Kelly Stamps Net Worth 2024: Life According to Kelly

What’s the secret to being a YouTube success? Barely making any money from her channel to earning over 40k monthly sure is a quantum leap that bodes well for the Kelly Stamps net worth. How did she do it? Where did she start?

Kelly Stamps shares her insights with other vloggers about how to have a lucrative YouTube channel. She draws her audience by telling engaging stories about various aspects of her quirky, singular, minimalist life. It’s impressive how she became one of the wealthiest YouTubers around by teaching others her recipe for success.

Her content is the opposite of flashy. She is neither a big-time stockholder nor an heiress of a rich businessman. Kelly is one of YouTube’s many self-made millionaires whose main investments were time and imparting personal life lessons.

A simple hobby for Kelly that became lucrative, acquiring her an average net worth of $2 million.

Kelly Stamps Net Worth

Kelly Stamps is one of the best lifestyle and adulthood content creators on YouTube. She is a wealthy vlogger with an estimated net worth of $2 million. Kelly earns mainly through sponsorships and advertisements. 

Before relocating to New York, she earned $1k monthly from YouTube. Her big move to NYC was to attract more audience and get better traffic for her channel, and she was right on the money. 

Kelly’s monthly earnings leaped from $1k to $3k to $13k, far exceeding financial goals set by most young people of her age group.

Her video “This is how I spend my $40,000 monthly income” broke down her YouTube income into YouTube’s Partner Program (around 15k) and advertising (24k). 

Kelly Stamps’ Short Bio 

Kelly Stamps is a popular YouTube vlogger who posts content on her minimalist lifestyle, vlogging how-tos and self-help with dry humor, charismatic style, and a self-aware manner. 

She was born in California, United States, on May 30th, 1996. Kelly was only 21 years old when she started her  YouTube channel. She initially started from comedic skits but eventually shifted to lifestyle and other topics. She currently lives in Florida.

Kelly Stamps – Early Life

Kell is an only child and was raised in California by her father, Vincent Stamps. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2020 from dementia, and there was no mention of Kelly’s mother. 

She once revealed about graduating from a private university in the state. It is safe to assume that Kelly grew up in a middle-class family or belonged to one of the hundreds of median-income households in the state.

Watching digital media grow over the years, she decided to become a content creator at a very young age. In 2017, Kelly made her own YouTube channel Kelly Stamps. She couldn’t make money from her YouTube videos for the first two years. After two years of consistency, she finally monetized her channel in July 2019. 

Kelly compares working on YouTube at the beginning with her past relationships, a one-way street with her never at the receiving end. However, she believed that success is worth the difficulty of its initial stages.

Kelly advised new content creators to have patience if they hope to have a profitable channel because earning from YouTube is a very slow build. Sometimes, hours of hard work are only paid a dollar or two. 

Kelly Stamps’ Career and Achievements

Kelly is a certified YouTube star and one of the few who never had to rely on the latest gadgets to film her videos. Though pixels and details do count when it comes to presentation, the quality and heart of the content are what truly matter. Gadgets are tools; it is up to us how well we can use these things.

Kelly shared this little life lesson directed toward YouTubers who make excuses for not being properly equipped for internet success.

The ever-growing competition to acquire social media fame is stressful enough, and in any new thing we do, the first hurdle is to keep ourselves from getting sick of the job. Luckily, Kelly is a smart young lady who carried the early stages of her YouTube career as a part-time job or a hobby.

Her realistic mindset enabled her to remain consistent in producing amazing content and still have fun. Kelly’s videos are basic, straightforward – in short, natural. And for it, she stood out.

Kelly's Art of Living Alone Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: Kelly Stamps and the Art of Living Alone

Simply Kelly

Viewers perceive her differently from most YouTubers who fill their content with pretentious bling and glamour. Kelly is about showing the true person she is, not afraid to share her dry sense of humor or random quirkiness. Kelly admits it and says your fans will love you if you show them the real you. 

Most of Kelly’s videos are related to her own life experiences. She tries to make his young audience understand how they can overcome different adulthood problems and hurdles. Kelly has also uploaded educational videos where she teaches how one can improve his YouTube channel.

She is a positive influence who shares her messages by recounting her experiences as an example. Like in her first video, Kelly spoke about her life in Santa Monica. Her distinctive style keeps the audience engaged as she switches content topics, slipping a life lesson or two.

Later, she started a series named Storytime with Stamps, which became the reason for her YouTube success. 

Kelly has more than 666k subscribers on her YouTube channel, with more than 40 million views on all videos combined. She has a total of 193 videos on her channel to this date. 

Kelly Stamps’ Personal Life

Kelly hasn’t shared much about her personal life on social media. She once uploaded a video on her YouTube channel titled “I got married,” but it turned out to be a prank. 

Kelly Stamps – Media Presence

The only social media platform Kelly is currently on is Instagram. Her official account TheKellyStamps has more than 104k followers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Kelly Stamps Net Worth

Why Is Kelly Stamps So Popular?

Kelly Stamps is popular because of her lifestyle and adulthood videos on YouTube. She has around 666k subscribers on her channel.

How Much Money Does Kelly Stamps Earn?

Kelly stamps only earned $1k a month from YouTube. After moving to New York, she attracted a bigger audience. Her finances greatly improved, and the difference in her monthly earnings added up from $1k to $3k to $13k.

Kelly’s decision to invest her extra time in vlogging was spot on and is rewarded with a minimum net worth of $2 million.  

Kelly is one of the many hopefuls who made their fortunes on YouTube. The young vlogger’s total assets were never disclosed, but she is enjoying a financially comfortable lifestyle. Kelly’s primary residence is in Florida, where she posted a video titled “This is how I spend my $40,000 monthly income.” 

What Is Kelly Stamps’ Niche? 

Kelly Stamps’ niche is a lifestyle, self-help, and vlogging how-tos. She uploads content on her frugal yet bougie lifestyle with an equal amount of dry humor, intelligence, and quirkiness. 

Conclusion – Kelly Stamps Net Worth

Popularly known as a YouTuber who posts minimalist lifestyle and personal development content, Kelly Stamps has amassed an estimated net worth of $2 million and engaged 666K subscribers.

Because of the success, she found on the platform, Kelly repeatedly encourages her followers to start their channel, if that is what they wish, with a reminder to have patience.

Her perseverance, hard work, single-minded focus, strategic business thinking, and singular vlogging style all contribute to her exponential success as a YouTube content creator and influencer. 

Kelly believes in turning frustration into creation, best exemplified by her video on mental health, “How I remain unbothered.” She serves as an inspiration not only to new vloggers but to her Stampede. May we all take a page (or two) from her book! 

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