So So Shanel Net Worth 2023: Piecing Together the True Fabolous “You”

So So Shanel believes that every woman deserves to feel confident, not only in her skin but with the clothing she wears on that skin. Her passion for revealing the beauty in everyone has returned to a sizeable fortune. Just how much is So So Shanel net worth? Read and find out!

So So, Shanel is a successful American entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is the CEO and founder of So So Shanel, LLC, a renowned online clothing boutique based in Alabama, USA. She has also worked selectively as a model and showcases her clothing line on digital platforms. 

Hers is an exemplary success story of finding her passion, finding an opportunity, and then turning it into a lucrative venture in a remarkably short time. Who knew that what started as mere makeup tutorials on Facebook to help her get through a dark phase would one day become a successful business enterprise?

So So Shanel Net Worth

So So Shanel net worth is estimated to be around $15 million. She has managed to create a massive fortune in just a few years. Since her business took off, she has been on the inclining trend. 

According to statistics, her net worth in 2019 was $5.5 million and has been increasing since then, with $8 million in 2020, $12 million in 2021, and $15 million in 2022.

The popularity of her products among women has made her one of the most affluent women entrepreneurs and helped her amass more wealth.

So So Shanel’s  Short Bio

So So Shanel’s real name is Shanel Walker, but she chose to be called So So Shanel as her brand name. However, friends and family call her Shanel. She was born on 4th January 1978. The 44-year-old entrepreneur is a Native American born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. 

Shanel is beautiful with an equally attractive personality. She has been married to LaTeef Walker since May 2011 and has three children. 

So So Shanel – Early Life

So So Shanel was born into a low-income household. Her parents separated when she was small, and she was raised in a single-parent household, with most of her time spent with her mother.

So So got her early education from an elementary school in Mobile, Alabama. She attended high school in the same area and finished with flying colors. Her circumstances made acquiring education quite challenging, but she was determined despite the hurdles. 

Once done with school, So So Shanel got admission to Marette University to get a degree in business administration. 

From an early age, Shanel was determined to do something independently. So once she graduated, she got to work right away and started her venture. She was well aware of her circumstances and saw her education as a way out. Shanel worked hard to get her degree before moving on to pursue her ambitions. 

So So Shanel’s Career & Achievements

Shanel went through a dark phase. Her mother passed away. She started doing live makeup videos on Facebook to escape her misery. While she’s always been passionate about aiming for bigger things, the encouragement she received from her videos reinvigorated her. 

Shanel used the newfound energy to chase after her dream of starting her business.

For a few years, Shanel continued her live makeup sessions on Facebook. Once confident, she released her first set of merchandise on her page. She had makeup packs and clothing for women. It didn’t take long before Shanel consistently rose demand for her products..

The response on her Facebook page motivated her to open her shop. This is when So So Shanel LLC was born. Now she has an original brand and a company, Shanel is finally ready to pursue her dreams.

As thanks to the people who supported her through her worst, Shanel vowed to provide a premium buying experience to all her clients.

According to her website, Shanel states that she believes that every woman should feel confident in her skin and the clothes she puts on. Her website currently features a range of clothing items, including dresses, trendy tops, jackets, coats, jumpsuits, sets, bottoms, etc. She also has a range of 3D mink lashes.

Shanel is now the founder and CEO of her brand, So So Shanel. Her company headquarters is based in Mobile, Alabama, USA, while her products are sold via her online store. 

Shanel has also done selective modeling work for some of the finest brands, including Gap, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, and Nike. Moreover, she also models the clothes available for sale on her website.

So So Shanel’s  Personal Life

So So Shanel married LaTeef Walker on 11th May 2011. LaTeef Walker is an alumnus of the Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. Till 2016, he worked as a ship fitter and welder in Austal.

Together the couple has three beautiful children. Shanel leads a regular life and enjoys spending time with her husband and kids when she is not working.

So So Shanel’s  Social Media Presence

So So Shanel is very active on social media. Her Instagram account has 167,000 followers. She shares different kinds of content on her IG. She showcases her clothes and models in them. 

She also shares hilarious videos with her husband.

Shanel is more active on Tiktok, with a massive following of 878,800. People found her content very interesting and funny. Since Facebook is the platform that started it all for Shanel, she often checks in, especially to say hi to her 70,000 loyal followers.

Shanel has a YouTube channel which she launched in October 2017.  Though she doesn’t seem active on the platform, the channel attracted 18,700 subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – So So Shanel Net Worth

Is So So Shanel a Man?

Believe it or not, people are asking this question. So So Shanel is a very wealthy and successful woman who built an enterprise for women’s fashion and clothing. She is happily married with three beautiful children.

Where is So So Shanel Located?

So So Shanel is based in Mobile, Alabama. Her office is located in the same area where she practically lived most of her life and received her education.

What is So So Shanel’s Claim to Fame?

So So Shanel runs a highly successful online women’s clothing store. She first became famous through her live makeup tutorials on Facebook and started selling products sometime later. When she got a good response, she launched her business formally, which became a huge success. 

She is popular for featuring clothes that suit all body types.

Conclusion – So So Shanel Net Worth

Legendary restaurateur Kyle Noonan revealed in an interview how he believes that success depends on your ability to do something for others. And Shanel’s dedication to providing the best in every inquiry and purchase her followers make falls in the same category.

Noonan’s FreeRange Concepts and Shanel’s clothing company are both strong, thriving, and worth millions. The same can be said for fitness trainer Amanda Tress, to took her time to develop the best weight loss program for different people. Her company’s value leaped to $65 million in less than three years.

It’s not hard to picture how these three different ventures succeeded using the same core to market their businesses. We may not be able to please everyone, but quality service will always be returned in kind. 

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