Majah Hype Net Worth 2024: Have You Heard of the King of Caribbean Comedy?

Majah Hype is one of the most iconic comedians today. He became a trend from the moment he entered the business in 2012, and to this day, invitations from different countries to do a show continue to spam his inbox. With a career like his, it’s hard not to wonder about Majah Hype net worth.

Majah Hype describes his brand of stand-up “reality comedy,” centered on the Caribbean culture. Maja’s hilarious impersonations of stereotypical characters from different West Indian countries have given him the fame and fortune he deserves.

Majah Hype Net Worth

Majah Hype is a famous comedian, successful YouTuber, and social media sensation with an estimated net worth of $4 million. The self-made sensation tried various jobs before stumbling into the web space and becoming a comedian. Majah has since amassed a great amount of wealth after becoming a celebrity.

Majah Hype’s Short Bio

Majah Hype is a stage name given by his friends who believed he would one day be a famous comedian. His real name is Collin Nigel McPherson. He opened his eyes to this world on December 12th, 1971. He stands at 5 feet (152 cm) and weighs 178 lbs (81 kg) with dark brown hair and eyes.

Although he was reportedly born in East Kingston, Jamaica, the 51-year-old comedian never deviled his roots or country of origin. As unreasonable as that may sound to his fans, it only proves that Majah is a professional entertainer. He knew that staying in character was very important in his line of work.

For his outright dedication to sharing and spreading the Caribbean culture, Majah Hype earned the moniker “King of Caribbean Comedy.” 

Early Life

Majah is the eldest child in the family, with two younger siblings trailing behind him. He was eight when his grandfather allowed him to have a peek at the entertainment world. The family was young Majah’s first audience; it gave him such happiness to stand before them and make them laugh. 

At a very young age, musical instruments were already his forte. Majah knew how to play at least eight instruments, including drums, saxophone, and trombone. One could say it was in his genes.

Majah’s grandfather was the co-founder of the Labor Day parade, a member of a popular band in New York, and the main reason behind Majah’s introduction to the entertainment world. Majah’s first viral video was him comparing one of the Labor Day trucks on East Side Parkway.

After attending a local private school in Jamaica, Majah moved with his family to the US at age 12. They initially resided in Baltimore but later moved to Brooklyn.

Majah worked as a DJ for Massive B as a young man with Bobby Konders and Jabba. And even then, Majah was labeled as the crew’s comedian for frequently causing an unplanned string of laughter.

There came a time when Majah wholeheartedly pursued music. He produced songs for artists like Gyptian, Taurus Riley, Munga, and Lyrikal. Again, Majah realized that music was not for him after learning that much of his career’s success depended on asking favors from unsavory people.

Majah Hype’s Career

Majah is also qualified as a professional electrician. He worked for Sandhogs local 147 in the past. The profession was making him a good 6 figure salary, but he later realized that the profession was not his passion. 

In 2013, Majah switched to the entertainment industry. He started in his tiny home studio in Brooklyn making videos mimicking accents of famous Caribbean nationalities. His talent was soon recognized by the Caribbean diaspora.

In 2014, he was offered his old position at Mass transit’s Sandhogs local 147. The offer was a lucrative opportunity, and he took it for a time but eventually decided to leave his post. Majah realized that more than money, he craved to follow his dream of becoming a professional comedian.

His debut comedy show was at Baruch College in Manhattan. Majah was an instant hit. His fame became clear when he started receiving overseas invitations from Trinidad, the UK, and Canada. Majah also appeared in famous comedy shows such as BET, Power 105, The Wendy Williams shows, and Hot 97.

He channels members of his family to create entertaining characters for his skits. The most famous in particular are Grandpa James and Di Rass.

Apart from his comedy shows, Majah has also proved himself all over the USA (20 different states) and the world. He has appeared in international shows in Canada, the UK, Europe, Japan, South America, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. 

Social Media Presence

Majah has a really good social media presence with almost 2 million followers. He is present on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with 1.2 million, 9.4k, and 723k followers, respectively.

138k people subscribe to his YouTube channel, Majah Hype, with 180 videos and 21.6 million views to date.

Majah Hype’s Personal Life

While he found success in his career, relationships did not bode well for the comedian. Rumors suggest that Majah is a father of four. He had two women in his life, but neither worked out. 

Majah’s first wife was Terri. Their marriage lasted 10 years before they decided to get divorced. Majah and his ex-wife have three children: Aniah, Zoovier, and Jahnie. 

He was engaged to Letisha Kirby, whom Majah shares a son with. The couple’s relationship ended abruptly, and accusations of abuse razed the internet. His ex-fiancee uploaded a video revealing bruises on her body that Majah caused, adding that their relationship had been toxic for a long time. 

The controversy sent the comedian into depression. Aside from threats to his life, in 2020, Majah was rushed to the hospital due to a mild heart attack. Doctors said the episode was caused by stress.

He also suffered a backlash on social media, losing around 100,000 followers on Instagram in the aftermath of Kirby’s accusations. Majah maintained that the rumors of abuse are falls. He bounced back and continued giving his fans the Majah brand of comedy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Majah Hype Net Worth

Did Majah Hype Play in a Band?

Yes, Majah was part of a band called Massive B. He worked as a DJ for a while before working his way to becoming one of the most iconic comedians in the country. 

What Is Majah Hype’s Nationality?

Majah Hype is reportedly Jamaican. He spent the early stages of his life in Jamaica before moving to Brooklyn, New York. However, he deliberately does not reveal his origin, saying he aims to represent and share all West Indian and Caribbean cultures in his comedy.

How Much Does Majah Hype Earn?

Majah Hype earns around $450k  per year with a current estimated net worth of $4 million. His income is mainly from his comedy shows, performance tours, and YouTube channel. 

Conclusion – Majah Hype Net Worth

It hasn’t been months since the world sat through the cringe-worthy case of a world-famous pirate accused of similar deeds. The big picture is not which side is telling the truth but how much our society matured. We no longer focus on the image painted for us but on how it was framed and delivered.

The wise always reserve judgment to the last available second, nor make it if it is not his to make.

Controversies should not overshadow Majah Hype’s brilliant career. Unless he brought his demons to work and used them to his advantage, the rest of the world should bury their pitchforks.

Much about his life and journey is worthy of being quoted.  Majah did not choose the easy path to wealth when he was already equipped with a skill that assures a comfortable life. He expressed the importance of having passion, the freedom to chase dreams, and the purpose of bringing happiness to others.

Majah appears to have bounced from depression and driven back into his original mission of making the world laugh. He said that bearing the title “King of Caribbean Comedy” means that work is never done. 

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