Bailey Sarian Net Worth 2023: The Perfect Shade of Murder, Mystery, and Makeup

True crime mysteries and makeup on YouTube? As content creator Bailey Sarian said, “because…why not?” This odd combo spelled success for her, getting people curious as to how much the Bailey Sarian net worth has skyrocketed since then. 

In her YouTube videos, Bailey engages her audiences by discussing current real-life murder or crime mysteries while putting on her makeup. Unusual, right? But very effective since her channels have attracted millions of viewers and advertisers and led to her other income streams. 

Let’s get into Bailey’s world and find out how she made her mark as one of the most popular YouTuber stars.

Bailey Sarian Net Worth

Bailey Sarian is a YouTuber who uploads amazing vlogs on her YouTube channel. According to multiple sources, her estimated net worth is around $8 million. She earns mainly through her YouTube channel, showcasing her makeup tutorials with a mix of entertaining true crime stories.

Bailey earns around $98,690 a month, which allows her to take home $1.48 million annually.

Bailey Sarian – Short Bio

Bailey Brooke Sarian was born in California, USA, on November 26th, 1988. She is currently 33 years old. Bailey is a woman with an overall height of 5 feet 8 inches, hazel eyes, and dark brown hair. 

Bailey has two sisters named Ashley and Madison. All three sisters have graduated from Paloma Valley High School.

Early Life

Before starting her career on YouTube, Bailey worked as a full-time makeup artist. She worked with various cosmetic companies such as Sephora and Urban Decay. Moreover, she gained a lot of experience working as a makeup artist for music videos, advertisements, and weddings. 

Her boom period in the makeup industry came when she first started working with Jill Powell, a celebrity makeup artist. Jill was featured in Bailey’s YouTube video, which attracted a lot of audiences and made her famous. Currently, they have many videos on YouTube sharing cosmetic methods and techniques.

Bailey Sarian’s Career and Achievements

As a Makeup Artist

Bailey started her makeup artist career with Jill Powel, from whom she got special professional training. She worked under Jill for 5 years at Sephora, where she polished her skills. Afterward, she joined Urban Decay as an employee for 9 months but decided to start her career on YouTube.

Before becoming a YouTuber, Bailey had already worked with celebrities like Demi Lovato, Sia, and Kat Von D.

As a YouTuber

In 2013, Bailey started her YouTube career as a vlogger. She didn’t get enough audience at first. It took her almost 6 years to move her YouTube channel from the shadows to the spotlight. 

In 2019, her famous series of videos called Murder, Mysteries, and Makeup, where she goes on a running commentary on true crime cases while putting on her makeup, got a lot of traffic from the audience worldwide.

The oldest video on her YouTube channel has more than 97k views and was uploaded on September 12th, 2013. Her channel has five videos with more than 4 million views on YouTube. No wonder since these videos have such intriguing titles: “The Creeper White Van and Toolbox,” “The Toybox Mystery,” “Cam Girl Obsession Turns Deadly,” “Inside His Messed Up Mind,” and “2000 Page Discovery Murder.”

Her most viewed content is “Chris Watts: 2000 Page Discovery,” an infamous case that was later turned into a Netflix series. It garnered a total of over 7.1 million views.

To this date, Bailey has more than 6.41 million subscribers on YouTube, with more than 455 uploaded videos. Her channel has more than 795 million video views combined.

This YouTube celebrity has also worked with MAC Cosmetics’ Studio Fix Foundation to improve her following. 

As a Businesswoman

Bailey Sarian is a self-made woman with her own website, where she sells hoodies, joggers, crewnecks, shirts, beanies, sweatpants, and hats. Most of the marketing of her merchandise is done by Bailey herself. You can see her wearing her own brand on multiple occasions. 

In 2020, Bailey collaborated with Estate Cosmetics to create and launch the Venice Fling Bailey Sarian x ESTATE Eyeshadow Palette, which is currently sold out.

Her videos are supported by sponsors, such as Hello Fresh, LORAC Cosmetics, and Urban Decay. The following brands also sponsor her through her Instagram account: MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, and Trixie Cosmetics. 

Bailey Sarian’s Personal Life

Bailey Sarian married a social media influencer known as Fernando Valdez. He is present on Instagram as @mensoone. Fernando, a South California public figure, is an expert artist who does historical tattoos on famous American celebrities. 

The couple first met each other on December 13th, 2013. Bailey likes to keep her personal life private, but in 2017, the couple revealed they were already engaged. 

Bailey and Fernando are pet lovers. They shared many pictures with their cute pitbull named Saint. However, their love story finally ended at the beginning of 2022, when they announced their separation publicly. 

Bailey told her followers that there was no bad guy who became the reason for their breakup. It is just that they can’t sort out their differences, and it’s time to move on. She adds that her love for Fernando will never die, and she wants love and happiness for her ex-husband.

Media Presence

Bailey is quite famous on social media. She is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Bailey joined Twitter in 2015. She currently has over 412k followers on Twitter. Her Instagram account is one step ahead of her Twitter account, with 2.8 million followers. Her TikTok account has 2.7M followers, and her videos have received more than 9.9M likes.

Most of Bailey’s followers are present on Facebook. She has over 11 million followers on her official Facebook Page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Bailey Sarian Net Worth

How Did Bailey Sarian Become Famous?

Bailey Sarian became famous after she started the “Murder, Mysteries, and Makeup” series on her YouTube channel. In these videos, Bailey showed her traditional makeup talent while sharing mysterious murder stories from the past. The first episoded came out in January of 2019, featuring the Watts Family murders.

How Much Is Bailey Sarian Net Worth?

Bailey Sarian has a total net worth of $8 million. Most of her income comes from her YouTube channel, but that is not the only source. She also has a website where she sells clothing items and other accessories. 

Who Is Bailey Sarian’s Husband?

Bailey married Fernando Valdez 5 years ago. They met on December 13th, 2013, and soon decided to tie knots with each other. However, on January 24th, 2022, the couple announced their breakup on social media, which shook their fans.

Does Bailey Sarian Edit Her Videos?

Yes, Bailey Sarian edited her own videos in the initial stages of her YouTube career. Most of her videos were captured and edited from her smartphone.

Who Sponsors Bailey Sarian?

Her sponsors include Better Help, Casetify, LORAC Cosmetics, and Urban Decay Cosmetics. 

The talent agency WME represents Sarian in all areas. The company reveals that the main reason for sponsoring her is how she mixes the two completely different topics in one video with education and entertainment.

Conclusion – Bailey Sarian Net Worth

Aside from creating that singular YouTube niche “true crime makeup” genre, Bailey’s success can also be attributed to her style. Her topic is very interesting, though in a morbid tabloid way.  She is engaging and relatable with how she communicates, just like chatting with your bestie while sharing makeup tips.  

And all these contribute to her YouTube stats which have further widened her fanbase and thus, increased her net worth.

On top of it all, she clearly enjoys herself while she’s doing her podcasts. May we all find that niche, fill it in with such passion, and laugh our way to the bank like Bailey.

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