Shay Rowbottom Net Worth 2023: The Social Media Guru for Entrepreneurs

Almost every business on earth is promoted online, but where and how does one even begin to market goods efficiently? Shay Rowbottom offers coaching on how to do just that. And if you’re wondering how much experts like her make who teaches others to make money online, then make way for Shay Rowbottom net worth.

She is the CEO of Shay Rowbottom Marketing and is based in Miami, Florida. She is a renowned digital marketing entrepreneur and a LinkedIn influencer with a follower base of around 783K. Her forte is creating social media content and marketing businesses to gain social media attention.

Shay Rowbottom Net Worth

Shay Rowbottom’s current net worth is not exactly known but is believed to be around $2 to $10 million. 

A steadily growing business also meant a gradually expanding net worth for entrepreneurs like Shay. She mentioned recent Facebook posts of how she amassed an equivalent of $3 million from inbound messages.

Shay Rowbottom’s  Short Bio

Shay Rowbottom’s original name is Shannon Rowbottom. She was born on 19th October 1992 and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has four siblings, all of them are sisters. 

This entrepreneur is currently based in Miami, Florida. 

Shay Rowbottom – Early Life

Shay grew up in Wisconsin in an upper-middle-class family and received a premium education like other elite kids. Unfortunately, her rather wealthy life gravely lacked nurturing from her parents. 

On social media, Shay is vocal about her thoughts and opinions on narcissistic parenting and refers to her own experiences as examples. Shay also revealed that as a child, she was a victim of abuse.

Shannon left home at 18, changed her name to Shay, and became a prostitute to pay for her education. Eventually, she was confronted and rescued by her father.

She minored in music at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and completed two years of the program. Afterward, Shay moved to Milwaukee and completed one more year at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, before dropping out to pursue a career in music.

Shay had always been passionate about music and songwriting. In 2012, she tried for American Idol and got through the first round of auditions. Following that, she hired vocalist and University of Wisconsin music professor Dr. Valerie Errante as a mentor and vocal coach.

Shay Rowbottom’s Career Achievements

After training, Shay started performing live at local venues like The Rave in Milwaukee and a Chicago House of Blues show. She was also recording tracks by that time and filming music videos. 

During this time, she discovered her love for the creative process of video editing and production. This led to an almost three-year stint at Margle Media, a digital marketing agency in Milwaukee.

In 2016, after almost three years of pursuing a career in music without any fruitful results, Shay decided to put her career in music on hold. Instead,  she helped start Margle. Shay was the co-founder and COO of the business and had started the venture with her then-boyfriend Luke Marlowe.

Together, they explored the field of creating viral videos on Facebook for publishing companies. Shay heard about the demand for licensed video content and immediately jumped in to fill the void in the niche.

Shay invested the next three years in mastering the art of making viral content. She learned and experimented with video making. The process comprised curating, licensing, and editing a wide range of video clips to make the best possible outcome.

As COO, she gradually increased the business scale, added more workforce, and continued managing her staff and clients. Shay distributed numerous videos to various blogs across social media platforms. These videos generated billions of views for her clients. 

By 2018 she was confident in her expertise in creating content that would attract significant attention online.

Meanwhile, Shay focused on creating her identity on LinkedIn and grew her following to around 100,000 on the platform.

In December 2018, Shay parted ways with Margle and founded Shay Rowbottom Marketing. Her business model is centered on advising companies on how to thrive on social media and make it more lucrative and successful. She also offers to counsel on healing and personal development. 

In August 2022, Shay shared about her business falling apart due to being disorganized and unable to adapt to the workload of the company’s drastic growth.  

Shay appears to have taken a break from making new content.

Shay Rowbottom’s Personal Life

Shay resides in Miami, Florida. She is currently not in a relationship and has been estranged from her parents for a long time. 

Recently in a Facebook post, she expressed the feeling of social pressure to have kids as she nears her 30th birthday. However, the idea is kept at bay by the childhood trauma she and her siblings faced at the hands of her parents. Shay continues to call them out for being narcissists.

Shay was in a relationship for around four years with her boyfriend, Luke Marlowe, whom she had met in 2015. He was an entrepreneur and a videographer who also taught her how to shoot and edit videos. Together they started working from their apartment on Margle Media. 

Shay Rowbottom – Social Media

Shay is very active on social media. Her LinkedIn profile has 782,610 followers. She also actively engages her audience on social media platforms like Facebook, where she has around 25,000 followers, and Instagram, where she has around 14,600 followers. 

She shares snippets from her personal and professional life on the platform. 

Shay Rowbottom also has a Twitter handle, but she has not been very active on it since 2019. She also has three channels on YouTube. She launched her main channel in August 2013, with around 5,590 subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Shay Rowbottom Net Worth

What Does Shay Rowbottom Do For a Living?

Shay Rowbottom is a renowned digital marketing entrepreneur and a LinkedIn influencer with a follower base of around 783K and the CEO of Shay Rowbottom Marketing. She is a skillful social media content creator and assists businesses in attracting more attention on social media. 

How Much Is Shay Rowbottom Net Worth?

Shay Rowbottom’s current worth is around $2- $10

 million. She co-founded Margle Media in 2016 and helped run it til 2018. She then began her own company, 

Was Shay Rowbottom in American Idol?

Shay Rowbottom applied to American Idol in 2012 and got through the first round of auditions but could not proceed further. 

Conclusion – Shay Rowbottom Net Worth

Taking a step back from what we are passionate about is the wiser choice than outright giving up. The decision displays Shay’s wisdom by taking a break and gathering her thoughts before returning to try again. It is the type of attitude we call can benefit from mimicking.

Shay’s journey is quite the rocky one, and even now, she is taking us through an interesting journey with a few life lessons to pick up along the way. Her success was not a mere luck but her resilience and hard work. Shay teaches success, after all, and will certainly be back taking full swings at challenges.

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