William Taudien Net Worth 2023: Traveling the World to Chase After Life

William Taudien describes his travels as not a form of escape but a journey to chase after life. The best part? William Taudien net worth was accumulated by taking the scenic route.

Adventure and travel vlogs are one of the most popular content niches on YouTube. They are exciting and fun; people see different parts of the world they have not been to otherwise. 

While a channel’s popularity and the generated income mainly depend on the number of views one garners on their channel’s videos, people are getting creative with leveraging their online presence for maximum benefit.

Some of the best travel vloggers have built a fortune via the various travel vlog series they share on their YouTube channels. This article highlights the life and net worth of one such YouTuber William Taudien. Continue reading to learn about him, what he does for a living and how much he earns.

William Taudien Net Worth

William Taudien’s net worth is not exactly known, as the only statistics available are for his YouTube channel. However, YouTube is not his sole source of income, so we cannot quantify his net worth in its entirety. 

According to various sources, his net worth is around $2 million. YouTube analytics depict that his daily earnings from his YouTube channel are around $74. His monthly earnings are around $2,775, while his yearly earnings from YouTube are around $33,300.

However, as suggested earlier, YouTube is not his sole income source, and he has possibly multiple other sources, so the exact details of his net worth are not known.

Who is William Taudien?

William Taudien is a Swedish fitness and travel vlogger who shot to fame through his YouTube channel. He launched his channel 11 years ago, which became popular due to his highly interesting content about fitness, adventure, and traveling.

The famous YouTuber enjoys a large following with more than 80.5K subscribers on YouTube. Let’s dig into the life of the adventuring-loving blogger and learn about William Taudien net worth and various aspects of his life. 

William Taudien – Short Bio

William Taudien was born on 17th October 1988 in Eskilstuna, Sweden. William is a Swedish national. He has an athletic build and is 5 ft 8 in tall. His parents are Gertrud and Yngve Taudien.

William has two siblings, an older sister named Marlene and an older brother named Jerker. William is in a relationship with Maria Crowley, a registered dietitian.

William Taudien – Early Life

Since his early years, William has had a great deal of interest in fitness. He went to the Rinman Gymnasium School in Eskilstuna, Sweden, and competed in various athletic events. He ran 400m and 800m and was also a member of the relay team that participated in the Swedish Championship in 2009 and won the 3×800 meters competition.

William arrived in the US around 2010 and majored in graphic design at Texas State University. In 2011, William won the Trinity Alumni Classic during the outdoor season at Texas state. He also competed in various other events. 

During the 2012 indoor season, he recorded his indoor best in 800m in an event held at Tyson University. 

William had always been an adventurous soul. He knew early on that he was not cut out for a 9 to 5 job and was not keen on strict schedules. Naturally, he set out to find a career that suited him.

William Taudien – Career Achievements

YouTubers like PewdiePie and Jacksepticeye showed us that people could have a great time at home and connect with others through video games like Fortnite. But the growing number of YouTube stars encouraging viewers to go out, be healthier, and experience the world, is a refreshing development. 

The best sign that adventurous influencers like William are on the right track is by looking at their steadily increasing viewership and subscriber following.

The globe-trotting influencer launched his channel on YouTube on 1st June 2011. His oldest video content shows him doing a backflip rope swing and was uploaded soon after. His second YouTube video was posted two years later. It was a fun animated clip about penguins immigrating to the US.

He only began uploading as a travel vlogger in March 2015. His uploads were quirky, creatively fun, and relatable as a content creator. His YouTube channel steadily gained subscribers as he traveled to countries like Japan, Australia, Maldives, Fiji, Indonesia, Greece, Zanzibar, Maldives, Mexico, and Italy.

His channel has 80.5K subscribers, with more than 16.7 million views. Amongst William’s vlogs, the most viewed clip was his trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, with 3.4 million views.

William Taudien – Personal Life

In 2015, William Taudien’s US visa expired, and he had to leave the country. In his deportation story video, he shared his experience and expressed how he could only feel at home in the US.

William continues to travel around the world and document his journey through his vlogs. He also takes out time to travel back to Sweden to be with his family. 

He took a small break from making Youtube videos. William is currently traveling through the southern part of Europe. His recent updates placed him in Italy, making pitstops at Turino, Milan, and the Amalfi coast. 

William and Maria had originally met at Texas State University in the fall of 2009, where they were both studying. The two dated off and on till 2015. Then William had to leave the US after his visa expired. 

When Maria came across his YouTube videos in 2018, she reached out, and they again started communicating. The two reunited in 2019 in Greece, and the rest is history. 

The couple spent a great deal of time together traveling through Mexico earlier and later met in Italy to explore the southern part of Europe. 

William Taudien – Social Media

Besides YouTube, William Taudien also maintains a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, with 1,800 followers. He has more than 11.1K followers on Instagram and around 1,750 followers on Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – William Taudien Net Worth

How Many Subscribers Does William Taudien Have?

William Taudien has more than 80,500 subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

Where Is William Taudien From?

William Taudien is originally from Eskilstuna, Sweden.

What Is Swedish Sheep?

Sweden is home to four local sheep breeds, smaller in size than the regular. It is home to the Swedish Carpet Wool Sheep, locally known as Rya. It is a double-coated breed and also has traces of origin in Norway.

William Taudien Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Creators of the best YouTube channels didn’t set off to become celebrities or make money. They simply wanted to share their passion, sometimes ignited with a joke and a commentary, to try and connect with other people who share the same interest. Your best examples are James Rolfe and Felix Kjellberg.

The same could be said for William, who simply enjoyed seeing the world, sharing his exciting travels with anyone and everyone who carries a similar fondness. It just so happened that he became a YouTube celebrity and decided to continue vlogging, more than just to get paid, but to continue doing what he enjoys the most. 

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