Suzanne Bass Net Worth 2024: The Latest On Suzanne Bass and TWWS

Suzanne Bass is an American tv producer who became even more famous with her frequent appearances on the Wendy Williams Show. Just who is she? Read about her life, career, and Suzanne Bass net worth.

It may seem like she’s another awkward comedian like Nikki Glaser, but there’s more to Suzanne Bass than meets the eye. She is a respectable television producer nominated for four Daytime Emmy Awards and won the Outstanding Lifestyle Program category in 2010 for the show Martha.

As of this year, Suzanne Bass net worth is estimated at $3 million. Bass has been working behind the scenes on the Martha Stewart Show, and of course, the Wendy Williams Show. But there were rumors that the producer was finally making plans to leave the show.

Did Suzanne Bass leave the Wendy Williams Show? Where is she now?

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Suzanne Bass Short Background

There’s not much information about Suzanne Bass’ early life. But she was born in the United States to Perry Richardson Bass and Nancy Lee Bass. As for her birthday, the Wendy Williams Show viewers know that Bass celebrates her special day every 22nd of March. 

Suzanne Bass is married to Brendan Higgins, and he worked with Suzanne on the set of the Wendy Williams Show. She refers to her husband as B or Silver Fox whenever she posts about him on Instagram.

The couple shares two sons. Their boys are named Pete and Eddie. 

Courtesy of YouTube: Wendy Williams and Suzanne Bass Pre-Show Clip

Suzanne Bass Career

Suzanne Bass started working on the Martha Stewart Show back in 2005, and she received three Daytime Emmy nominations from the show and won the third nomination in 2010. The Martha Stewart Show ran from September of 2005 to May of 2012, and Bass was with the program for seven years as executive producer.

In 2009, Suzanne Bass started working on the Wendy Williams Show. The show and its host are notorious for being controversial, and Bass began appearing on TV and built a comedic tandem with Williams. Despite the occasional blunders by Williams herself, the duo’s little exchanges would help pacify outraged audiences and critics of the show. But weren’t there whispers of Bass leaving TWWS?

Wendy Williams and Suzanne Bass Show

The Wendy Williams Show is an American talk show broadcasted live with a studio audience at Chelsea Studios in New York City. The show first went on air in July of 2008 and is currently in its 14th season, with no less than 2230 episodes. Suzanne Bass joined the TWWS in 2009 and became one of the show’s producers. 

Bass became famous because of the exchanges and random segments she did with the show’s creator and host, Wendy Williams. There are two sides to the show’s entertainment. Often, the duo would engage in senseless banter or make sarcastic jabs at one another to get laughs from their audience. But the two would also talk about celebrity gossip, lifestyle, and current events in front of an audience. 

Besides being the show’s producer, Bass frequently appears on camera during shows. Including:

  • After Show: Suzanne Takes a Fall
  • After Show: Ask Wendy & Suzanne
  • Theresa Caputo Reads Suzanne
  • The Chevy Pre-Show – this is a segment where Bass and Williams travel to work together
  • After Show: Walk & Talk
  • And more

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Suzanne Bass Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Suzanne Bass on The Wendy Williams Show

Frequently Asked Questions – Suzanne Bass Net Worth

How much is Suzanne Bass Net Worth?

Suzanne Bass’ net worth is estimated at $3 million. Suzanne Bass is a producer, and she has worked on the Martha Stewart Show and joined the Wendy Williams Show as executive producer in 2009. 

Did Suzane Bass Quit the Wendy Show?

There are articles back in 2019 stating how the Wendy Williams show and its host have gone through many difficulties. Rumors also flew that the studio told the crew to search for work elsewhere because the future of TWWS was very uncertain. At the time, Suzanne Bass acknowledged the hardships of the show through an Instagram post.

She commented, expressing her and her husband’s support to The Wendy Williams Show and its host, adding that they were looking forward to season 11. But at the same time, she didn’t provide any hint if the show has a future beyond season 11 and if Bass would still be around to be Wendy’s “wing woman.”

Is Suzanne Bass Married?

Suzanne Bass is married to the stage manager on the Wendy Williams Show, Brandan Higgins. Together they have two sons, Pete and Eddie. 

Suzanne Bass Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Fast forward to now, it appears that though we don’t see the hilarious bickering between Williams and Bass, the two were still working until Williams went on her indefinite hiatus from the show. 

As for Suzanne Bass, her name still appears as co-executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show, and her designation still shows on her Instagram account. It seems that Bass remains loyal despite the host’s absence from the show.

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