Sukihana Net Worth 2024: Get to Know the VH1 Reality Star

Who is Sukihana? Her very name may intrigue you and stir your imagination. In this post, we will satisfy your curiosity and tell you all you need to know about the American TV Star and Sukihana net worth.

Are you a fan of reality television shows? If you are then you might’ve caught a glimpse of Sukihana in the popular VH1 reality TV show Love & Hip-Hop: Miami. The 27-year-old celebrity was featured as one of the female rappers whose lives are often in the spotlight.

If you have seen Cardi B’s WAP music video with its provocative rap lyrics and visuals, you would have seen Sukihana performing with other female rappers in a message of empowerment, which this artist, woman, and mother of three has been living out.

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Sukihana’s Short Bio

Sukihana is a popular American rapper, songwriter, TV star, and social media influencer. 

Her real name is Destiny Henderson. She was born on 15 November 1991, in Wilmington, Delaware but spent her formative years in Atlanta, Georgia, then later moved to Miami.

Her stage name came from a friend who jokingly gave it to her. The idea came from a popular Asian restaurant at the Christiana Mall which is located in Newark, Delaware.

With a height of 5 feet 1 inch and a weight of 55 kgs, she has a similar styling sense to most American rappers. She loves tattoos, which can be seen on many parts of her body.

Sukihana’s Early Life

She grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. She attended creative arts school in Atlanta, Georgia, and then shifted to Miami. She always wanted to become a music producer. 

Her early life was not as luxurious as it is right now. Sukihana first became a mother at 18. She had to go through all the difficulties that becoming a mother at such a young age entails and has come out the other side very successful. 

Sukihana’s Career and Achievements

Sukihana is undoubtedly a multi-talented woman. She is a rapper, songwriter, and actor. 

The song that gave her recognition after going viral in 2017 was “Kodak Snack,” a remix of Kodak Black’s music. It was welcomed quite well by the audience. The song not only made her famous but also increased her following on social media exponentially. 

She continued making more music and released rap songs such as “Y u Mad (2019)” and “5-foot freestyle” (2020). In 2020, she debuted with her first mixtape, “Wolf Pussy,” which featured tracks like “Food Stamp Hoe,” “You Forgot To Love Me,” and “Yous A Hoe.” 

Her video entitled “No One” got more than 3.3 million views. 

So far, her biggest achievement as a musician was her collaboration with Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion on the bold and controversial “WAP.” The inclusion in this video celebrating female power and pleasure served as an endorsement of Sukihana’s talent. She benefited as an artist and as her empowered persona among black women rappers.

After she took a break from music and then resurfaced, making waves in the third season of the reality series “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.” She also appeared in Season 4 and will reportedly return with other regular cast members for a much-anticipated Season 5 this year.

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Sukihana’s Social Media Presence

Sukihana began sharing content on YouTube in 2016 to showcase her talent in hip-hop music. The first among her most-watched videos was “I never eat yo wings hoe,” which was later taken off the platform. It gained her many followers, and within a year, her channel reached 786,000 views. 

Currently, she has 154K subscribers on Youtube.

Sukihana has 1.5m followers on Instagram (@Suki With The Good Coochie) and over 381K followers on Twitter.

Recently, Sukihana created an account in OnlyFans, a popular platform among performers in the adult entertainment industry. OnlyFans enables content creators to earn money from viewers who subscribe to their content through monthly subscriptions or pay-per-view. 

In a 2020 YouTube video, Sukihana shared that she made $20K on her first day. 

However, her actions to increase her following on the platform, including posting adult videos, were not well taken by her manager Miami Tip and her team. They believe that she is completely ruining her reputation by doing such actions and will harm her career in the long term.

About Sukihana Net Worth

Sukihana is a famous American rapper, songwriter, TV celebrity, and social media star who has a net worth of around $1M. 

She has made most of her money through music videos and social media. Another source of her income is the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Miami, where her presence completely uplifts the whole mood and rating of the show. 

She has a good presence on YouTube, where most of her music videos are uploaded. 

These multiple income streams combine to make an estimated net worth of 1 million dollars. 

Why Do People Believe That Sukihana Was Financially Broke?

Some people criticize her spending habits and preference for luxury goods, as seen in LAHH. Her managers have even predicted that this will cost her heavily in the future. However, Sukihana says that she controls her expenses and doesn’t need anyone’s opinion on how to live.

A mother of three children, Sukihana always counters criticisms by saying that her children and her own life matter the most to her. Her desire to provide them with the best life possible takes top priority. It meant spending on her kids without thinking twice, adding her own luxurious “needs” into the mix.

Sukihana’s commitment to her family is commendable. She is a strong, dedicated mother who has achieved a lot in life all by herself. Her independence is the root of her unyielding confidence and has empowered her to brave every decision she has to make for herself and her family.

Sukihana net worth reflects her spending efficiency. A 1-million-dollar net worth should debunk any speculations of financial instability.

Sukihana’s Personal Life

She is currently in a relationship with a famous rapper known as Kill Bill. Sukihana has some really deep feelings for him. 

The love story started when he proposed to her on 18 September 2020. The proposal was presented quite dramatically as they were both on live chat in front of thousands of people watching them. Kill Bill took out a ring and asked Sukihana to marry him on live chat. 

Surprisingly, Sukihana’s kids were there during the whole scene. All three of her children were present when she accepted the proposal. Bill has been supportive of his girlfriend. He prefers allowing Sukihana to live her life according to her beliefs, which is why she fell in love with him. 

Sukihana Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Sukihana Get Rich?

Sukihana accumulated her wealth by making mind-blowing music and uploading them to her social media accounts. She has proven herself as a musician and a great entertainer.

How Much Does Sukihana Make?

From YouTube alone, Sukihana makes around $13,000 per month. The rest of her income is from gigs and appearances, but mainly from her commitment to VH1’s docu-reality show. Sukihana is paid $17,000 per Love & Hip-Hop: Miami episode.

What Is Sukihana Net Worth?

Sukihana net worth is estimated at $1 million. She has earned a lot of money through YouTube and reality shows. Her current income from YouTube is around 13,000 dollars per month, and she earns 17,000 dollars per episode of love and hip hop. 

Sukihana Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Sukihana and Her “Momager” – Love & Hip Hop Miami

Sukihana Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Sukihana is a hip-hop artist, songwriter, TV star, social media influencer, etc. Her strong will and incomparable determination to achieve her ambition are from the desire to improve her life and provide nothing short of the best for her family. Her current status is all due to hard work.

On the other side of all the praise and glorification, Sukihana’s rough personality, a few shady activities, and mostly borderline-explicit content has drawn quite a shadow over her career. 

But Sukihana’s rebuttal was simple. She doesn’t make music and the “kind” of content that she does for her children to see or listen to. She makes them in order to take care of her kids.

A self-made sensation who overcame so much in life, it is enough to say that Sukihana net worth of $1 million is more than deserved.

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