Elise Ecklund Net Worth 2024: Ever Wonder How Old She Really Is?

Are you one of the millions of fans of ukulele-playing, baby-faced Elise Ecklund? She is famous for her quirky YouTube videos and enjoyable music tutorials. Read more about her career and Elise Ecklund net worth.

Picking up a hobby or pursuing an interest is now much more convenient and inexpensive with the help of the internet, specifically YouTube, social media sites, and other sharing platforms. 

While LaurDIY’s channel appeals to our entrepreneurial side, Elise promotes the fun in music and why it is worth learning to play an instrument.

Elise Ecklund Short Bio

Elise Ecklund is a popular American YouTuber and ukulele player. She is known for her impromptu songs, covers, and gags that she uploads on her YouTube channel. 

On February 18, 1997, she was born in Wichita, Kansas, United States. She is of Caucasian descent with blonde hair and brown eyes. She stands at 1.57 m (5’1) and weighs 55 kg (121 lbs).

She was raised with three brothers and two older sisters. Elise’s family members make appearances on her videos, but none more often than her big sister, Eden, another popular YouTube vlogger. 

Elise and Eden also have a shared channel on YouTube with the description “we are sisters who make trash videos.”

The 25-year-old celebrity graduated from John Brown University with a degree in Marketing. She surely had other plans before becoming an online celebrity, but Elise’s love for music was just as strong, which has made her a considerable amount of money.

Carbon Monoxide Incident

In 2019 Elise moved out of their parent’s home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, with Eden, and her dog, Sunshine. The sisters took residence in an apartment in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Unfortunately, they left the following year due to a traumatic carbon monoxide incident. One night, the elderly woman who lived directly below the sisters took her own life via carbon monoxide poisoning. The fumes spread through the whole building of sleeping residents.

The incident happened while Elise was away. Eden was alone with the dog. Fortunately, she woke up at 3 am. She noticed her CO alarm blinking and the strange burning smell covering the whole place. Eden was able to call 911 and save a lot of lives. 

Shortly after the incident, the sisters moved to a new home in 2020.

Elise Ecklund Career and Achievements

Elise, the Composer and Musician

Elise is best known for her guitar and ukulele covers and, of course, tutorials. 

She revealed her amazing vocal range by featuring songs from different popular artists like Melanie Martinez, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Twenty One Pilots, Panic at the Disco, and so many others.

She shared a few of her original compositions on her channel, like the songs Bored, Broken Bones, I Don’t Mean to Exaggerate, If I Never Show Up, and many more. 

Her songs are usually inspired by how she’s feeling or by anything, random as it might be, that caught her attention.

Among her random, fun, creative moments was when she attempted to break the record of the shortest song ever. Elise called it I Suffer More in response to the official record-holding song, You Suffer by Napalm Death. Elise’s super short song is available on Spotify.

Courtesy of YouTube: Elise and Eden at Kiz Bop Concert 2019

Elise the Vlogger

Elise vlogs a wide range of things, usually involving her sister, Eden. 

The two would go on adventures like crossing to another state for a tub of Jojo Siwa’s ice cream, attending concerts, and having 24-hour challenges. 

And, of course, there were episodes featuring the rest of the family.

Elise Ecklund Goes On Tour

Elise vlogged throughout her European trip, as many of her viewers saw. But it was a trip sponsored by Flight Music and Hal Leonard to promote Flight Ukuleles and Elise’s first songbook. 

The tour brought her to the UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, and Italy.

Elise Ecklund – Social Media

Elise joined YouTube in February 2015, but it took her a whole year before uploading her first video. In March of 2016, Elise’s first video content was posted on YouTube, a short guitar tutorial for the song “Youth” by Troye Sivan. It became the very first of her over 663 uploaded videos to date. 

She has an average video view of 289,000 daily and uploads around 10 to 11 new videos on YouTube monthly. Currently, her YouTube channel has an overall video view count of 291.8M.

The video “I wrote a song using only your Instagram comments!” is her most popular YouTube video, with over 14.8 million views. Another quirky, most viewed video (2018) is “I wrote a song using only hate comments” (7.6M views), which actor Will Smith reposted on Instagram.

Another reason why Elise has over 2.18 million YouTube subscribers, almost half a million on TikTok, and around 250,000 followers on Instagram is because of her very light-hearted content.

While creating drama is still a popular strategy for both new and already famous content creators to gain attention, viewers are catching on that there’s already enough toxicity going around. Why would they want to spend five minutes of their precious time searching for more online?

Elise Ecklund Net Worth

Elise Ecklund net worth is estimated at around $1.2 million, mainly from her YouTube earnings. Her estimated monthly earning from YouTube is approximately $105,800, while she is expected to earn around $1,300,000 yearly.

Elise Ecklund – Personal Life

This may have come as a shocker for recent fans. Mainly because the YouTube sensation is petite, baby-faced, and seems to be no older than seventeen

But worry not. This vlogger is 25 years old, and with Elise Ecklund net worth, she is more than ready to take on the next phase of her life.

Elise met her husband, Bryan Landry, at a Jojo Siwa concert in October 2019 but never really showed interest until the following year. Elise introduced him to her fans in June 2020, then revealed their engagement in December that year. The young couple was married in June 2021. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Elise Ecklund Net Worth

How Much Is Elise Ecklund Net Worth?

Elise Ecklund net worth is estimated at $1 million for the current year. The 25-year-old vlogger first shared a guitar tutorial in 2016 and has since uploaded no less than 650 videos to date.

How Did Elise Ecklund Become Famous?

It all began in 2016 after Elise shared the guitar tutorial of Troye Sivan’s “Youth.” The clip was filmed in a small room with no special setting. But the people who saw the video were instantly enamored with her refreshing vibe, her fun and easy way of teaching how to play an instrument, and her surprisingly amazing vocals.

Are Eden and Elise Sisters?

Elise Ecklund and Eden Ecklund are sisters. They are four years apart with their brother, Brit, born between them. Eden works full-time as a second-grade teacher and is also a content creator. She also has her own channel, where she often collaborates with Elise.

Who Is Elise Engaged To?

Elise was engaged to Bryan, her boyfriend of two years. The couple met in 2019 and kept their relationship private until 2020. Elise announced their engagement in December of 2020, revealing the date of their marriage. The two tied the knot in June of 2021.

Final Thoughts – Elise Ecklund Net Worth 

After years of creating content and millions of subscribers later, nothing screams posh or flashy indications that say “I’m a celebrity” in any of Elise’s videos. Though setting up a more professional studio may help her career, maybe that’s not what Elise is going for.

You’ll see comments on her wedding video saying they’ve never cared for a celebrity wedding as much as they anticipated Elise and Bryan’s ceremony. Then people leave the sweetest remarks on the vlogger’s silliest and most random uploads. But why is that?

What we see is what we get. There is absolutely nothing artificial with this talented young lady that net surfers and YouTube potatoes found refreshing. Despite being an extraordinary success, Elise Ecklund’s style remains simple, family-oriented, silly, laid-back, and transparent. 

And rather than try to dissect what makes her special, just take it as a silent message saying that Elise Ecklund is no different from you or everyone else.

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