Tim Pool Net Worth 2023: The Face of Modern Reporting and New Coverage

All he needed was a mobile phone to cover the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protest. Get to know the journalist and commentator changing how we think about news and media. Read about his life, career, and Tim Pool net worth.

Tim Pool is a YouTuber,  journalist, and media commentator known for covering political and social issues. He is a correspondent for Vice News and has also worked as a freelance journalist, covering events such as the Occupy Wall Street movement and the 2016 United States presidential election.

The extraordinary vlogger is known for using live-streaming technology, often covering real-time events on social media platforms.

Tim Pool – Net Worth

Tim Pool has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He has multiple YouTube channels that steadily make money. He also generates his wealth from other sources. These include his profession as a journalist and brand endorsements on his social media platforms.

Tim Pool – Short Bio

Tim Pool is a famous American journalist, political commentator, and YouTube star. He was born on 9th March 1986 in the American metropolitan city of Chicago into a lower-middle-class family. He has two siblings. The name of his father is Daniel; however, the names of other family members are not known.

Tim Pool – Early Life

Tim grew up in South Chicago as a young child to struggling parents who were hardly making ends meet. His father worked as a firefighter, and his mother was a salesman at a car showroom. Financial hardship broke up the family when the two parted their ways through a divorce.

Tim was sent to a private Catholic school until his fifth grade due to the family’s Christian belief. He wasn’t interested in religion and got admitted into a public school for his sixth grade, only to drop out by 14.

He did not attend university and, at age 14, began to work an odd job as a baggage handler at his local neighborhood retail store. 

Tim Pool – Career and Achievements

Tim joined the Occupy Wall Street protestors in September 2011. He formed a media company called “the other 99” with his partner Henry Ferry and took the camera person’s role. Tim started live streaming the protests, during which he interacted with the viewers answering their questions.

Pool used a unique instrument to film the protests; he built a drone to record aerial views of the protests. His footage also helped the acquittal of a photographer covering the protest. His videos were also aired on national television by mainstream networks, including NBC.

Time magazine gave Tim the title “Eyes of the Protest” and nominated him for Time’s 100 in March 2012 for his efforts. He joined VICE media in 2013 as a reporting journalist, hosting and producing content for the media house.

He covered various protests, such as the Gezi April protest, the Mass protest against the Yanukovych government in Ukraine, and several other protests worldwide. He won the “Best Journalist in Social Media” at the Shorty Awards for 2013-2014.

In 2014, Tim left VICE media to join Fusion TV, taking up positions including Director of Media Innovation and senior correspondent.

Tim then started to work independently, posting his content and political commentary videos on his YouTube channel. Tim has a full network of 6 YouTube channels, including Timcast, Tim pool, and Timcast IRL.

His network has become a resource for people who want to watch and listen to unfiltered news related to politics, culture, sports, and celebrities. He claims that through his channels, he aims to provide authentic, real, and relatable information.

In 2019, the pool was invited to one of the biggest podcast channels, the Joe Rogan Experience. In the podcast, he accused Twitter of unfairly suspending and suppressing conservatives, arguing that Twitter is a free speech platform.

Tim received an invitation from Donald Trump to attend a White House event in 2019. Trump hosted internet personalities who were unfairly targeted for their conservative views. As of 2019 and 2020, Tim’s audience is considered to be largely right-wing.

Apart from his political involvement, Tim helped launch a mobile application called “tagg.ly” in 2014 to help content creators watermark their photos. He supported this kind of app so that an artist’s work could not be stolen, a habit that he experienced himself at the hand of others.

In 2019, he co-founded a new ” Subverse ” and collected almost $1 million in funding. The name of the company was later changed to SCNR. Out of the blue in 2022, he released his single song “Only Ever Wanted,” which took the second spot on the global Apple music charts.

Tim Pool – Personal Life

Pool lived with his brother in Newport, Virginia, before the occupation protests. He is not currently married to anyone, though there are rumors that he might be dating the adult actress Violet Summers. These are just rumors, as the celebrities haven’t confirmed such news.

Tim was fond of playing guitar and riding skateboards. These could be his hobbies, as the renowned journalist has his Instagram bio as a “journalist, musician, skateboarder.” He also released his single song recently, which got a lot of love from the listeners.

Tim Pool – Social Media

Tim is active on all leading social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He has a combined following exceeding 2 million on all platforms except YouTube, with a combined subscription of more than 4 million people across 6 channels.

Tim also has a website where people can subscribe and be members of his premium service. All his unfiltered content is available on that website. He also has a merch store for fans to buy various Tim Pool customized clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Tim Pool Net Worth

What is Tim Pool’s annual income?

Tim Pool is a self-made success. His annual income is estimated to be between $300,000 – $500,000. He generates this income from various sources, with his YouTube channels being the major source. Brand endorsements, sale of songs, merch store, etc.

How much does Timcast in real life make?

Tim never revealed how much he was earning. However, his third YouTube channel, Timcast IRL, which he created in 2016, can generate around $30,000 monthly. The channel has almost 1.4 million subscribers and 30 million views every month.

Who is Tim Pool’s wife?

Tim is currently single without any marriage history. He keeps his dating life private, so there isn’t much information about who he is currently related to. There are rumors of him dating an adult actress, Violet Summers.

Tim Pool Net Worth – Conclusion

In closing, Tim Pool’s article offers a valuable perspective on the intersection of technology and politics. He encourages readers to engage in critical thinking and fact-checking, highlighting the potential dangers of online echo chambers. 

The article serves as a reminder of the importance of being mindful of the information we consume and questioning its veracity.

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