JonTron Net Worth 2024: Another Video Game Nerd?

Are you a JonTron fan? Then you must be aware of the YouTuber comedian’s quirky and humorous reviews and parodies. Learn more about JonTron here, including his personal life and JonTron net worth.

JonTron owns the popular YouTube channel “ JonTronShow,” with more than 6.65 million subscribers. 

All his videos have earned him a considerable fan base and enabled him to make money on YouTube. Let’s learn more about this brilliant comedian YouTuber and find out JonTron net worth, career, and early life details.

JonTron Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Diablo III Episode

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JonTron Net Worth

JonTron net worth is estimated at $2.2 million. While not many details are publicly available about how he amassed such wealth, being an influencer is obviously the primary source of his income.

Most of JonTron’s wealth is derived from monetizing his YouTube channels, sponsorships, and ad revenue. He has also ventured into voice recording for indie video games such as “Asagao Academy” and “A Hat in Time.”

His monthly estimated earning is around $12,500, while his annual income is about $150,000.

This 32-year-old game reviewer is also active and popular on Instagram and Twitter. It is amazing how he turned his gaming hobby and talent into a career and became a millionaire in such a short time. 

JonTron – Short Bio

JonTron is the online handle or social media name of Jonathan Aryan Jafari, an American citizen born on 24th March 1990 in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Aryan is of Persian-American ethnicity as his father was of Iranian descent, while his mother’s ancestors were from Hungary.

This renowned Internet personality is 178 cm tall and weighs 152 lbs. He has been married to Charlotte Claw since October 2019. 

Jon “JonTron” Jafari received education in musical theater. From 2004 to 2008, JonTron attended the Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. 

Aryan Jafari’s Early Life

In school, Jafari met and exchanged ideas about creating YouTube content with his future collaborators, Barry Kramer, the first editor of Game Grumps, and his other fellow YouTuber Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil. 

In 2003, Jafari created a new account on Newgrounds (an entertainment website) with the username BirdmanXZ6. He uploaded 5 creative animations of onions. You might consider the subject of his animations quite out of the box. However, it reflected and even anticipated his later eccentric and humorous style in his future YouTube gaming review career.

Jonathan launched his first YouTube channel in 2006, under the same name as BirdmanXZ6. The channel may not have become famous, but it paved the way for his career. 

In 2010, he uploaded videos on and reviewed many games, such as the popular GoldenEye 007. At Screwattack, he met Austin Hargrave, the “PeanutButterGamer” or PBG.

Since this YouTube celebrity launched “JonTronShow” in 2010, his main channel has been growing in popularity. 

Jafari is associated with 2 other channels, “JonTron Starcraft” and “JonTron LOL,” which also became marginally popular with a 20.7 subscriber count. His funny YouTube channels are not just an average run-of-the-mill review show; it now has billions of video views. 

Personal Life

While JonTron spent most of his life in California, he moved to New York with his girlfriend, Charlotte Claw, in 2013. On 23rd October 2019, he married Charlotte. The couple resides in New Hampshire. 

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JonTron – Career & Achievements

JonTron performs video game reviews in such an outrageous and funny style that his reactions even became widely-shared memes. Later, he branched out to other creative video content like skits and movie/TV reviews. 

Since YouTube channels are the primary source of JonTron net worth and wealth, let’s begin an account of his career from there.

The JonTronShow

It all started when JonTron launched “JonTronShow” in 2010. To date, this channel is JonTron’s most popular YouTube channel and became the reason for his massive popularity with the public, with over 6.65 million subscribers. 

Imagine the hard work and persistence that must have gone behind making this channel so popular.

The first video he posted on the “JonTronShow” channel was a two-part review of “Daikatana,” a video game with a first-person shooter perspective developed for Nintendo 64 and MS Windows by Ion Storm. 

So far, JonTron has uploaded 127 videos on this YouTube channel, while the total views have exceeded 1.1 billion by now. 

While all of his uploaded YouTube videos receive millions of views, the most popular video is “Waterproofing my Life with Flex Tape”. Uploaded in 2018, this YouTube hit video is JonTron’s highest viewed video, with a record number of 63 million views.

JonTron Starcraft

Launched in 2011, most of this channel’s content was JonTron’s commentary on “StarCraft 2”. The channel does not have much to show as he posted only two videos on it, with the total number of views up to around 242k. Additionally, the number of subscribers is only around 4.6K.

The most viewed video on “JonTron Starcraft” is that of Christopher Walken narrating “StarCraft.” The video has around 173k views. It seems that JonTron lost interest in this channel or moved on to bigger ventures like his hit show “JonTronShow,” which he had launched a year earlier.

Moreover, the video gaming content arena has become very competitive due to the many games as well as competitive content makers and gamers. The growing competition significantly narrowed down JonTron’s target audience, and perhaps he didn’t see much scope in pursuing this further.


“JonTronLol” was intended to be a gaming channel when it was launched in 2019. The content on the channel was mainly focused on streaming online League of Legends games. It is unknown why JonTron didn’t upload much content on it.

JonTron uploaded only 4 videos on this channel before it became inactive soon after. The channel has around 20.7K subscribers, and its total number of views tallies up to around 476K. 

The video with the highest number of views on this channel is “JonTron plays League of Legends (Soraka),” with more than 173K views.

It is not clear why JonTron did not upload much content on it. Like JonTron Starcraft, he seemingly decided to narrow his scope of work and focus on the more popular “JonTronShow” channel as tough competition limited his audience.

Normal Boots and Game Grumps

JonTron’s encounter with Austin Hargrave, “The Peanut Butter Gamer,” led them to launch Normal Boots in 2010. The channel was mainly intended to be a hub for uploading videos and collecting revenue from ads. However, in 2012, they shut down the channel as Google Adsense offered more lucrative offers to content creators.

In 2012, JonTron launched another joint venture with Arin Hanson; it was named “Game Grumps,” a Let’s Play web series. Co-hosting the show, they released a lot of content, playing video games together with their comedic twist to it. To the fans’ disappointment, JonTron left the channel in 2013 to focus on the “JonTronShow.” 

Frequently Asked Questions – JonTron Net Worth

Who Owns JonTron?

Jonathan Aryan Jafari, popularly known as JonTron, owns all content posted on his channels. The most popular channel is the “JonTronShow.”

How Much Money Did JonTron Make?

JonTron net worth is estimated to be around $2.2 million. He reportedly earns around $12,500 a month and around $150,000 a year.

How Tall Is JonTron?

JonTron is 178 cm tall. 

JonTron Real Ghost Stories Review Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: Real Ghost Mini-Series Review

JonTron Net Worth – Final Thoughts

To get paid giving his trademark mouthful and meme-magnet reactions while playing or reviewing online games sums up JonTron’s life as a YouTube personality. And what a life!

His fame has landed him on noteworthy lists featured in Time magazine (“#7 most searched meme on Google”) and CraveOnline (as one of 7 YouTubers to watch for). As a creative content creator that viewers easily relate to, he has attracted brand sponsors and advertisers, making him the rich vlogger he is now.

Passion for gaming + Talent for vlogging = Fame and fortune. JonTron is surely on top of his game! 

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