside American DJ, journalist, philanthropist, radio personality, and public forums host Frank Rodriguez, aka Frank Ski. Their show is one of the best morning shows in the biggest and the most populated city in the state of Georgia, USA.

In 2008, the show’s popularity opened an opportunity with WUPA, a subsidiary of ViacomCBS, and owned by CBS Television Stations. The Frank and Wanda Television Show was broadcasted every night, recapping the episode of their morning program. 

But after 14 years with the program, Smith announced in late 2012 that she would be parting ways with WVEE. She did return for a time but ended up leaving again. So, what caused the crack in her career with the station? How much could this have affected Wanda Smith net worth? 

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Who Is Wanda Smith?

Wanda Smith is a proud native of Atlanta, Georgia. It is where she was born and raised, where she first earned a name for herself and built a family with her husband, LaMorris Sellers. Smith is a member of the baptist church, actively participates in giving back to the community, and is a personality known to be vocal when it comes to empowering women.

Smith was named Honorary Chairman of the Board at the Heart-Burn Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Georgia. Their mission is to promote safety and awareness and provide support to victims who lost their homes and cannot provide for their own basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, and medical attention.

Wanda Smith net worth is estimated at at least $5 million. She also played minor roles in few films, and she had a lot of television hosting gigs and comedy events. An active side-hustle on top of her steady position at WVEE was what made up Wanda Smith net worth.

The Comedienne

Smith is also a writer and a famous comedienne. Being a comic is the basis of her career and the very root of her success. She was defined as an intelligent individual of comedy. 

Her witty and humorously, indiscreet views of social issues and a wide range of contemporary topics may not be for everyone, but many people loved her for it because it’s honest and relatable.

The Radio DJ Host 

In 1998, Smith became part of WVEE, V-103 radio. It is a commercial FM radio station broadcasting within Metro Atlanta, in the state of Georgia. The frequency is a favorite of the vast majority who are into urban contemporary, international hits, talk radio, and lively programs on WAOK, WVEE’s counterpart for the station’s daily morning programs.

On V-103 radio, Smith joined journalist turned radio personality Frank Rodriguez in hosting a morning show. Frank Ski and Wanda Smith in the Morning maintained either the first or second spot as the most popular morning show in Atlanta. 

It provided a good dose of energy to early listeners from the lively exchanges between the hosts and famous guests on exciting topics.

Wanda Smith vs. Katt Williams

Smith’s career was bright and stable. She had regular standup gigs, she had lots of fans and supporters, and she was one of two hosts of the most popular morning radio program in the city. Everything was great until the day Katt Williams; also a comedian, dropped by the station.

Who is Katt Williams?

Katt Williams is a famous American standup comedian and an actor who has played minor roles in quite a number of films and television. But like Smith, Katt Williams’ core is into comedy. 

He is also intelligent, strong-willed, opinionated, and never afraid to go toe-to-toe against anyone in a battle of witty comebacks. So what happened between Wanda Smith and Katt Williams?

So What Happened?

Let’s face it; it’s not unusual to see hardcore comedians calling out each other over petty things like who has more gigs, who get more performances, and so on. But it’s also not too far-fetched if the whole thing is just a publicity stunt. It does happen, sort of like WWE’s scripted wrestling.

We’re naturally nosey as human beings, all the more if your job description includes broadcasting your unfiltered opinions about someone else’s issue. This is probably what happened when Wanda Smith commented on the exchanges between Katt Williams and Kevin Hart, another famous actor-comedian. 

Smith was on-air when she made her remarks on the Hart-Williams issue. She gave an opinion that Hart should ignore Williams, along with the use of some tactless adjectives. Of course, for Wanda Smith, her remarks were just part of another day at work.

September of 2018, despite the numerous times Katt Williams declined the invitation to be a guest at the V-103 broadcast, he found himself sitting just a few feet from Smith. The calm discussion slowly turned awry between Williams and Smith. The constant insults were mixed up with laughter, which was probably why the two other people with them thought nothing much of it.

At the later part of the broadcast, Smith was heard telling Williams to get off the station with an awkward smile on her face. The episode immediately became viral and later escalated to an incident where Smith’s husband supposedly got involved, and the police were called in.

Wanda Smith Ousted From V-103

The Atlanta Journal Constitution never announced why Wanda Smith was removed from the morning show. Still, the most viable explanation was because, aside from the actual episode with Katt Williams, Smith blamed her co-host Frank Ski for not defending her. 

Then there’s also the incident where her husband confronted Williams publicly.

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Wanda Smith Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Wanda Smith Net Worth?

Wanda Smith’s net worth is estimated at at least $5 million. She was one of the main hosts of the most popular morning radio show in Atlanta. She is also a famous stand-up comedienne, actress, and writer. After leaving the station, Wanda Smith net worth dropped significantly.

Why Is Wanda Smith With Ricky Smiley?

According to Rickey Smiley’s publicist, Wanda Smith was invited to be their community ambassador and co-host karaoke events. Smith thought at first that it was an invitation to be a co-host for Rickey Smiley’s radio show. But the offer was only for occasional events.

Did Wanda Smith Lose Her Job?

Wanda Smith was let go from WVEE, V-103 station. Despite the lack of official announcement regarding Smith’s departure from the morning show, it was understood that she lost her job due to events she triggered that harmed the reputation of the radio station and its people.

Wanda Smith Net Worth – Final Thoughts

We’ve all heard the term “occupational hazard.” This risk is found anywhere and not just in environments where apparent physical harm is present. 

Dealing with difficult people and allowing success to fill your head can be more toxic than exposure to plastic fumes. As for Wanda Smith, could she have handled it differently?

We can only imagine how much this forced hiatus affected Wanda Smith net worth. From days being booked with gigs and holding a good position at a highly respectable workplace, she had to retreat to the silence with minimal company. 

But who knows? She is not the first person to experience this; personalities involved in bigger issues have made a successful comeback.

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