Marc Glassman Net Worth 2024: The Best Retail Stores In Ohio

From a single store in Cleveland to 67 locations, found all over Ohio. Learn more about this success story and the latest on Marc Glassman net worth.

You’ve probably heard of Marc’s store, especially if you’ve spent some time in Ohio. It’s a convenient place to frequent because a single branch can have a wide array of assortments. They have food and grocery items, a pharmacy, pet care, office supplies, clothing, and so on.

That alone can save you from making multiple trips to different stores. Their unique selling point is that they’re a retail and discount store that offers the best buys that buyers can find. 

Today, Marc’s has 60 locations throughout Northeastern Ohio and is staffed with over 1,000 employees.

Marc’s chain of stores has been around for over forty years, with Glassman still its CEO. Their latest revenue was quoted at $1.03 billion, with slight up and down monthly changes. 

As for its founder and CEO, Marc Glassman net worth was estimated at around $1.5 million for the current year.

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Marc Glassman Inc.

Short History

Glassman started as a regular employee in the 1970s. He served as a store manager at one of Bernie Shulman’s mega-discount drug stores in Ohio. Unfortunately, Shulman died in 1976.

In 1979, Glassman opened his first Marc’s store located on the west side of Cleveland, in Middleburg Heights’ Southland Shopping Center. He modeled his store after Bernie’s.

In less than a year, Glassman had his first setback when a fire almost destroyed his store in October of 1980, which broke out from the adjacent J.C. Penney department store. It took several months of costly renovations before Glassman could reopen his store. 

Eventually, Marc’s recovered from their losses and thrived in the retail business. And by 1983, Glassman was ready to open more branches of his successful store.

Expansion Phase

In 1983, Glassman started to expand his business. His first purchase was a location of Bernie’s, then established more stores within the greater metropolitan areas of Ohio. And in the process, Glassman worked his way on buying all of Bernie Schulman’s store branches. 

When Glassman reopened his new locations, he renamed all the western branches, Marc’s. Except for the eastern locations, as a sign of respect to Shulman.

After a decade, Glassman finished acquiring all of his late boss’ store locations and reopened them as part of his store chain. He continued to honor Shulman through the years, but he eventually rebranded all the Bernie stores to properly integrate them into the corporation.

Amongst the most recent locations where Marc’s opened its stores was a branch in Kettering, Dayton, Ohio, in August of 2018. And a 54,000 square foot store in Canton, Ohio, two years after.

Other Tried Business Ventures

Marc’s No Name Restaurant

During the 1980s, Marc Glassman tried to start a new business. He opened a small restaurant right next to his store in Middleburg and named it Marc’s No Name Restaurant. 

It didn’t click as much as he thought it would. Perhaps it was the effect of the name. Marc’s No Name Restaurant eventually closed, and the space was absorbed by the Southland store. 

Marc’s Funtime Pizza Palace

In 1987, Glassman bought a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant and video game venue from an auction. It’s a logical move on Glassman’s part; venturing towards food and restaurant service can be very profitable, especially since he has access to fresh produce at wholesale prices. 

Glassman’s second attempt was a success. Marc’s Funtime Pizza Palace became a favorite venue for family gatherings.

By 2004, all of Glassman’s locations for Marc’s Funtime Pizza Palace were closed. Residents of Ohio still remember the old pizza place and consider it an important part of their childhood.

Dover Lake Waterpark

Dover Lake Waterpark was another venture Glassman tried to enter after purchasing the place in 1994. The park also had its success, but unlike his retail business, the theme park was not meant to last. And finally, In 2006, the theme park was sold to the Brandywine Ski Resort.

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Marc Glassman – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Marc Glassman Own Ollies?

Marc Glassman does not own Ollie’s. The competitive retail empire is under its new CEO, John Swygert. His predecessor was one of Ollie’s four founding fathers, Mark Butler, who passed away in December of 2019.

Who Owns Marc’s Grocery Store?

Marc’s Grocery Store is part of Marc Glassman Inc., and for over four decades, the Cleveland-based corporation has been led by its owner, founder, and current CEO, Marc Glassman.

What is Marc Glassman Net Worth?

Marc Glassman net worth is estimated at $1.5 million for 2022. From the year his company was established in 1980, up to the present time, Glassman still sits as CEO of the proud and locally owned string of retail stores.

Where Was The First Marc’s Store?

The first Marc’s store was opened in 1979, in the Southland Shopping Center in Middleburg Heights, Cleveland, by Glassman. Before he started his own business, Glassman was employed as a manager for Bernie Shulman’s mega-discount drug stores.

Marc Glassman Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Marc Glassman is known to shy away from interviews and only shares the bare amount of information on his company’s more private dealings and personal life. But his quiet perseverance throughout the decades is echoed by years of booming success. 

Glassman remains to be a key figure of Marc Glassman Inc. and hasn’t expressed retirement plans.

I guess Glassman isn’t precisely a business genius like Steve Rubell or a financial guru like Grant Cardone. But he did pursue his initial goal and came out with great achievements. 

Sure, his other ventures may have failed, but how many people have Marc Glassman net worth? 

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