Billy Carson Net Worth 2024: Famous Speakers of the Digital Space

Would you like to know how much Billy Carson net worth is this year? How much does he make annually? If you’re interested in finding how he got on the road to success, continue reading. 

Billy Carson is a well-known actor from the US. Besides being an actor, he’s also an author, musician, producer, and director. Billy Carson is also the founder of 4biddenknowledge Inc, which has given him quite the fame. 

Billy Carson net worth is estimated at $900,000 as of this year. This multi-talented entrepreneur is the author of the best-selling book, The Compendium of The Emerald Tablets, published in 2019.

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Billy Carson – Short Bio

Billy Carson was born on the 4th of September 1971 in New York. His full name is Billy Camrick Carson II. While he was born in New York, he was raised in Florida. Carson and his family lived in the slums of Miami, and they didn’t have much financially. Even as a child, Billy understood their situation and knew he couldn’t just sit around.

So he started working when he was just twelve years old, selling newspaper subscriptions. He was one of the top salespeople for the Miami News. He saved his money and invested it all into electronics. At fourteen, Billy was able to start his own electronics company. He was earning more than his parents by the following year.

By the age of sixteen, Billy Carson was a bonafide entrepreneur. He was able to make up for their family’s struggles within a short time, and despite his very young age, his future was already secured.

As an adult, Carson followed his need to learn. He had a great interest in learning the core of history. He applied for a certification course for Neuroscience in 2017 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At this prestigious research university, only the best and the brightest have the chance to be accepted.

Two years later, Carson started the second half of his education. He applied at Harvard University to pursue a course in Ancient Civilization and went to another place where brilliant minds could attend and graduate.

Billy Carson’s Career 

In 2006, Billy Carson started SheCanPlay.Org, It is a non-government organization, initially funded with every penny of his savings. The organization’s purpose was to gather sources for girls’ high school basketball. And to everyone’s surprise, support came pouring in, and their drive was a bigger hit than they expected.

Riding from the former’s success, Billy Carson secured the spot as CEO of Fort Terra Nova, a company that engineers, designs, and manufactures underground disaster shelter systems that operate worldwide. And during Carson’s four-year stay with the company, he raised $20 million, hoping to start an underground city in Northwest Georgia. And during the same time, Carson also became the president of Zenforce Media.

Billy Carson Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Billy Carson – Origins of Religion Podcast

Billy Carson’s 4biddenknowledge

In 2012, Billy started his YouTube channel called 4biddenknowledge. Currently, he has over 150,000 subscribers. He gets around $20k monthly, or $240K per year, from his YouTube channel alone. 

With all his work over the years, 4biddenknowledge has become a popular channel. People who want to know more about science or specific thought-provoking topics could simply come and see Carson online and engage with the discussions he constantly shares through multiple social media platforms.

Other movies and TV shows of Billy Carson are:

  • Chronicles of the Anunnaki
  • Beyond Belief
  • U.F.O.s: The Lost Evidence
  • Hidden Inca Tours
  • Ancient Civilizations

Over the years, Carson has turned 4biddenknowledge into a TV streaming network as well. You can find plenty of shows and documentaries on the network for the entire family. You can even watch cooking shows, follow yoga, or do meditations, so there’s truly something for everybody. 

Billy Carson Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Billy Carson?

Billy Carson is a successful American entrepreneur who has a background in acting, music, and publishing books. He is also a voracious learner who shares and engages with different kinds of people in the digital space, interested in the topics he is passionate about.

Where Did Billy Carson Go to College?

Billy Carson obtained his degree in Neuroscience from MIT in 2019 and enrolled for a course on Ancient Civilization at Harvard University.

How Much Is Billy Carson Net Worth?

Billy Carson net worth is $900,000 as of this year. Carson started working at the age of twelve and established his first electronics company at fourteen. He was still a teenager when he officially became a profiting entrepreneur at sixteen. At the time, Carson was earning more than his parents.

Courtesy of YouTube: Billy Carson Dame Dash Interview

Billy Carson Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Billy Carson may have had a rough start in life, but maybe he was put there because he was meant to excel in many things. It is more than likely that he was taught about hard work or learned its importance in a difficult way. Carson became an even bigger winner when he succeeded in life, in the manner that he did.

So what did we pick up from this man? Education is essential, hard work is vital, and passion is just as significant. Skill and intelligence has no value without diligence and willingness to do hard work.

He pursued to finish his education, and not just from any place. He holds MIT and Harvard University credentials. 

It’s a great way of saying it’s never too late to start something good because, like Billy Carson, it might just be the missing clue to finding your passion, fulfilling your dreams, and improving your life.

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