Remi Ashten Net Worth 2024: Your Single Stop for Lifestyle and Entrepreneurship

Whatever you are interested in, be it fashion, food, or making money, all you have to do is tune in to Remi Ashten. You might be wondering if her quirky videos can teach you about success; how about we look at Remi Ashten net worth?

Remi Ashten is one of the many vloggers with her own YouTube channel. She is an influencer who shares tutorials on fashion, cooking, and lifestyle and hints on how to make money on the side. She has amassed over 5 million followers and subscribers from her social media accounts.  She is one of the more well know Youtubers of her generation.

So why should you check out Remi Ashten’s vlogs? She started uploading videos on YouTube purely for her love of life. Her viewership grew as her comedic uploads turned more inspirational. Her journey to better health and weight loss are some of her viral videos with a few million views. And now, she has taken video blogging to a whole new level to become one of the online vloggers with the most popular youtube videos.

Remi Ashten Net Worth

The young YouTube personality doesn’t just get paid via monetization from popular videos. Vlogging opened numerous opportunities for Remi. Because of her well-rounded niche, she got to work with big names like M&M’s Chocolate, Tarte Cosmetics, HP, and many more.

She grew into an influential content creator with a unique branding of her own. Remi Ashten net worth is estimated at $2 million from her earnings as a vlogger and entrepreneur.

Remi Ashten Short Bio

She was born Remi Cruz, on February 7th, 1995, in Anaheim Hills, California. She was a happy child who loved music. From age 5, Remi expressed her artistic talent with dancing. Her family supported her by letting her take dancing lessons; in return, she won competitions. She was a natural entertainer even from a young age.

Remi spent the peak of her teen years attending Orange County High School. After that, she continued her education and got accepted at the University of California, Riverside, where she took up psychology and became a proud member of the Delta Gamma Sorority.

Remi Ashten Career and Achievements

The YouTube celebrity has two channels on the platform. Her main channel is MissRemiAshten which she created on April 2, 2012, with a number of views going well over 163 million. Her second one is RemLife, created on September 8, 2013, with almost 300 million views.

Respectively, Remi has 2.52 million and 1.41 million YouTube subscribers on her channels. Since their creation, both channels have been consistently maintained with funny, amazing, and inspiring video content.


Her channel, MissRemiAshten, features much of what she enjoys doing though there are random bits, like the story she shared about her not-so-friendly neighbor. The clip became one of the most popular videos on her MissRemiAshten channel, with 6.1 million video views.

The YouTube star consistently makes videos on makeup tutorials, cooking, shopping, reviews, and DIYs. Fans enjoy her recipes, especially nowadays when Korean food is quite popular. Rightfully so, as an internet personality, Remi continues to gain subs by keeping tabs on trending topics. Her online video garners a lot of buzz and traffic from a lot of people.

And if you prefer the commentary side of entertainment, Remi has a weekly podcast called ‘Pretty Basic,’ which she hosts with Alisha Marie. The glamorous duo is always joined by social media influencers, gamers, up-and-coming content creators, and famous YouTube stars.

The 55-minute weekly podcast covers a wide range of themes; social issues, celebrity gossip, lifestyle, and family. What makes the show click, even more is how fun and relatable the discussions become with best buddies, Remi and Alisha, at the helm.

The most viewed YouTube video they uploaded for the channel was episode 139 featuring Zane and Heath of Vlog Squad. The notorious collective of YouTube celebrities is no stranger to scandal and controversy. The unfiltered, tell-all episode went beyond the 1-million viewer mark. 

Pretty Basic was created on June 30, 2021. It debuted at number 1 on the Apple Podcast chart and was also the top trending podcast on Spotify. And though rather new with a 145k subscriber count, the show has close to 17 million views on Youtube.


Most YouTube personalities are always about views and profit. Many are willing to post their lives like poorly-written drama series just to attract attention. Though the idea is correct, there are better ways to go about it than airing click baits and bad content. 

RemLife is where Remi shares her personal blogs. Like a video diary, Remi laid out both good and bad experiences, especially those related to self-improvement.

Like every intelligent, confident woman out there, Remi has struggles that she can easily turn into a sop story. But instead of drama, she categorized them as a learning experience and used herself as an example to help others make better choices in life.

Again, as David Grutman said, “money will come on its own.” 

The channel, which Remi described simply as home to random blogs, adventures, family, and everything else under the sun, has almost 300 million views. 

Success and Exposure

Remi Ashten’s YouTube fame began in 2012 after creating her first channel MissRemiAshten. After a year of a successful run, Remi created a second channel, RemLife, to house a more personal set of YouTube videos. Teenagers have made it a girl online channel for whatever they need.

She slowly became a notable figure in beauty, lifestyle, and overall inspiration. In the years that went and came, Remi was given many opportunities to expand her craft into a more profitable business, starting from video monetization, providing memberships to special content, and selling merchandise. Her channel on youtube is one of the most watched and best youtube channels now.

Aside from YouTube Partner Program, Remi was given the opportunity to work with global brands. For fashion and beauty, there’s L’Oreal, Maybelline, Mac, Tarte, Neutrogena, and many more. Other brands include Starbucks, M&Ms Chocolate, Country Pride, and more.

Fans can only have positive predictions about Remi Ashten’s career; no doubt hers are two of the most popular Youtube channels. She has been consistent with the quality of her videos for the past ten years, unfazed by success; we can only expect better things from Remi Ashten.

Remi Ashten – Personal Life

Remi has a degree in psychology from the University of California. She has a brother whose name is yet to be revealed to her fans. The siblings are of Korean and Guamanian descent, born in the United States. And her first video on YouTube was about her preparation for the ASB camp, which she later made private.

She is currently in a relationship with Cal Parsons. The couple has been together for three years and is optimistic that their relationship will one day lead to marriage.

Remi Ashten Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Remi Ashten Famous?

Remi Ashten is a YouTuber who grew in popularity by sharing her authentic interest in everything she loves. She inspired people to be confident and goal-driven while staying open to learning new things and keeping her feet rooted on the ground.

She is extraordinary yet relatable, leading millions of viewers to subscribe to her YouTube channels. Go on youtube and you surely not miss her tube channel.

How Much is Remi Ashten net worth?

On top of her earnings from her long list of videos, Remi Ashten found success as an entrepreneur. Remi Ashten net worth is estimated at $2 million. Though still far from being one of the highest-paid YouTube vloggers, her wealth is already proof of her success. 

What is Remi Ashten’s ethnicity?

Remi Ashten is born Remi Cruz. She once shared that she is of Guamanian (Chamorro) and Korean descent. She and her brother were born in the United States.

Remi Ashten Net Worth – Conclusion

What do you look for in video blogs? We’ve all had our fill of pranks, gameplay, parody, stunts, and conspiracy web series for entertainment. The audience has grown wiser through time; today, a sensation is generally identified as something we can apply to our growth.

Remi Ashten is a jolly activist when it comes to her passions. From the day she started making videos to her current fame, Remi took each difficult step in stride. And if she’s more than happy to provide hints on how we can find our success, it’d be silly not to take it and benefit.

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