Liane V Net Worth 2024: Famous Filipina Social Media Star

If you develop your talents and follow your star via social media, will you also have a Liane V net worth? Let’s read her success story, find out how rich she has become, and how she earned her fame and fortune. 

Liane V is a social media celebrity, actress, model, and host. She has become a social media sensation with around 4.6 million followers on her Instagram. Most of her income is generated through brand deals and affiliations on multiple sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. 

Liane has also hosted shows such as X-Factor, American Idol, and The Voice. She earns a lot of money from such events, contributing directly to her rising celebrity net worth. 

Courtesy of YouTube: Liane V and Don Benjamin

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Liane V – Short Bio

More popularly known as Liane V, Liane Valenzuela is a Filipino-American model, actress, and singer. Born on 22 August 1986 in San Jose, California, she spent her growing up years in Modesto and later moved to Los Angeles. She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. She is a Christian and of Filipino descent.

Her parents, Prima and Wally Valenzuela, ran a DJ company. She has two sisters, Anna and Melissa. 

Liane’s Early Life

Liane was quite active in various activities during high school. An athlete, she competed in gymnastics, cheerleading, and basketball. Her dream lies in music and dancing. She honed her talent by taking dance classes at a Madonna Grimes institute, ballet lessons at Burbank School of Ballet, and acting classes at the Ruskin School of Acting. 

In 2006 at age 20, Liane moved to Los Angeles, where she was struggling. She worked hard by attending dance classes at night and working at a vehicle dealership during the day.

Liane V – Career and Achievements

Acting and Creating Video Content

Liane began her career at Vine, a now-defunct American social networking video hosting service, where she used to post short-form funny videos. She used to have over 4 million followers on Vine. She collaborated with famous Viners, including Amanda Cerny, King Bach, and Anwar Jabbar. 

In time, Liane V became famous, and it was not long before she first got paid for her 6-second videos. After getting her first check, she realized that it is possible to make a living by making social media her profession. She started spending more time on it and tried to improve her content. 

Her social media presence wasn’t her only occupation. She also appeared in interactive news shows in 2012. Her video with the title “Workout with Liane” upped her popularity in 2014. 

The upward cycle continued, and she started appearing in short videos, such as “Missing Heart,” “Bad Escorts.” and ” ‘Caught the Series.” Her admiring audience grew even more. 

Conquering Social Media

In 2015, Liane made her YouTube channel to improve her reach and engage with more audiences. Her first video saw her singing a song titled “Strong.” Liane didn’t stop singing after getting into other professions; she uploaded many music videos such as “Mood” and “No Cuffs.” 

More than 483K people subscribe to her Liane V channel, which has garnered millions of views. 

She has gained popularity through multiple social media platforms. Her Liane V TikTok account, where she has shared comedic dance routines and short sketches, has over 11.5 million fans. Her Facebook account has more than 1 million likes, while she also has 151.5K Twitter followers and 4.6 million on Instagram.

She switched to lifestyle blogging and make-up. Her content kept on improving and becoming more lucrative with time. It did bring more people to her channel, adding to Liane V net worth. 

Her popularity brought her more endorsements, sponsorships, and collaborations with different brands. In 2017, the founder of “Guess,” Paul Marciano, offered Liane a fashion line with fancy maxi dresses. 

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Liane V’s Personal Life

Liane started dating famous YouTuber and social media king Bach. She has uploaded many of their videos on YouTube. However, their relationship didn’t last for long as they separated only after a year in 2015. 

Later that year, Liane V found her life partner. After his appearance in the 20th season of “America’s Top Model,” Don Benjamin became a social media star. The love and affection between the couple seemed ideal, as they launched their own YouTube channel called “Forever Us,” which has over 200,000 subscribers. 

After being together for five years, their relationship got rocky. Soon, Liane released a video titled “How I’m Healing From My Breakup.” She revealed Don Benjamin’s infidelity as the cause of their split. The couple took turns releasing videos defending themselves. 

Eventually, after going on a vacation, they uploaded a joint video titled “Are We Getting Back Together?” which got 977K views.

Liane V Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Liane V Get Famous?

Liane V got famous after uploading a six-second video on Vine that got viral. It was the first video that earned her some money. She says that she still remembers that check. Her life changed soon after she started focusing more on social media. She currently has 4.6 million followers on her Instagram profile.

How Much is Liane V Net Worth?

Liane V is a multi-talented woman: a singer, dancer, model, actor, host, and social media influencer. Her amazing and engaging content has captured the hearts of many people. 

For the current year, Liane V net worth is estimated at $1 million. She achieved this through her music and acting stints, but especially through social media sponsorship and product endorsement deals. She also has ventured into merchandising her own Liane V product lines.

Are Liane Valenzuela and Don Benjamin Still Together?

Yes, they are. Liane and Valenzuela did separate shortly in 2020; then, they released a video on their YouTube channel titled “Are we back together” and “We are getting married.” Indeed, in August 2021, the couple tied the knot in a controversial wedding in Hawaii. 

Liane V Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Liane V Blogs

Liane V Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Liane V net worth is 1 million USD. She has earned most of her wealth from social media sites, music recordings, and TV shows.  

This multi-talented artist’s determination to achieve her musical and financial dreams is equaled only by her hard work and marketing savvy as a businesswoman. Seeing her social media fame converted to financial success can serve as an inspiration to newbie vloggers and struggling artists. 

May her success story and continued fame motivate you to pursue your ambitions and financial goals!

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