Steven Dux Net Worth 2024: Luck or Knack? Wealth From Day Trading

Are you a risk-taker? Steven Dux is not one for playing it safe, be it making a new life abroad at 14 or investing $27,000 of his tuition in day trading stocks. Both risks eventually paid off handsomely, making his success story leading to the current Steven Dux net worth very inspiring. 

Steven could have stayed in his native China and inherited his father’s companies. But he had his own ambition and, like many others before him, went West and pursued the American dream to be successful via stock trading. Steven’s trying experiences tempered him into achieving so much at such an early age. 

Let’s find out what it took for him to be a maverick day trader and an investment mentor. 

Steven Dux Net Worth

Steven Dux has a total estimated net worth of $5 million. He is a penny stock trader who turned his $27,000 savings into a whopping $1.3 million by investing in stocks. He also offers investment strategy programs where he teaches people how to invest and make money trading. 

A major portion of his income comes from stocks and online program investments. His profitable online courses and coaching on how to trade also significantly contribute to Steven Dux’s income and lifestyle.

Steven Dux – Short Bio 

Steven Dux was born in China on 18th October 1994. He moved to the USA at a very young age for educational purposes. 

His real name is Xiuxian Du. Steven is a tall guy with an overall estimated height of 6 feet. 

Early Life

Steven moved to the United States from China to study engineering. He was only 19 when he went through his first breakup. His girlfriend leaving became a life-changing moment for him. It was the time when he decided to improve himself financially and physically. 

Steven started gym and day trading along with his studies at college. He had $27,000 in his account, given by his dad, to pay his college fees and other expenses. The money was enough to start a stock trading career, but Steven was worried that if he lost the money, he would have to return home as he was on an F1 visa. 

Choosing a Career in Day Trading

Steven states that he had two options to build his career. One was real estate, and the other was day trading. His only reason for choosing day trading was his poor English. The contracts involved in real estate require a good understanding of terms and conditions, which are all in English. 

He started his stock trading career when he was only 22 years old. In just a few years, he started making money and became a millionaire with smart investing. 

Studying Investments as an Investment

To reduce the risk of failure, Steven started studying the stock market. He enrolled in almost every available online course and read pertinent investment books while working as a night guard. However, he realized that the in-depth detail of trading was still missing. 

It was not long before Steven gave up the idea of getting online trading education. 

A source of getting a trading education was gone, but he did not lose hope. Steven started learning himself by studying the chart patterns and graphs of stocks. He made numerous spreadsheets to get a good knowledge of the upward and downward trends. 

Steven Dux’s Career and Achievements

Initial Investment Ventures

Steven lost half of the money he invested on his first trading day. There was a hope of revival between the mixed feelings of losing another life battle. Going back to China was not an option, so Steven gave his car, Honda Accord, as collateral and borrowed additional money from his friend to give himself another chance. 

The second chance was worth it as Steven turned the $27,000 investment into $292,000 in only 30 days. Steven made a lot of profit in the early stages of his career, earning $1.3 million in his first year of stock trading. 

Stock Trading Success and Beyond

Steven’s biggest setback in his trading career was in June 2020, when he lost $1.15 million in a month. The best part of his trading strategy is that he covers up his losses quite well. In 2020, he made around $4 million. 

Steven boosted his earnings by a huge margin in 2021 when the COVID-19 cases began to decrease, and things seemed to be returning to normal. In the first three months of 2021, he made an amazing $3 million profit from day trading. 

Steven never dipped his trading form. In June 2021, he made almost $3 million from only one trade. AMC’s stock made him a huge profit in a single day. He showed his earnings on Twitter. 

Online Investment Mentor

In late 2019, he launched the freedom challenge,” a day trading course that helps you learn about investing money in stocks. He states that he is not targeting a specific market: his courses are for everyone, and people from different professions, such as doctors and lawyers, are enrolled in his courses. 

Steven is also the founder of Stockcraft, a trading platform where you can trade like a professional.

In his online sessions, Steven mostly teaches trading techniques for penny stocks on Nasdaq. However, he says his students have successfully used most of his strategies in other markets, such as cryptocurrencies. 

In his early trading days, Steven discovered 8 strategies that work almost every time in investment. He learned that a market cap in the range of 50 to 100 billion is the best market to pick for investment. Moreover, he avoided markets such as OTCBB and focused on firms with liquidity.

Steven Dux’s Personal Life

Steven and his brother were raised single-handedly by his mother, a hardworking and astute entrepreneur, while his father was serving in the military. His father later ventured into real estate and became a successful businessman himself. 

As for romantic relationships, Steven hasn’t shared any information about his current status since his first breakup during his college days. Presently, he is presumably unmarried. 

Social Media Presence

Steven has a YouTube account where he uploads most of his trading tips videos. His YouTube channel has 247k subscribers, more than 210 videos, and over 13,183,487 views.

His social media accounts also feature his comfortable lifestyle, such as his house and cars, which include a $250,000 McLaren 570.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Steven Dux Net Worth

Who Is Steven Dux?

Steven Dux is a day trading educator who has made more than $11 million in day trading. He has shared all his earnings with the public and all statements verified by third-party auditors. Moreover, Steven is among the top one percent of day trading educators. 

How Did Steven Dux Learn Trading?

Steven learned trading all by himself after studying graphs and patterns showing the exact movement of the stocks. He made stock graphs all over his dorm room to identify the best possible way of buying and selling stocks. 

How Did Steven Dux Get Rich?

Steven Dux got rich by investing money in stocks. He studied similar patterns to form several trading strategies, eventually becoming one of the greatest day traders of all time. He currently has a total net worth of $5 million.

Conclusion – Steven Dux Net Worth and Lifestyle

Making his way into the world on his own terms seems to have worked for Steven Dux. He relentlessly pursued success in the stock trading career that he chose for himself. Passion, hard work, courage, and self-belief proved to be a potent formula to propel him toward his dream. 

Moreover, he is parlaying his achievements as a star trader into sharing his knowledge and insights with more people. His premium online courses and coaching services are well-sought by those who seek to be mentored by a proven stock market genius. That surely gives Steven Dux net worth and lifestyle a hefty boost.

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