Bob Wells Net Worth 2024: Living On The Road Like A Minimalist

Bob’s nomadic lifestyle caught the attention of social media. He lives on the road, free to go where he pleases and leaving bits of wisdom at every pit stop. His home is just a tiny van, but you might consider following his tracks after reading about Bob Wells net worth.

Does the concept of a stress-free lifestyle tempt you? Even Elon Musk, the man at the top of the Forbes Billionaires list, sold every grand estate he has and recently moved into a trailer. According to the world’s richest person, it’s a more convenient choice for a busy man like him. 

Living on your terms with no strings attached. The trend of nomadic living is not new in American culture, but lately, it has been gaining traction amidst growing concerns over increasing inflation.  

Here’s a person at the forefront of the van-dwelling revolution, Bob Wells, the van dweller.

Bob Wells Net Worth

People with ultra-high net worth are the only ones whose finances are revealed to the public. Heirs and heiresses of wealthy households like Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, the Sultan of Brunei, and brilliant minds like MacKenzie Scott’s ex-husband, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

But there are ways to track the earnings of online celebrities like Bob Wells. A video by Start TheChannel.Com uploaded a breakdown of how much Bob Wells earns from the video-sharing site.

His monthly earnings include the following:

  •  $138,000 from PatreonAffiliaterom Affiliate Marketing
  • $66,251 from Bob’s Ultimate Crash Course on RV Living
  • $9,000 from Google Adsense
  • $374 from Merchandise
  • $4,300 from YT Partner Program

The sum puts Bob Wells’ annual earnings at almost $3 million. But let’s not forget that everyone has expenses, and our wandering celebrity is a strong advocate of helping the less fortunate.

The uploader claims that the estimates are possibly under-calculated because Bob also earns from book sales and film rights, and he has made television and streaming appearances.

Other sources estimate Bob Wells net worth at around $2 to $5 million.

Who is Bob Wells?

Bob Wells, the van dweller, is a famous US-based YouTuber and author. The famous influencer has been living in his vehicle for the past two decades as a strong advocate of minimalistic living

The supposed patron of nomadic dwellings and an icon among others who have taken up the lifestyle is also popular for writing articles and running various campaigns to benefit those in need.

Bob Wells is the founder of the Homes on Wheels Alliance, a charity that facilitates deprived individuals in getting vehicles for their travel and living requirements. He also initiated the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, an annual meetup of van dwellers in Arizona. 

Bob Wells – Short Bio

Bob Wells was born on May 5, 1955. He spent his early years in Alaska. His father worked as a union clerk at a Safeway store in Anchorage.

Bob Wells  – Early Life

Bob Well’s father passed away two years after he retired from his job as a union clerk at a Safeway store in Anchorage, Alaska. Wells also got a job in the same Safeway store to help his father enjoy retirement.

He held on to the same position for twenty years, and in 1995, Bob went through a very difficult divorce. The separation drained him emotionally and financially. With two children involved, Wells soon found himself facing financial constraints. 

At the lowest point of his life, he decided to shift to a van with the last $1,500 in his pocket to cut down his rent expenses. The journey was not easy, and anxiety kept him restless. 

His outlook changed after receiving his first paycheck. He was even more delighted that he received the whole sum without any deduction like rent or utilities.

Bob Wells got used to the nomadic lifestyle. He learned to cook, manage baths, and stay warm. Bob discovered freedom and happiness while living on the road. Bob realized that his current lifestyle is an alternative to societal norms.

Bob Wells – Career & Achievements

The turning point in Bob’s life happened in 2005 after he saw a mother and her three children sleeping in a car. He was moved to the extent that he ended up launching his website He used the medium to promote van dwelling as a stress-free way of life.

He also shares helpful tips and advice for individuals embarking on a van-dwelling journey to help them adapt to the new way of life easily.

Bob Wells has also authored the “Ultimate Crash Course to Living on the Road.” He launched his channel CheapRVliving, which has around 601,000 subscribers. 

He inspires others to adopt his way of living through his videos.

Bob Wells has also appeared in various documentaries and has been interviewed for the news many times. He also appeared in the 2020 drama Nomadland as himself. 


In October 2018, Bob Wells launched the Homes on Wheels Alliance. It is a charity organization for individuals who need financial assistance to get vehicles that have been converted for dwelling purposes.

Bob Wells is also the brains behind the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. Since 2011, he has organized a meetup of van dwellers in Quartzsite, Arizona. The first meetup had 45 attendees; over the years, it grew manifold. Today, it is the largest gathering of its kind. 

Bob Wells – Personal Life

Bob Wells currently spends his time traveling around the country in his GMC Savana 4×4 and promotes the advantages of leading life on wheels. He encourages others to find happiness in its simplest form. 

Bob Wells is currently single, married, and divorced twice. He has two kids from his first marriage. 

In 2011, his son committed suicide. He has talked about this in Nomadland. It was a dark time in his life as he struggled to find a reason to live. However, he soon found solace in serving others and helping those in need to enable them to change their lives. 

Bob Wells – Social Media

Bob Wells is a renowned name on social media. He has more than 600k subscribers. He also has Instagram and Facebook handles, sharing expert tips and promoting his work. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Bob Wells Net Worth

What Did Bob Wells Do For a Living?

Bob Wells is a famous US-based YouTuber, TV personality, and professional author. 

How Long Has Bob Wells Been a Nomad?

Bob Wells first started living a nomadic life in 1995. However, he married in 2002 and moved into a house, but he reverted to the nomadic lifestyle in 2008 and has been living as a nomad since then.

What Kind of Van Does Bob Wells Have?

Presently, Bob Wells drives a GMC Savana 4×4. 

Bob Wells Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Find your happiness, they say, and for Bob, he found it on the road. Again, we’re reminded how identifying our passion can lead to financial freedom and fulfillment. With the whole country as his backyard, Bob continues to inspire people to have the courage to take on fruitful adventures.

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