Frankie Lons Net Worth 2024: What happened to American Actress Frankie Lons?

Frankie Lons is the mother of famous actor Keyshia Cole. She passed away on 18th July 2021 due to an overdose. What was Frank Lons net worth when that happened?

Frank Lons Net Worth

Frankie Lons net worth was 1 million dollars. She was an actress who generated most of her income from amazing shows such as ‘Dr. Drew’ and ‘Frankie and Neffe.’ 

She became even more famous after appearing in her daughter’s show called Keyshia Cole: the way it is. Frankie Keyshia Cole mom net worth increased drastically after her appearance in shows prior to her death. 

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Courtesy of YouTube: Frankie Lons and Keyshia Cole

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Frankie Lons – Short Bio

Frankie was a strong woman who never cared about public opinion and lived her life according to her rules. She was born on 18th July 1960 in Oakland, California. She celebrated her 61st birthday in 2021. 

The actress was very sensitive about her family and kept any information about them private. The only information about her immediate family released to the public was the existence of a younger brother. 

Frankie was 5 feet tall with 40 to 45 kg weight. She looked quite fit physically. Her dark complexion and charming smile were perfect for the camera. Frankie is also known to have tattoos on her body, and because of her substance abuse, she could only be remembered with a slender figure.

Frankie Lons Early Life

Frankie Lons had a really difficult early life. Her acting career was not good enough to make her a millionaire, and her substance dependence made the whole situation even worse. She was a generous woman overall, and her personality on the internet inspired a lot of people. 

After reaching the later stage of her life, she started appearing in reality shows, where she got most of her fame and popularity. All the reality shows were made by her daughter Keyshia Cole. 

Frankie was considered a great mother. She handled difficult situations between her and Keyshia quite well to protect their relationship. 

Frankie Lons – Personal Life

Frankie Lons was married to an American boxing coach known as Virgil Hunter. However, Virgil Hunter denies Keyshia as his daughter. 

Frankie confirmed it by stating that Keyshia is the daughter of an Italian man who is a restaurateur. Keyshia was later adopted by Lean and Yvonne Cole when she was two years old. She has four siblings from her new family named Neffeteria, Elite Noel, Pugh, and Sean Cole. 

Frankie Lons Death

Frankie Lons was a great actress of her time, but her career was a mix of ups and downs. Her life was quite disturbed due to her drug addiction. For example, she couldn’t make her relationships with her close ones go smoothly, especially her daughter. 

Considering the situations that she went through with her daughter Keyshia Cole, she did quite well to become a role model for many people on social media. Sam Cole, brother of Keyshia Cole, stated that they were taking good care of Frankie to make sure that she stayed away from her old habits.

How did Keyshia Cole’s Mom, Frankie, Pass?

Frankie joined a rehabilitation center to get rid of her addiction, but it was not enough to help her live longer. She died on 18th July when she was celebrating her 61st birthday with her close relative and her daughter. She accidentally overdosed herself, leaving a story for people to be remembered. 

There was a statement released by BET after her death. It stated that the Bet family was saddened after hearing the news that an important member of their family passed away. The viewers of Bet first met her in “Keyshia Cole: All In” as the mother of Keyshia Cole and in other multiple projects based on reality.

This includes “Keyshia Cole: My New Life” and “Frankie & Neffe”. The viewers saw how a mother tried to fix her relationships by getting rid of her addiction. 

She was a resilient and strong woman who will be missed by many. They further said that their thoughts and prayers are with Keyshia, Neffe, and all the other family members.

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Frankie Lons – Career and Achievements

Frankie Lons didn’t have the ideal acting career, but the later stage of her life was filled with success and popularity. She earned a lot of money through acting, contributing to Frankie’s net worth, but the main highlight of her career was her participation in reality shows. 

There was a point in her life when she tried her best to get rid of her drug addiction and focus more on life, but everything ended with her overdosing at her 61st birthday.

Her career was defined by the reality shows like “The Way It Is” and “Frankie and Neffe.” 

Frankie Lons Arrest Rumor

Before Frankie Lon’s death, a rumor was circulating that she was arrested for a probation breach. 

She failed a random drug test. Her spokesperson says that the claims were false and Frankie was not involved in the act. However, she went to jail later next month for a probation violation as she was carrying drug paraphernalia. 

Frankie Lons Net Worth: Frequently Asked Questions

How Much was Frankie Lons Net Worth?

Frankie Lons net worth was $1 million before her passing in July of 2021. Keyshia Cole’s mother net worth was built up from her acting career.

What is Frankie Lons real name?

Frankie Lon’s real name was Francine Lons. Most people know her by the name Frankie. She was a 61-year-old black American woman who spent most of her life acting and entertaining. 

What is Frankie Lons birthday?

Frankie Lons was born on 18th July 1960 in America. She died on the same day in 2021 at 61 years of age due to an overdose. She left the world in the most unexpected way, but the legacy she left behind will always be remembered. 

Where is Frankie Lons buried?

Frankie Lons funeral took place in Oakland, California, at Greater St. John missionary Baptist church. She died from an overdose on the night of her 61st birthday.

Frankie Lons Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Frankie Lons Music Video – Frankie Leg

Frankie Lons Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Frankie Lons funeral took place in Oakland, California, at Greater St. John missionary Baptist church. She died on 18th July 2021 from a substance overdose while celebrating her 61st birthday. She suffered from drug addiction throughout her life. The late actress did in fact make the effort to seek help from rehabilitation institutions. Unfortunately, she was unable to let go of her old habits.

Frankie Lons net worth was estimated at $1 million at the time of her death in 2021. Her life may have ended in tragedy but she also deserves to be remembered for the good things she achieved in her life.

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