Asa Akira Net Worth 2024: Famous Actress of the Adult Film Industry

Have you ever wondered about the life stories and estimated net worth of actors working in the adult entertainment industry? Let’s take a peek into the life of one of the United States’ most popular adult actresses today and learn about Asa Akira net worth.

Asa Akira is a Manhattan-based Japanese-American adult entertainment video actress and film director. She began acting in adult films as a freelancer. 

Today, Asa Akira is the second Asian to have won the AVN (Adult Video News) Female Performer of the Year award. She is also very popular on Instagram as an influencer and has 2.3 million followers.

Self-identifying as a sex-positive feminist, Asa’s life journey is as unconventional and fascinating as the roles she plays on screen. Buckle up and learn from Asa’s story. 

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Asa Akira Net Worth

As of this year, Asa Akira net worth is $4 million. Her income sources can be traced to her career in the adult film industry, having worked in more than 500 movies. 

She has a massive number of followers on Instagram and successfully prompts significant engagement on her IG posts, enabling her to benefit lucratively from her account.

Asa Akira – Short Bio

The Japanese-American Asa Akira was born on January 3, 1986, in New York, United States. The 36-year-old adult entertainer is 155cm tall and weighs 115 lbs. 

Asa’s parents were both Japanese immigrants. Her father was a professional portrait photographer who went back to Tokyo with their family for his work when Asa was 9. They moved back to New York four years later. Her mother took care of Asa until she returned to work in the non-profit sector.

From 2012 to 2017, Asa Akira was married to Toni Rebas, a director and adult film actor. In March 2019, she also had a son from another relationship. Currently, little is known about her personal life. 

Early Life

Asa was born to Japanese immigrant parents and was an only child. The first part of her name came from her birth name Asa (the Japanese term for the word “morning”), while she adopted the second name as inspiration from Akira, the popular anime film.

Asa Akira lived in Tokyo for four years, and when she was 13 years old, the family moved back to the United States. Initially, her family moved to Brooklyn and moved later to Clinton Hill.

Asa Akira had a very normal childhood. Her family was very health-conscious, and consuming junk food was discouraged. Though she grew up in the US, the family spoke Japanese at home. 

Akira got a scholarship to enroll in the Manhattan United Nations International School because of her grandfather’s diplomatic profile. Unfortunately, she did not get good grades and had to leave in her sophomore year. 

She then went to Washington Irving High School, Gramercy Park. Finally, she registered in the City-As-School for her senior year. Akira started working at an early age, and when she was a teenager, she was a cashier at a local children’s bookshop called Books of Wonder. 

Personal Life

From 2012 to 2017, Akira was married to adult film actor and director Toni Ribas. Akira was also engaged to former adult entertainer Rocco Reed at one point. In 2019, she had a son from another relationship.  

Akira is a proud feminist. She is attracted to both men and women but does not want to be termed bisexual.

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Asa Akira’s Career & Achievements

When Akira was 19 years old, she began working as a dominatrix. Later she got a job as a stripper at the Hustler Club NYC. On the show, she met Gina Lynn, a famous adult entertainment film actress who introduced her to the adult film industry and offered her an acting role in a video.

Initially, she worked only with Gina Lynn but later moved to other diverse erotic roles. Her initial co-actor was Travis Knight, when the two acted in a Gina Lynn production. Soon Akira signed a contract with Voyeur Media but started her film career as a freelance adult actress after six months. 

Asa Akira Directorial Ventures

In 2013, Akira signed an exclusive deal with Wicked Pictures, and the first movie she performed in after signing the contract was “Asa is wicked.”

Akira also ventured into directing films and made her debut with “Gangbanged 6,” starring Elegant Angel, in 2014.

Asa Akira’s Career in Conventional Media

Akira has appeared in mainstream films and shows. She had her cameo appearance in the movie “Starlet.” Akira has also been a frequent guest on “Bubba the Love Sponge,” a radio program.

Actress Gabrielle Union once mentioned in Conan O’Brien’s talk show how she had been inspired by adult film stars’ fitness routines that she had observed at the gym. After that, Akira was featured in a 2014 Cosmopolitan magazine article about four adult film stars on how they stay fit. Chanel Preston, Dana DeArmond, and Jessie Andrews were the other three stars. 

Akira made a guest appearance at the Eric Andre Show in 2014. Another noteworthy mention is her appearance on the “Family Guy” show in 2017. Again, Akira appeared as herself and, with Peter Griffith, did a live-acting scene involving the casting couch.

Asa Akira’s Awards

Akira played a telephonist in David Clark’s film “Pure” in 2009. Her performance in the movie received much recognition, and she received several nominations for her role.

Akira also co-hosted the 30th Annual AVN Awards with Jesse Jane, the famous adult film actor, and April Macie, the comedian. In the same award ceremony, she won the award for female performer of the year. She won the most awards at the 30th AVN Awards.

In 2011, Akira was ranked #6 by Complex Magazine in its top 50 Asian adult film stars list; six years later, she made it to #16 of its 100 hottest adult film stars. In 2013, Akira was also ranked third by LA Weekly in the list of 10 Adult Movie Stars who could be the next Sasha Grey. 

CNBC has also placed her on its “The Dirty Dozen” list multiple times. The list ranks the most popular and successful stars in the adult film industry. 

Asa Akira Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Asa Akira?

Asa Akira is a Japanese-American actress and film director who works in adult movies. She is also a famous Instagram celebrity.

What Does Asa Akira Do For a Living?

Professionally, she makes adult films as an actress and director in the adult industry. 

How Much is Asa Akira Net Worth?

For the current year, Asa Akira net worth is estimated at $4 million from 500 film appearances and a career spanning almost two decades.

What is the Nationality of Asa Akira?

Asa Akira is an American citizen with Japanese roots, born to Japanese immigrant parents in New York, USA. 

Asa Akira Net Worth
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Asa Akira Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Asa Akira has made her mark in the entertainment world by working as an adult entertainment actress. Along with receiving various honors as a performer, she became wealthy, and her current net worth runs in the millions. Identifying as a feminist, she is proud of her sexuality and views her chosen adult film career through a sex-positive lens. 

Like Asa, may we all find work that we love and get paid while doing it!

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