Rick Leventhal Net Worth 2024: New Life After 25 Years with Fox News

Veteran correspondent Rick Leventhal calls it quits after spending 25 years with Fox News Channel. Read more about his career and Rick Leventhal net worth.

Rick Leventhal made a name as one of Fox News Channel’s top correspondents. He spent most of his career with the network, covering locations struck by disasters like war and natural catastrophes. But in 2021, Leventhal decided to leave Fox to be with his new family.

Leventhal’s efforts are detrimental to entrepreneurs and philanthropists like MacKenzie Scott and Jessica Jackley. While exposing himself to danger, Leventhal provided a clear view of what kind of help and where in the world lifesaving support should be directed.

The 60-year-old Fox’s senior correspondent finally decided to leave the network and stay close to his new family. From his 25-year career, Rick Leventhal net worth is estimated at $3 million. 

Rick Leventhal Net Worth
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Rick Leventhal Short Bio

On January 24, 1960, Rick Leventhal was born in Christian County, Kentucky. He is the child of Psychologist Dr. Allan Leventhal and retired director of Greenbelt Cares, Carol Leventhal. Rick has two siblings, an older brother named Scott and a younger sister named Leigh.

Leventhal attended Montgomery Blair High School in the late 70s, and in 1986, Rick finished his degree in Broadcast Journalism at the American University in Washington D.C.

Rick Leventhal’s Career

Rick Leventhal first appeared on America’s television screen in The NewsCenter series sometime in the mid-80s. He spent the first decade of his career reporting and anchoring news for at least five states, namely Columbia, Florida, Miami, South Carolina, and New York. 

Leventhal finally joined the big leagues when Fox News Channel welcomed him onboard in 1997. And soon enough, he was back on the field. Leventhal was one of the many reporters who rushed to the site when the attacks on the Twin Towers took place on September 11, 2001.

Fox News was the first to go live when the 9/11 tragedy struck, with Rick Leventhal on the grounds, interviewing almost everyone he came across, from responders to survivors. When the second tower was hit, he was there taking cover in a truck while his camera kept rolling.

Warfronts, Disasters, and Other World Events

From early 2000 onwards, Rick Leventhal was there to cover every major event that happened in the US and overseas. He covered over two dozen warzones. He flew numerous times to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Israel, and Leventhal also went to Kosovo and Libya.

In the same year that 9/11 struck, Leventhal traveled to Bahrain and Afghanistan to join the Marines at Camp Rhino and Kandahar Airport, to witness the beginning of the US’ Global War on Terrorism. The campaign was the country’s response to the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Iraq War

In 2003, Leventhal spent nine weeks in Kuwait and Iraq. He crossed the border with the United States Marine Corps’ 3rd L.A.R. and arrived in Baghdad to join a different group of US Marines. But on their way to meet the 2nd Battalion, Rick and his group were ambushed on the road.

Amid the darkness, Rick, his cameraman, and the soldiers traveling with him were trapped in a hailstorm of attacks. Multiple flashes of light from fired ammunition became more prominent as the firefight moved closer to where the group was trying to hold their ground.

Rick Leventhal called Fox News and reported their situation through a satellite phone despite not getting an OK from the person in charge. His voice, accompanied by gunfire and explosions, was broadcasted live. Rick’s sister was driving when she heard the news, and she had to pull over at the side of the road and listen in horror to her older brother’s terrified voice.

First Libyan Civil War

In 2011, Rick Leventhal made two trips to Benghazi and covered the revolution between Libya’s de facto leader, Muammar Gadaffi, and the rebel groups that wanted him out of the government. The U.N. ordered to use “all means necessary” to prevent the attacks on civilians.

Leventhal covered the aftermath of each war front. He stood in front of burning tanks while relaying the happenings in the progression. The government used reporters and civilians as human shields, but Leventhal followed the events despite being shot upon.

The revolution ended in October of 2011 after Muammar Gadaffi was killed in Sirte, Libya.

Natural Calamities and Major Events

Rick Leventhal was sent to Mississippi to cover the devastation brought on by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The casualties weren’t just numbers as he was on-site to witness the helplessness of the people affected by the mega-disaster. He was there with them, riding out the storm.

Hurricane Katrina left 1,800 dead, and over a million residents lost their possessions. 

Then twelve years later, Leventhal was back at the Gulf Coast to cover the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Though the storm pounded in ten days of continuous rain, people were spared this time.

Rick Leventhal also covered the wrath of Hurricane Rita, Andrew, and Hugo. He flew to Haiti to cover the devastating earthquake that shook the country in 2010.

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Rick Leventhal Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Rick Leventhal Net Worth?

Rick Leventhal net worth is $3 million. Leventhal became a journalist in the 80s. He spent the first ten years of his career anchoring local news for different States. Leventhal joined Fox News Channel in 1997, where he worked as Senior Correspondent for over two decades.

How Much Money Does Rick Leventhal Make?

His career as a journalist spanned at least thirty years. Leventhal accumulated most of his wealth when he became Senior Correspondent to one of the biggest news networks in the country. To date, Rick Leventhal net worth is quoted at $3 million.

How Old is Rick Leventhal from Fox News?

Rick Leventhal was born on January 24, 1960. The former Fox News journalist has entered his sixties. It’s not much of a question why he chose to exchange his career for having more time with his new family.

Courtesy of YouTube: Rick Leventhal and Kelly Dodd

Rick Leventhal Net Worth – Final Thoughts

For a third time, Rick Leventhal decided to tie the knot. He married actress Kelly Dodd, a cast member of Bravo’s reality television series, The Real Housewives of Orange County. The couple married in October 2020, almost a year after Leventhal proposed in November of 2019.

The media is no stranger to Leventhal’s somewhat controversial third wife. But the former Fox News Correspondent was adamant about making his marriage work this time around by giving up his successful career. But was it necessary for Rick Leventhal to leave the Fox network?

Rick Leventhal’s job takes him to the most dangerous place on earth. War and disaster will eventually spring one after the other. It’s also safe to assume that, considering his age. Leventhal is now in his sixties. His career may have been successful but at the cost of two marriages.

It’s not so strange that the man wants to keep his family together this time around.

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