Marc Rebillet Net Worth 2023: Success Has No Dress Code

Have you heard of the YouTube star who slays musical-comedic improvs and appears in boxer shorts and flamingo bathrobes? That’s Marc Rebillet with his music presented in quirky showmanship. Let’s learn more about his success story and the Marc Rebillet net worth so far. 

It’s been almost 20 years since people began making YouTube videos and putting them up on the video-sharing platform. What started as a fun pastime for many became a financially motivated activity.

After monetization was applied, people uploaded almost anything to attract attention. The surge of creators increased after YouTubers like Felix Kjellberg, aka, Pewdiepie, started earning a few million dollars a year. His is one of the most popular YouTube channels, with 111 million subscribers. 

And for a while, Pewdiepie was at the top of the highest paid YouTube users until the emergence of talents like gamer DanTDM or Jackskepticeye with his Vlogs and Let’s Play episodes. 

When we think we have watched it all, YouTube pops up with curious videos.

The YouTuber Loop Daddy, Leae, and the “Bedroom Producer,” Marc has been dishing his unique brand of improvised musical styling that has kept his audience highly engaged and wanting more. His combination of electronica, and a risque brand of humor, was phenomenal, awarding Marc a massive following.

Marc Rebillet Net Worth 

Marc Rebillet is a popular YouTube musician because of his distinctly entertaining approach to electronic music. He currently has a total net worth of $500k, with YouTube as a primary source of his income, which includes partnerships and brand sponsorships.

Like other successful personalities on the platform, Marc promotes his brand and merchandise.

Marc Rebillet’s Short Bio 

Marc Rebillet, a French-American, was born in Dallas, Texas on December 15, 1988. He is currently residing in New York City. Marc is a 5 feet 6 inches tall Christian of white ethnicity. Although he likes to keep his personal life private, multiple sources confirm that his mother, Susan, is from South Carolina and his father, Gilbert, is a Frenchman who died in 2018. 

Marc Rebillet’s – Musical Beginnings

Marc spent his early life in his hometown in Texas. He started learning music at a very young age: he was only four when he first started learning piano. Marc studied at Booker T. Washington High School. His passion for music made him attend classical music classes after school. 

He spent most of his teenage life working for local rappers. He used to make beats for them without charging any money. Marc always dreamt of becoming a music producer, which led him to Soundcloud, a famous music platform. 

Marc Rebillet’s – The Birth of Leae 

On Soundcloud, he made his own account with the name “Leae.” Marc said in an interview that he hated that word, but he chose it because there were no search results for the word on Google. Soon, he quit working on Soundcloud as he didn’t find it professional. 

In 2011, Marc released his first solo album EP under the same name he had on SoundCloud. He arranged a release party for the song on his rooftop, but that was not enough to make the song famous. 

Looping His Music 

In 2014, Marc moved to New York to look after his father, an Alzheimer’s patient. While in NY, he found inspiration in the works of Reggie Watts. He ordered a similar loop machine that Reggie used in his performances. Marc considered owning the machine a life-changing moment. 

He began streaming on YouTube in 2016 while practicing his music. The refreshing interaction urged Marc to provide a phone line so viewers could call. Their fun chats escalated to hilarious dares that Marc was more than happy to oblige, at first, for the sake of entertainment. 

But amid his stream, he started receiving tips from his viewers. Marc realized he could make some decent money if he made vlogging an official career. 

Marc Rebillet’s Career

Marc’s first performance was at the Braindead Brewing, a popular pub in Dallas famous for its craft beers. His debut live performance instantly earned him the badge of a solo entertainer. Marc’s reputation spread quickly, and offers from local establishments soon came knocking, like Common Table and Twilite Lounge.

His short time in Dallas made him an overnight sensation. Before his live debut, Marc had around 5,000 people subscribed to his channel. He realized that the number blew up to 40,000 upon his return to New York. 

After that first YouTube viral video, asking viewers to subscribe to his channel on YouTube became much easier.

Marc’s newfound fame opened bigger doors. In just two years, he received invitations from high-end venues like The Bowery Electric, Poisson Rouge, and The Kingsland. 

In late 2018, Marc started receiving overseas invitations to Germany, the UK, and France. Still waiting to wake up from his dream-like fame, Marc had no clue how to respond to opportunities. So he hired a booking agent to manage the offers group through his social media accounts.

Bringing in an expert was the right choice for Marc. Not much later, the agent was able to put together Marc’s first North American tour. All the tickets available for his tour dates were sold out within a week.

Marc later bellyached that the tour was poorly routed, but at the same time admits that it made him a lot of money.

Marc Rebillet Interview with KVUE - ACL Fest 2021 Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: Marc Rebillet Interview with KVUE – ACL Fest 2021

The Marc Rebillet Style

When asked about his views on the appropriation of his work, Marc admits that he loses himself while in his creative process. He then becomes insensitive, unlimiting his results from rules or boundaries. 

Marc, at least, doesn’t sugarcoat or deny the fact that the lyrics he comes up with are borderline disrespectful. But he vowed that the ugly price for his creative freedom was worth the quality of music he could provide.

Marc Rebillet Achievements 

Marc Rebillet started his YouTube channel on November 12, 2006. His subscriber count is over 2.06 million, with 273 video uploads. His most viewed video at 1.38 million is “Chilling with Erykah (Badu) and Reggie (Watts).” Marc owns one of the best YouTube channels on the platform, with over 168 million views in total.

The influential Youtube celebrity established his worth as a content creator with music festival-worthy dance music and remixes. He became so famous that at least one other streamer or YouTube personality created a parody of Marc’s music videos to kickstart the viewership and subs for new YouTube channels.  

In December 2019, Marc won the Do It for Shacknews Award. He has also been recognized as a Billboard Dance Emerging Artist. He was also ranked as No. 2 in Clubbing TV’s 2020 list of the top 40 live streaming DJs. 

Marc Rebillet’s Personal Life 

Marc is the only child of Gilbert and Susan. The couple gave their son the freedom to choose his passion and provided him with every ounce of support they could muster.

Marc hasn’t revealed anything about his girlfriend, but multiple sources confirm that he has been dating Margaret Burgau for over 8 years. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Marc Rebillet Net Worth 

How Did Marc Rebillet Make His Fortune? 

Marc Rebillet made his fortune by making entertaining videos on YouTube. He always had a dream of becoming a musician. An essence of dance and strong beats has given a unique taste to his music. 

How Much Is Marc Rebillet Net Worth? 

Marc Rebillet has an average net worth of half a million dollars. He is a wealthy internet personality who amassed a great fortune after he chose to invest his creativity with music to attract fame and make money online. He earns mainly through his live performances and channel with over 2 million YouTube subscribers. 

What Is Marc Rebillet Famous For? 

Marc Rebillet is famous for his distinctive music style. Most of his songs are filled with strong beats and comical lyrics and are usually accompanied by his passionate dance performances. 

Conclusion – Marc Rebillet Net Worth

Mainly a musician and secondarily a comedic performer, Marc Rebillet’s net worth will surely rise in the future. His antics may not be for everyone, but humor comes in different colored packages. 

Marc continues to work hard with his planned concert gigs, increasingly-popular videos, interactive activities on various social media, and expanding fanbase. His is a case of following one’s passion as a musician while being YouTube marketing savvy and engaging as a live streamer. 

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