Mark Spain Net Worth 2023: A Role Model in Real Estate

Mark Spain is nothing short of a whiz, able to close deals collectively amounting to a few billion dollars in just a few years. Let’s see if Mark Spain net worth mirrors an ideally lucrative career.

According to Forbes Magazine, Marc Andreessen’s $177 million Malibu beach home topped the list of luxury properties to hit the market in 2021. Only the wealthiest people in the world would dare inquire about an eye-popping price tag, greatly thanks to their multi-billion dollar net worths. 

But what does this mean for people who put these luxury properties on the market, like Sharelle Rosado, Richard Kurtz, and Mark Spain? You can look at it as recognition of a good track record. Trustworthiness and reliability. A few prerequisites before these people made their fortunes in the industry.

Mark Spain is a wealthy, second-generation realtor and self-made entrepreneur who aspired to make his fortune in real estate just as his family did. Believing in the market’s potential, Mark started a small company and built it up in just a few years. Today, he sits as chief executive of Mark Spain Real Estate.

Mark Spain– Net Worth

We can’t help but cringe and worry whenever we’re reminded of the historic market crash in 2008, triggered by real estate. But so far, Mark continues on a profitable streak while building.

The business mogul amassed extreme wealth from his reputation as a reliable realtor and for many houses he sold. He has an estimated net worth of $19.5 million. 

Mark Spain– Short Bio

Mark Spain was born in the United States of America in 1971. Mark stands at 5 feet 3 inches. He has light brown eyes and hair. Mark started his career in real estate in 1995, two years after he graduated.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the field. 

Mark Spain– Early Life

Mark joined the University of Georgia, also known as Terry College of Business, in 1989. He was enrolled in the four-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. 

As a student, he was active in societies, events, and other university activities. Mark was part of the Sigma Lota Epsilon Honorary Society during his four years at university. 

He inherited his family’s interest in real estate, so Mark joined as a sales associate for Colony homes in 1995 and worked there for almost two years. In 1997, Mark left Colony Homes to join RE/MAX International as an associate broker. He was responsible for handling all the real estate sales. 

He later worked as an associate broker for almost 14 years before joining  Keller Williams Realty. He formed “The Mark Spain Team” and served the firm from 2011 to 2016.

He led the team in helping more than 3,500 families close their deals. The partnership finally ended in 2016 when Mark took a step further to form his real estate firm called Mark Spain Real Estate.

Mark Spain– Career and Achievements


In the first year of Mark Spain Real Estate, they sold 1,842 homes. Mark dubbed it the busiest year of his career. The firm later opened 9 new offices and 3 outside of town in Raleigh, Nashville, and Charlotte. After expanding their business in other areas of the country, Mark started getting more and more clients.

In 2019 alone, Mark Spain Real Estate helped more than 4,200 families close their home deals. The following year, the firm made record sales of $1.4 billion in residential properties, serving more than 5,600 families. They were soon awarded the #1 real estate company in the US for having the most closed deals.

Their sales steadily rose every year. The team sold over $3.3 billion in residential properties, where they assisted more than 10,300 families. The numbers were well-recognized by the international and local media. Wall Street recognized Mark Spain Real Estate as the top team for five consecutive years.

Mark has more than 400 agents that help the firm achieve its goals. The team has sold over $6 billion in properties in only five years. 

Achievements and Awards

Here are a few awards Mark Spain Real Estate has won in the past 5 years. 

  • Four-time winner of Constitutions Top Workplace award from Atlanta journal
  • Three-time winner of best places to work by Atlanta Business Chronicles
  • Five-time winner of top 100 fastest-growing private companies by Atlanta Business
  • Included in the list of Inman’s top 21 Innovative Brokerages
  • Won Bulldog 100 thrice in the category of fastest growing business by University of Georgia alumni
  • Included in the list of 500 top brokerages in the US by Real Trends
  • Included in the list of 25 residential real estate teams in Raleigh for two consecutive years
  • Included in the list of 25 real estate teams in Charlotte


The accomplished businessman is also a respected philanthropist. When not occupied with work or family, Mark participates in fundraising activities. In 2016, he started the Mark Spain Foundation and inspired people to invest in charitable institutions that benefit local communities, especially children.

In 2020, the Mark Spain Foundation helped raise more than half a million dollars to fund charitable causes in Nashville, Atlanta, Raleigh, and Charlotte.

Mark Spain– Personal Life

Although Mark doesn’t share much about his personal life on social media, multiple sources confirm that he is a married man with two daughters and a son. His wife’s name is Lisa Spain.

Mark’s father, Terry Spain, has also spent most of his life in the real estate business. In an interview with Atlanta Business Chronicle, he praises his son by saying, “Mark is way ahead of time.”  

Other family members include his sister-in-law Debbie, who works at an agency, and Mark’s brother, a licensed commercial real estate agent. 

Mark Spain– Social Media 

Mark is available on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Here is the number of followers he has on different social media profiles

  • Instagram 10.8k 
  • Twitter 9.5k 
  • LinkedIn 500+ connections

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Mark Spain’s Net Worth

Who is Mark Spain?

Mark Spain is the CEO of Mark Spain Real Estate. He is also the founder of the Mark Spain Foundation.

Does Mark Spain do his commercials?

Yes, there are multiple commercials in which Mark Spain has appeared himself. 

Where does Mark Spain live?

Mark Spain lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Who is Mark Spain’s wife?

Mark Spain is a married man with two daughters and a son. His wife’s name is Lisa Spain.

Mark Spain Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Aside from dabbling with the stock market as a trader or investing in telecommunications, real estate is of the top five got-to ventures that made the careers of the most influential and wealthiest individuals. You are sure to find that majority, if not all, on the Forbes Billionaires list have considerable holdings on the side. 

Even the world’s richest man and business magnate Elon Musk owned no less than eight multi-million dollar estates before deciding to sell all his worldly possessions and moving into a foldable home. The latest best advice from the billionaire is to invest in “physical things,” particularly real estate.

Economies are now more diversified. We are past knocking on doors or handing off fliers to make sales. Methods like digital real estate and passive ways to earn from the market are in trend. And though new info can’t fully deter the market’s volatility, it can still help lessen our supposed losses.

They say every investment is a risk, but Mark Spain is trekking the correct path.

While most entrepreneurial journeys are driven by the desire to become wealthier, it also means that you, as a rich person, will be able to do more for others. Being able to afford the most expensive things is great, but among the greatest inheritance we can leave the next generation is kindness through philanthropic deeds.

Warren Buffet decided to leave 99% of his wealth to The Giving Pledge. Bill gates and his wife established The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The former Mrs. Jeff Bezos has given billions to charity, and if there is a list of the most money given by the richest people in the world, MacKenzie Scott is in the top spot.

In reflection of this almost tradition-like kindness of the affluent, the thought makes it easier to cheer for people like Mark Spain and be inspired to make our fortunes. 

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