Marty Schwartz Net Worth 2024: Music Teacher Earns 6 Figures

Do you play the guitar or simply love guitar music? If you do, you would certainly know about Marty Schwartz, so let’s go right into Marty Schwartz net worth.

Marty Schwartz is considered the best guitar teacher on YouTube today. Since 2008, he has been uploading instructional videos, which later gave way to providing guitar lessons online.

As told by CNBC, Schwartz owes his current fame to a student who was struggling to learn a Jimi Hendrix riff back in 2005. Meant as a guide for the student, Marty recorded himself playing the riff with his laptop. The student then uploaded the clip on this new sharing site called “YouTube, and it exploded on the net.

The rest, as they say, is history.

If you’re wondering about Marty Schwartz net worth, read on and learn more about this amazing guitarist and mentor’s success story.

Funk Guitar Lesson with Eric Krasno and Lettuce Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: Guitar Lesson with Eric Krasno and Lettuce

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Marty Schwartz’s Short Bio

On November 11th, 1975, Marty Schwartz was born in Newport Beach, California, USA. He is currently 46 years old. Marty has blue eyes and brown hair and is 1.85 meters tall. 

Early Life

Marty spent his school days at Corona del Mar High School. Marty learned how to play the guitar in high school. He was also a part of a band that played jam band songs from Phish and Blues Traveler. 

After graduation, he went to Santa Fe University of Arts and Design. 

Even before finishing his degree, Marty was already involved in corporate bands. They performed at events like weddings and other gatherings. The experience and confidence of standing, and playing, in front of huge crowds, gave Marty the idea of becoming a private guitar instructor.

In an interview, Marty shared the story of the lazy student who turned out to be his lucky charm. 

In 2005, a student came to Marty to learn how to play the guitar. He was so lazy that he couldn’t play a simple tune even after 3 weeks. Marty filmed himself playing the Jimi Hendrix riff they were practicing and uploaded the video on YouTube. And at the time, the media-sharing site was still in its infancy.

YouTube has been a key source of income for Marty. It became his platform for teaching guitar to millions of people online.

Marty Schwartz’s Career and Achievements

Marty was originally a music teacher at an elementary school in Carlsbad. He also made extra cash by offering private guitar lessons to students. Unfortunately, he lost his position at the school. But instead of switching fields, Marty decided to upload music videos and enjoyed doing so.

The first piece he uploaded was “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles. And since that day, Marty Schwartz’s YouTube channel, Marty Music, has gained 3.3 million subscribers over the years. And after more than 2,000 uploaded videos, the channel has accumulated 575 million views.

Marty uploads a new video every week apart from the customized courses he offers on his website. Schwartz gets around 10m views on his videos every month. 

Now a YouTube star, Marty is considered one of the best music teachers online. He believes that the best perk of his current status is that now, he can jam with his favorite artists.

One event that thrilled Marty was his meet-up with D. Kyle Gass at the NAMM show. He praised Marty for his YouTube work and invited him to hang out with Jack Black. Marty has since worked with several amazing artists such as Phil Lesh, Killers Guitarist, The Mother Hips, and Blue Travelers.

Marty Schwartz’s Social Media Presence

Marty is a popular presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He has 431k Facebook followers who are long-time supporters and avid fans of his amazing content. He has maintained his social media activity professionally, sharing only posts about music, promoting his teaching gigs, and video uploads.

Marty Schwartz Net Worth

Marty Schwartz has a total net worth of $600,000. He is quite famous for his guitar skills and online guitar lessons on YouTube. 

His teaching style is also well-praised over other guitar teachers online who are confusing or hard to follow. He earns through his YouTube channel, where he teaches people how to play guitar.

Marty also earns through his website Marty Music, where he has several online lessons and learning programs for people who want to learn to play guitar.

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Marty Music Courses

Marty offers multiple courses for people with different skill levels who want to learn chords. All the courses are available on his Marty Music website. 

The Beginners Acoustic Course is designed for people with no guitar-playing experience. The lesson is composed of a 6-hour streamable video that you can study at your convenience and pace.

Among others, you will learn how to read guitar chords, play the basic chords, tune a guitar without a tuner, and other guitar tips. They’re all easy guitar video lessons to help master and learn to play the guitar. In no time, you’ll be able to play your favorite songs, write new songs, and move on to intermediate guitar lessons. 

The second is the Essential Blues and Rock Bundle. It is for you if you want to improve your skills in a short time. The stream length is about 20 hours. The stream includes lessons such as:

  • Blues Rock Rhythm 
  • Beginner Blues
  • Intro to Blues Slide Guitar
  • Blues Styles 
  • Power Chords

The third course is known as the Lead Guitar Face Melter Bundle. The 20-hour stream will allow you to understand all guitar techniques for rock and blues, including Scales, Lick Building, Southern Rock, etc. The course has three phases, which will help you learn to start “face-melting.” 

Lastly, the fourth course on the list is Modes Master Class. Marty calls it the largest and the most comprehensive guitar course on his website. You will be learning how to use modes and what they are. The names of these seven modes are as follows. 

  • Dorian 
  • Ionian
  • Phrygian
  • Mixolydian 
  • Aeolian
  • Locrian
  • Lydian

Marty Schwartz Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

Did Marty Schwartz Play in a Band?

Yes, Marty plays in a band called Wise Monkey Orchestra. It was voted the best funk band by Slam magazine in San Diego.

How Many Videos Does Marty Music Have?

Marty’s YouTube channel has 2,042 videos with 3.33 million subscribers. He created the channel on April 13th, 2016, and it has around 575 million total views on all videos combined.

How Much Does Marty Music Make on YouTube?

Marty Music YouTube channel makes hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. It highly depends upon the number of videos he uploads. 

Current analytics shows that he makes between $29.4k to $470.7k every year and $2.5k to $39.2k every month.

Marty Schwartz Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Marty Music and His Guitar Collection

Conclusion – Marty Schwartz Net Worth

Marty has made over 500K not only because of his talent with the guitar but also because of his passion for the instrument. That passion spills over as a desire to share his knowledge and skills as a teacher.

His social media and marketing savvy is also at work as he successfully engages with his followers and fans and builds a lucrative livelihood. Marty’s name is top-of-mind whenever guitar players need easy-to-follow instructions to perfect a song. To his students, Marty’s YouTube channel is their stairway to (guitar lesson) heaven.

Marty Schwartz truly deserves his current net worth and more! 

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