Van Lathan Net Worth 2024: The Famous Ex-TMZ Reporter

Van Lathan is a former TMZ reporter who became famous because of the disagreement between him and Kanye West. Where is he now, and how did it affect Van Lathan net worth?

Van Lathan is a journalist and producer with a $1.5 million net worth. The infamous celebrity reporter also runs a podcast called Van Lathan’s Red Pill, which draws in a considerable following that he has successfully turned into a stable income source. 

Lathan is popularly known for his reaction to Kanye West’s controversial comments about slavery. Though it resulted in Lathan leaving TMZ, as far as his income goes, he seems to be doing quite well for himself. 

Courtesy of YouTube: Van Lathan at Dame Dash Studio

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Van Lathan – Short Bio

On April 16, 198, Van Lathan was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Lathan is a college graduate, he graduated in 2003. As for his parents, his father is Terry Lathan, and his mother is Christal Ellis. Lathan is of African American descent and has a younger sister named Ebony Rage.

Van Lathan – Early Life

Van Lathan has graduated college with a double major in Creative Writing and Political Science, but there is no available information as to which campus he attended. Perhaps as a reporter, he understood the importance of keeping things to himself about his life private.

Van has a sister named Ebony Rage Lathan. He was very opinionated and wasn’t afraid to express himself as a kid. Lathan brought this personality into his work in the media. His drive to succeed is thanks to his father, whom he looked up to as a role model and life mentor.

Van Lathan – Career & Achievements

Working as a journalist and social critic has done Lathan a world of good from a financial standpoint with a net worth of $1.5 million. All his career, he has been fortunate to work for popular TV stations and has been a host of more than a few popular shows. 

Having held different positions consistently across his career, he amassed quite a substantial commercial portfolio. Rumors of his earnings mentioned a sum of $19,000 monthly.

The Political Science and Creative Writing graduate didn’t become an overnight TV star, though, but had to work his way up. After leaving college, he worked for TMZ Celebrity Tour as a tour guide. His job was to take tourists around famous Hollywood sites in a branded TMZ bus, and Van was one of the team members who developed the Celebrity Tour concept. 

While on the job, TMZ founder Harvey Robert Levin took delight in his work and decided to feature him in a TV show. Lathan became a camera operator. Soon after, he was transferred to sports journalism before eventually becoming a senior producer at TMZ.

In 2018, Kanye West was a guest at TMZ. The famous rapper started a topic on slavery and asked the crew of the online tabloid for their opinion on the century-old issue. The conversation turned into a heated argument, West insisted that slavery was a choice while Lathan disagreed. 

Lathan is an intelligent and highly opinionated journalist who expressed his dissatisfaction with the famous rapper’s comment. Lathan spoke passionately in opposition to what the West said. His outburst went on to open new opportunities for him, and as they say, the rest is history.

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Getting Fired from TMZ

Although Lathan was an accomplished member of TMZ, he got fired after having a physical altercation with a colleague. Rumors believe the argument was down to a debate between him and Michael Babcock over President Bush and Ellen Degeneres cozying up at a football game at the time. 

The confrontation resulted in a heated political argument, with reports claiming that Lathan put his hands around Babcock’s throat from behind.

Since he left TMZ, he has focused more on his podcast, and he still has a popular following online.

Van Lathan Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Van Lathan Net Worth?

Van Lathan net worth is $1.5 million for the current year. Lathan is a television and podcast host who once worked with TMZ. His professional career has been in media, where he continues to make waves as an independent body. Lathan is 42 years old and of African American descent.

Is Van Lathan Married? 

There is no information about his love life. It remains unclear whether he is married or single or has any kids. He keeps family out of his business and leads a shallow profile outside the media.

Courtesy of YouTube: Van Lathan on VladTV

Van Lathan Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Van Lathan found success as an independent journalist and continues to provide his viewers with the information and entertainment he aspires to be known for. However, many did side with him and found much fame from the events that led him to exit TMZ prematurely. Lathan could’ve handled the situation better as an educated and intelligent man.

As they say in entertainment, any publicity is good publicity. Then again, it’s not going well for Kanye West due to recent family drama, or the now-infamous Ellen Degeneres, for that matter. Their outbursts could be “good publicity” until they burnt bridges permanently.

What do you think?

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