Mark Tepper Net Worth 2024: Where Should You Invest Next?

Who should you listen to when it comes to growing your money? Mark Tepper has made it his business to offer expert advice on investment. But how credible is this self-made entrepreneur? How is it backed up with Mark Tepper net worth?

According to Forbes magazine, the current number of billionaires worldwide is 2,668. You can bet your bottom dollar that this exclusive roster for the richest people in the world wouldn’t have been able to stay on top without the help of expert financial advice.  

Think about it. A busy man like Elon Musk, brilliant as he is, the tech mogul still needs help to manage the funds for all the billion-dollar ventures he has lined up.

But fret not. Access to financial advisors and investment strategies is no longer limited to the wealthiest individuals. Many people, especially millennials, made their fortune with the combination of skill and investment strategy easily found on television and the world wide web.

Mark Tepper is an influential figure in the world of finance. He is cable tv and local news’ go-to guy for stock market analysis and investment forecasts. But as competitive as Mark is, he also shows wisdom through his published works.

His books  Tilting the Odds, Walk Away Wealthy – The Entrepreneur’s Exit-Planning Playbook, and Exceptional Wealth are best sellers with self-explanatory titles. Each read guarantees to re-awaken you as a more clever trader, a better financial adviser, and a wealth manager.

Mark Tepper Net Worth

Mark Tepper has a total net worth of $2 million.  He is the chief executive of Strategic Wealth Partners, a private wealth management firm. He is also an accomplished author, having written best-selling books, and is a frequent face on reputable news channels like Fox Business and CNBC.

Mark Tepper – Short Bio 

Mark Tepper is an entrepreneur, business leader, and author. He owns a firm that allows businesses to develop by managing their wealth. They provide unbiased, innovative, and valuable advice to their clients, apart from being the current CEO of the firm. 

Mark is also the one who founded the firm in 2003 with his partner Neil Price.

Mark Tepper – Early life 

Mark spent his early days at John Carrol University, where he studied finance. He joined the four years BSBA finance program in 1998. While studying at university, Mark began his career as a financial representative at Northwestern Mutual. 

He served the company for a year and 3 months (from Dec 2000 to Feb 2002). As a financial representative, Mark provided his clients with financial planning vehicles and insurance products. 

In Feb 2002, he left Northwestern Mutual to join Capital Planners. Here, he got hired as a financial advisor. Mark was responsible for educating his clients on advanced financial planning concepts and how to implement the ideas onto their businesses successfully. 

After serving the firm for 1 year and 7 months, Mark finally left the firm to create his destiny. In August 2003, he and his partner Neil created their wealth management firm, Strategic Wealth Partners. However, they started receiving clients 5 years later, in 2008. 

Mark Tepper – Career and Achievements

Some sources say that Mark is related to billionaire hedge fund manager David Allan Tepper, but this information is unconfirmed.  The former Goldman Sachs recruit is one of the wealthiest people in the country and is currently 103rd on the Forbes list of billionaires and 33rd on The Forbes 400.

The tycoon has three children, currently in their twenties, but no mention of Mark.

Regardless of his roots, be it born among the poorest or with an inheritance of a few billion dollars, Mark was a young man determined to make his fortune with his strengths. Tycoons and the richest people in America made their fortunes with the help of experts like Mark.

Many tried to make their research to keep their finances afloat and to be fair. Self-reliance is effective to a certain degree. Succession planning, proper allocation of investable assets, managing wealth, and so forth require the insights of a professional. 

The economies of the world are not immune to volatility. Business owners and high-net-worth investors have learned enough from the stock market crash of 2008. Take note that one of the richest households in the world, the Vanderbilts, gradually disappeared from the rich list after the historic recession of 1929.

Wealth Management Services

Mark’s firm provides comprehensive and proactive wealth management solutions to families with high net worth and entrepreneurs who can’t manage their wealth. Mark says his firm is for those who have outgrown the boundaries of simple management advice and updated their preference to custom-tailored solutions for their financial affairs. 

Mark says that there is nothing in life more important than winning, and his competitive nature makes him a standout performer. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of finance. Mark is not only a great businessman but also a great speaker. 

You can watch him on various tv shows sharing his insights on financial topics and how entrepreneurs can manage their wealth to become successful. His most appearances are on CNBC and Fox Business. 

Mark has not restricted himself to tv shows and company. He has also published some great ebooks and articles on the internet, which you can read to get his expert advice for free. 

Some of his most famous books are Tilting the Odds, Walk Away Wealthy – The Entrepreneur’s Exit-Planning Playbook, and Exceptional Wealth, with the latter two titles included in Amazon’s best sellers list.

As a professional financial advisor, Mark is registered with NFLPA, which also shows his credibility. His leadership has resulted in Strategic Wealth Partners being included in the “Inc. 5000” list of the annual Inc. magazine for 4 years. He was also got selected by Crain’s Cleveland Business in 2015. 

The selection was for the list of “Forty under 40.” 


You can already consider the man a philanthropist by sharing valuable insights on investment and finance for free via free media. Free-based and credible advice was only sometimes available for individuals like owners of small family businesses. That simple note alone has made our world slightly better.

When not making money or enjoying time with family, Mark keeps busy with philanthropic endeavors with different foundations. He is a board member of “make a wish” and supports the innocence project.

Mark Tepper – Personal Life

Mark is a married man. His wife’s name is Jamie Tepper. Mark lives in Richfield, Ohio, with his three children and wife. He also has two dogs he loves playing with in his free time. 

Mark states on his website that he loves softball, golf, skiing, fitness, and coaching his children.

Mark Tepper – Social Media

Mark is not a social media lover. If we look into Mark’s social media accounts, he is only available on Twitter and LinkedIn. He created his Twitter account in December 2010 and has around 54k followers.

His LinkedIn account is quite active, too, as he has more than 500 connections on his profile with more than 11k followers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Mark Tepper Net Worth

Is Mark Tepper Married?

Yes, Mark Tepper is a married man with three children. His wife’s name is Jamie Tepper. He enjoys fitness, golf, softball, skiing, and coaching his kids’ sports teams.

What Education Did Mark Tepper Have?

Mark Tepper completed his BSBA in finance from John Carrol University in 2002. He also joined Columbia Business School in 2018, where he learned value investing.

Is Mark Tepper Related To David Tepper?

No, Mark Tepper is not related to David Tepper. David is the founder of Appaloosa management. 

Are Marlene Tepper and Nicole Tepper Married to Mark Tepper?

Marlene Tepper is the ex-wife of David Tepper, and Nicole Tepper is the current wife of David Tepper. They are not related to Mark Tepper.

Who Is The Son of David Tepper?

David Tepper has three children from his ex-wife, Marlene Resnick Tepper: Brian Tepper, Randi Tepper, and Casey Tepper.

Mark Tepper Net Worth – Final Thoughts

The likes of Warren Buffett, Bezos, Bill Gates, and Zuckerberg would all tell you that making money is one thing, but knowing how to regulate the flow of your finances is a different matter. Investment advisors and wealth managers exist to keep the wealthiest men and the richest women from drowning in debts.

Inequality does not exist when it comes to dreams. You’re free to see yourself with your version of Koch Industries or colonizing Mars just like the richest man in the world and Amazon’s founder. But along with our financial goals, we need a solid financial plan to reach point B. 

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