Julian Edelman Net Worth 2023: Legendary Players Of The NFL

Julian Edelman played in four Super Bowl Championships during his 12-year stay in the NFL. Read about his career and Julian Edelman net worth.

Just like Eddie Hall‘s dedication to his sport, Julian Edelman earned the nickname Energizer Bunny for being one of the most hard-working receivers in NFL’s postseason history. He holds the second best, after Jerry Rice, in total receiving yards and receptions. He also set the Super Bowl record for punt returns and first-half receptions in a single game. 

Edelman was named Most Valuable Player in Super Bowl LIII, where he logged ten catches in 141 receiving yards, which made over half of the team’s total yardage. 

Julian Edelman Net Worth
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Aside from being a big name in football, he is also an accomplished author and businessman. In 2016, Edelman became the third NFL player who successfully published a children’s book, followed by a memoir in 2017. He continues to profit from his fame through ads and television appearances. He also had ventures like collaborations with clothing and sports apparel brands.

The 2022 update on Julian Edelman net worth is quoted at $25 million. The impressive track record he left with the New England Patriots had people debating if he should be included in the Pro Hall Of Fame. Though he lacked specific achievements, Edelman’s role in three of the Patriots’ Super Bowl wins was undeniable.

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Julian Edelman – Short Bio

Julian Francis Edelman was born on May 22, 1986, in California’s San Francisco Bay Area suburb of Redwood City. He is a former American football wide receiver for the New England Patriots, who played for twelve seasons in the National Football League.

High School Football

Edelman attended Woodside High School in Woodside, California, where he played for football and baseball varsity teams. As a quarterback, he led the Wildcats to an impressive win of 13-0 during his senior year in 2004. Edelman concluded his high school career with 2,237 yards and 29 touchdowns passing, plus 964 yards and 13 rushing touchdowns.

College Career

From College of San Mateo, Edelman transferred to Kent State University, where he took up business management and continued football. He took on the quarterback position for three years and grew to be the team’s leading passer and rusher by senior year.

He bested Joshua Cribb’s 2003 single-season school record. Edelman set a total of 275 passes that logged 1,820 yards from 153. He also assisted 13 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. 

Julian Edelman also dominated the field by gaining a total of 1,370 rushing yards from 215 attempts. Edelman maintained an average of 6.4 yards per carry, and 13 touchdowns.

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2009 NFL Draft – New England Patriots

Julian Edelman officially joined the New England Patriots in 2009. They picked him from the 27th round and 232nd overall. But even before then, the Patriots have conducted private workouts with Edelman and recognized his potential as a teammate.

On July 16, 2009, Edelman signed a four-year contract with the Patriots that included a $48,700 signing bonus.

Super Bowl

NFL Season 2011, Super Bowl XLVL. Edelman was tested by fire in his first Super Bowl game. He was spread to different positions, from being a kick and punt returner, he also ran for the team as a defensive back. On week 11, he earned his first AFC Special Teams Player Award after returning a 72-yard punt for a touchdown.

NFL Season 2014, Super Bowl XLIX. Edelman stacked a total of 972 receiving yards from 92 receptions and topped it off with four touchdowns. One of the most notable plays he did was catching a pass from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and pushing the ball for a 69-yard touchdown. He broke through two takedown attempts from the San Diego Chargers.

That play between Edelman and Brady led to the last and winning touchdown. The game ended with a 23-14 score, giving the New England Patriots their first Super Bowl victory.

NFL Season 2016, Super Bowl LI. Edelman was named AFC Offensive Player of the week after their game against the Miami Dolphins, where he successfully led a 77-yard touchdown for a 35 – 14 win for the Patriots. Edelman finished the season with a career-high 1,106 yards on 98 catches. He was ranked 71st on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2017.

NFL Season 2018, Super Bowl LIII. Edelman had a very late start in the season after his June 7 appeal was denied. He missed a total of four games, Edelman was given a suspension for violating the policy against the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

He was back in the field by October 2. The Patriots fought hard to earn a seed in the AFC playoffs. Edelman shouldered a $63,000 fine for three personal foul penalties and finished the 2018 season with 74 receptions for 850 receiving yards and six touchdowns.

The Patriots Won against the Los Angeles Rams, ending with a 13-3 score. The victory marks the team’s sixth Super Bowl win, with Julian Edelman named Super Bowl MVP.

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Julian Edelman Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Julian Edelman Net Worth?

Julian Edelman net worth is estimated at $25 million for 2022. Aside from his explosive career in the NFL, he is also a successful author and businessman like Grant Cardone. He’s been featured on many ads and has appeared on television shows like America’s Next Top Model.

What is Julian Edelman Salary?

The contract he signed that was supposed to hold until 2022 assures him of a base salary of $2 million annually, a $500,000 workout bonus, and $375,000 in roster bonuses, among other incentives.

Which Teams Did Julian Edelman Play For?

Edelman’s professional career began in 2009, where he was drafted by the New England Patriots from the 27th round. He stayed with the team for 12 seasons, playing a major role in the team’s Super Bowl victories.

When Did Julian Edelman Retire From the NFL?

Edelman’s retirement was announced on the 12th of April, 2022. He explained that he was leaving football due to a knee injury he’s been enduring—many respected Edelman’s decision, including quarterback Tom Brady, who praised him for his professionalism.

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Julian Edelman Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Did he make the right decision by retiring? Football fans will agree that Edelman is already an iconic figure. He has the skill to go much further and achieve more, but he left the sport because his quality of life matters more than money and fame, combined.

Just this September, the Patriots honored Edelman during the halftime ceremony. An article by NBC Boston recalls the former NFL star’s 100-yard trademark sprint and remembers how much of a fan favorite Julian truly is. He did the right thing by knowing when to quit, setting a great example to younger athletes aspiring to enter the field.

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