Laura Farms Net Worth 2024: Sharing the Bountiful Fun with Farming

How do farming and vlogging go together? Successfully, if your name is Laura Farms and you’re sharing your farming life with a fast-expanding social media fanbase. What makes her videos so popular, and how does it contribute to the current Laura Farms net worth? Let’s find out. 

The then-21-year-old Laura first caught the internet audiences’ eyes with her 2020 video inside her John Deere tractor. It fascinated viewers because of its high-tech gadgets and her engaging, breezy presence. She earned her social media fame after painting a fun, fruitful picture of agriculture in America in the 21st century. 

What makes this young lady tick? Why did she focus on her farm to make her videos? How much is she making as a vlogger? Her success story follows. 

Laura Farms Net Worth 

Laura Farms is a famous young YouTube celebrity known for her farming-related videos. She has an estimated net worth of $300,000. 

Laura is a fifth-generation farmer as her father and grandfather were also in the same business. She shared the passion from a young age, trailing in their footsteps, and did it full-time beginning in 2020.

Most of her income is generated through her YouTube channel, merchandising, and farming. She also owns 160 acres of land where she plants soybeans, corn, turnip, etc., and raises livestock.

Laura Farms’ Short Bio 

Laura Farms was born on May 11th, 1999, in South Central Nebraska, USA. Her real name is Laura Wilson, but most of her followers recognize her as Laura Farms due to her YouTube channel. 

Laura is a Caucasian girl of Swedish descent. She has long light brown hair and hazel green eyes. 

Family History 

Laura’s great-grandparents originally lived in Sweden and later settled in Nebraska, USA. In 1910, her family started the family farm with a few tractors from John Deere; they named it Carlson Farms. It only took the family a few years to expand their land to over 2,000 acres of irrigated row crops.

Fast forward 70 years later, her grandfather, who resided in Vietnam, returned to the US to start a new business with hogs. The initially modest venture grew into a whole cattle herd in the late 1980s.

Farming is in Her Blood

Laura completed her early education at Nebraska Christian School. She was quite interested in her family business from her school days. At the age of 13, she started her own cow herd.

Six years later, Laura applied at the Southeast Community College. She completed her education with Business Administration as a major, which will serve as a solid foundation for a career in agriculture.

Before she settled in tilling the fields in 2020, Laura ventured off with a few part-time jobs, such as data seller and nanny.  She also worked at a school for some time but eventually found her way back to doing what she loved the most: farming.

Farmer Laura Goes Vlogging 

In 2020, she finally announced herself as a qualified farmer. Laura wanted to share farming practices and the whole agricultural experience with the world. 

At first, she started on Twitter, with agriculture as one of her favorite hot topics for a long time. Her short, entertaining Twitter videos became viral. Soon, she got an offer from the Ag of the World Twitter List to host their account for a week and share her farming life in Nebraska.

Laura showcased one of her beloved tractor cabs in her first video. The cab having a surprisingly high-tech interior was only part of what made the video go viral. The fact that such an important, heavy machine, easily piloted by a knowledgeable young lady, was very refreshing.

That short video was retweeted so many times that Laura decided to make her own YouTube channel.

Laura Farms’ Career and Achievements 

Viral Debut Video 

Laura Farms started her YouTube channel in mid-2020. She uploaded her first video, “Inside of a Tractor Cab,” on April 24th, 2020. The same video got a lot of admiration from the Twitter audience. Her video has 1.2 million views to date. 

In this video, Laura shows that a tractor is not an ordinary vehicle but a whole package equipped with unique technology that farmers easily carry out their daily tasks. She shows 5 computer screens with a complete guide on how they sow and harvest using different machinery.

That single video was enough to launch her successful content creator career on the platform. 

Becoming a Famous YouTube Personality

Thanks to her YouTube channel, Laura soon got featured on News Websites such as KNOP-TV and Aurora News Websites. 

The most viewed videos on her channel are “If you can start it, you can have it,” “The Million-Dollar Machine,” and “Local Farmers Help a Family with Burned Equipment.” All three videos have more than 2 million views to date. 

Laura currently has 354k subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has more than 69.4 million views on 313 videos uploaded.

All About US Agriculture

Most of her videos are educational and entertaining. Her educational videos, such as “Small Scale Farming VS Large Scale Farming,” educate common people about basic farming terminologies. Moreover, some entertaining videos, such as “Planting Corn in a Tornado,” takes her viewers on a whole different journey. Her videos show how technology has impacted the lives of farmers. 

Laura’s channel can be one of the great examples of how farmers can improve their yield per unit of area. Due to the improving technology and machinery, the United States has increased its agricultural production by 5% since 1990, with a single worker increasing its output by 0.84% yearly. 

Countries using dated farming methods and depending on monsoons can benefit from these technological advancements. Food production and farm products will always be prime commodities, so Rural America is integral to the food system here and abroad.

Laura Farms Merchandise 

After becoming famous, Laura partnered with, where she sells shirts and hoodies with her name. She joined the website in late 2020 after establishing her famous YouTube channel. 

Laura Farms‘ Personal Life 

Laura Farms married at 21, choosing her long-time boyfriend, Grant Wilson as her life partner. Laura announced her engagement on August 14th, 2020. Four months later, on December 19th, 2020, the couple got married in Central City, Nebraska. Her husband is a loving man who is often seen helping her wife with farming in most of her posts and videos.

Laura and Grant of Laura Farms Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: Laura and Grant

Media Presence 

Laura Farms is quite famous on social media. She is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok with thousands of followers. Following is an insight into her social media profiles. 

  • Facebook (35k followers) 
  • Twitter (17.6k followers) 
  • Instagram (161k followers) 
  • TikTok (771.9k followers with 9 million likes) 

Laura Farms Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Laura Farms Famous For? 

Laura Farms is famous for her videos on YouTube, where she explains the latest technology used in farming. She has been in the limelight since her video went viral on Twitter, where she showed the audience the interior and functioning of her tractor. 

How Much Is Laura Farms Net Worth? 

Laura Farms has a total net worth of $300,000. Her main source of income is her farms and YouTube channel. 

Conclusion – Laura Farms Net Worth 

Coming from a long line of farmers, Laura Farms has managed to translate her family’s legacy into a lucrative career that combines her passion for farming and desire to share current American agricultural life with the world. Their family-owned farm has made her one of the millionaires in the agricultural industry.

Her skillful use of technology reflects her generation’s tech-savviness, effectively highlighting the changing nature of agricultural production. She makes farming seem so much fun and interesting. Her success as a content creator indicates that her increasing audience agrees. 

New farmers can pick up some trade tricks to be successful in agribusiness. Farm ownership may be the way for you to become one of the wealthiest ranchers next!

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